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North Carolinians Flood Government Halls to Shame GOP Over Power Grab


The author should include some information on why the legislation is bad. I’d like to know if it’s the same kind of voter-suppression that we have had in Brattleboro, Vermont.


Until the Left starts acting more like the Black Panthers than the Gray Panthers, this is what they’ll continue to get; eventually leading to the old bromide, " with both barrels ". And, the Right isn’t fooling around, either. " this ain’t no disco… I ain’t got time for that now ".


Yes, Giovanna. I think that is what it will come to. And in the process of non-cooperation with one system, we build another.


Yes! We blue states are not perfect- but do enact laws which actually help people and furthur the rights on other animals as well.


The Greens in the South? Aw Come on.


That’s why we do not have a democracy- it’s all smoke and mirrors.


Of course, and probably using “religion” as another form of control.


Some people in the US vote for character rather than issues which is more popular in other developed nations.


Sorry, but after the choices we just had, I can’t help but laugh out loud.


What is so interesting about this election cycle is that is hasn’t ended. People are angry about the corruption, the two party state, the absence of sane legislators and the money in politics. They have had it with these clowns. To put it in the words that Republicans can understand, it’s “Rapture Time”. Love it. More to come.


Thomas Jefferson said it better and shorter too: “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.”


Most people don’t care about freedom. So long as they can eat, drink, be merry, make babies and be entertained they are perfectly happy to live in the Orwellian matrix where fake news is truth and official stories are lies, and where slavery is freedom.

In the event people do wake up, unlikely, thanks to 9/11 they have to tools in place to shut them down. You see, the war on terror was all about you. An enlightened and angry citizen base is the terror they fear, not guys living in caves. As Henry Kissinger supposedly said, anyone against the NWO are terrorists.

The end of our Democracy came with the end of liberalism which was expedited with McCartyism, a decade of assasinations and the impeachment of the last liberal President, guy named Nixon.

You see, the Democrats are now to the right of Eisenhower Republicans and liberals keep their mouth shut or endorse todays non-liberal or pseudo liberal policies for fear of losing their tenure or pensions, or being blackballed by publishers and academic journals.

This probably is surprising to most but thats because most of what we now believe is a lie. Edward Bernays and William Casey rest peacefully as its thanks to them and their ilk that this is true, along with the fact that 90% of the news is controlled by 6 conglomerates and FB is now defining what is Fake News (anything with an ounce of truth)


Of course. That would be the will of the people. What’s right for one party should be right for all parties.


No, We do not have a democracy because our campaign financing system promotes as the best the candidates those with the most money behind them especially in local and state races. This of course is where the actual sausage is made and the national elections and governing rules follow. Additionally our corporately driven media has been usurped by the by those who hold the pursestrings. I believe what you meant to say is that what we have is not a democracy because our voices are ignored. This last election, while seemingly more balanced, relied heavily on the vetting of the candidates and the populist revolt enabled a con man to be elected. A system failure that may affect our nation for decades. Apparently the Republican’ts, likely due to their success with controlling the Obama Administration, have decided that who is actually sitting behind the desk really doesn’t make all that much difference. One only has to look at the specimens they have offered for forty years.


Let’s get the Veterans busy on this one . . .!


Why are they all crying about democracy and the right of the peoples’ will to be followed? Was the NC Senate appointed? Are they not representatives of the voters? If they have a problem with these actions, those who proposed and voted for these bills should be turned out of office.


Actually, due to gerrymandering and voter suppression, I don’t think you can say they represent the voters, especially in light of the election of a new Democratic Governor and throwing out of office of a Republican Governor. These obstacles to fair representation, once entrenched, can be very difficult to overcome.


Ding, dong, the Klan’s not dead …

Which old Klan?

The Ku Klux Klan

Ding, dong, the God damned Klan’s not dead …

— from “tRump: The Wizard of Ooze”


The right wing is owned by the rich. This is simply more proof that the rich are selfish sociopaths and will do anything to enrich themselves. That is what capitalism is; the consolidation of wealth, taken from the worker and going to a very small percentage of the population.


“‘A chant of ‘All political power belongs to the people’ rang out uninterrupted for about 15 minutes,’ the Observer noted.”

I was there for the entire 15 minutes, pausing about 3 out of 10 repetitions to catch my breath and listen, and I’m pretty sure we were all changing, “All political power comes from the people,” a somewhat different message.