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North Carolinians Flood Government Halls to Shame GOP Over Power Grab


North Carolinians Flood Government Halls to Shame GOP Over Power Grab

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Refusing to accept Republican lawmakers' brazen power grab, hundreds of North Carolinians flooded the halls of the General Assembly building in Raleigh Thursday evening to shame the officials as they passed a series of measures aimed at stripping power from Governor-elect Roy Cooper.


Love it!


If you don’t let ‘freedom ring’ then sequestered ‘freedom’ will eventually ‘explode’, mark my words.


Well, Repugs have taken despicable behavior to new lows. Attempts to subvert the will of the people are becoming more blatant every day. These are the kinds of actions that will have millions in the streets - so go ahead, jerks, screech your deplorable actions loud and wide.


This is where the promotion of self interest and competition over cooperation and community ultimately leads.

Political leaders do not see themselves as serving the best interests of the people and as their representatives in such a system. They see themselves as needing to WIN power over the other Political party. That WINNING will come at all costs wherein any methods will be used to ensure there an advantage even if the people they claim to represent suffer and even if “cheating” occurs. (If you are not cheating you are not trying) That desire to win at all costs means that when they do get in power they will do all they can to ensure their own self interest served so as to gain advantage. The other political parties will do all they can to ensure the party in power FAILS.

The purpose of Governence , that being to act as Public Servants to enact policies that serve the best interests of all citizens, becomes forgotten and it turned into a competition where the winners get all the spoils at the cost of the losers.

This partisanship and the elevation of self interest over community begins to extend to the Public at large where the Citizen becomes all but an enemy to the citizen that supported the opposing party.

Individual self interest, that which the Capitalist system promotes over community and at the heart of the Libertarian movement which is promoted under the guise of “freedom and liberty” has IMHO lead directly to this situation in North Carolina at the level of the State and the Federal election with Trump/Clinton as candidates at the level of the Country.

The spirit of community , slandered as it is by those in power as “Socialist and Communist” needs to be revived. This is what the Citizen as to work towards. They have to learn to cooperate inside a community and ensure resources and wealth and the good life available to all.


North Carolina is typical of red states with no respect or practice of Democracy for any but the white population. The Grand Old Plantation. A few wealthy whites run the place. They make their own laws and rules. Doubtful anyone in the Federal government under the same GOP thumb will be interested in “democracy for all”. After the carnage we can expect by the Trump/Exxon oil grabs and military style oppression the only hope is living in a blue state that will enforce its state boundaries. There may be some courts with judges appointed by Obama, but mostly Obama was shut down by the GOP. Much easier to take anything of value under a Dictator or Trump who is a front for Putin/Exxon and the US dark side. Strange coalition.


Reverend Barber is very cool, indeed!


And in California, the legislature has already started figuring ways to get around Prop 54, where a bill must be posted for 74 hours without changes prior to a vote. Wherever either party is running the show, they are going to abuse it, and then the other party will do it too and say, “well they did it first”.


Either this is the beginning of a spiral into the abyss of chaos, or it is the beginning of the death throes of Republican control at the state level where the demographics do not favor their long-term survival. Let’s hope it’s the latter.


This is what you get when citizens lose the power of the vote. No verifiable elections - No democracy.

Enemies of the state are now brazenly acting in complete disregard of democratic principles upon which this country was established. Without citizen influence American’s “enemies of the state” will render the nation wage slaves.


The police are arresting the wrong people. Time for citizen arrests of NC repub legislators


Somehow We have lost our Norman Rockwellian existence and it has been replaced by pretenders, venial bigotry and suppression of the people’s right to a government they can trust. The voters of North Carolina voted for these creatures and now they are unhappy. Why did they vote for them? Did they do due diligence in finding out just what these politicos were and what they stood for besides being proud of their families and they like barbecue and NASCAR?
As a nation we are responsible to each other for the people we elect to office. Americans may be the most ignorant voting population on the planet when it comes to exactly who the people on the ballots are and what they will try to accomplish while they are in office. Voting for the party just won’t do. I use the current PEOTUS as a case in point for only a fool would knowingly give him their vote.


I wouldn’t be so sanguine about the supposed culpability of North Carolina voters. True, the existing Republican legislature was put in power by voters. But also true is that the Republicans have gerrymandered the state legislative districts to ensure a Republican majority, even in the face of the statewide Democratic majority that just elected a new governor. I wouldn’t be so harsh in judging the voters here, and look, instead, to the nefarious doings of the Republican party.


You well point out the failing of democratic principles for if not well and honestly informed the people have no chance to make an informed and intelligent vote. This allows corruption of the government. This fact makes democracy a dangerous platform but one must remember all the other forms of government are corrupt from the start.
Democracy is the only form of government that Can maintain honest dealing with its creators but constant attention is always a must.


I agree but we must not lose sight as why we have a Democracy.

The purpose of a Democratic Government in a society that values “Government by the people” is to provide the best possible society for the same. It can not be a Democracy if it serves only the needs of the 1 percent even IF said society has elections.

A Society with millions in poverty as some small handful are obscenely rich can not be seen as one that has the interests of the people at heart.


Yes. I agree. The Republicans have managed to demonize all government, as if it were some parasite sucking its citizens dry, when, in fact, it can and should serve those citizens, especially when it comes to providing services broadly needed and used, or which are “affected with the public interest” and which are most efficiently served in a collective manner. Streets and highways are an obvious example. As is healthcare – everyone needs it and wasting large portions of our budget for it on CEO salaries, shareholder profits and advertising is a colossal moral failure.

In place of a rational assessment of when and where to use government as the vehicle to meet our collective needs, the Republicans have imposed an ideology that all taxes are bad, that government is inefficient and incompetent, and that all regulation is a “burden” with no benefits. All of these assertions are simply untrue. And yet establishment Democrats don’t even bother refuting them and all too often buy into them – especially the “no new taxes” nonsense…

And now we’re seeing the Republicans in North Carolina take it to a whole new level, usurping the very fabric of government structure to maintain their death grip on the public interest. And for what? Power and their addiction to self-interest and greed.

It seems we’re witnessing a systemic failure of the good ol’ USA. Whether it can be revived remains to be seen, but it doesn’t look good in the short-term.


And if shaming the shameless fails then total non cooperation. Get ready folks.


Again I am reminded of James Baldwin who pointed out that ‘Americans’ talk more about ‘freedom’ and ‘sex’ while knowing the least of either. The 26 % who voted Trump, or a good section of them at any rate, admire Trump’s license and not his freedom to say and do whatever the hell he pleases. Freedom as in swaraj entails responsibility something both Gandhi and the First Nations understand and embrace.


Just suppose, for the pure hell of it, that the Greens got to be a major party in NC, getting more votes than the governor’s party. Do we still want only the governor’s party running the election boards? Just askin’.


Yeah, exactly the same thing. Or not.