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North Dakota Republicans Want to Legalize Running Over Protesters


North Dakota Republicans Want to Legalize Running Over Protesters

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Running over protesters may soon be legal in North Dakota, if conservative lawmakers are successful in advancing legislation introduced last week.

House Bill Number 1203 (pdf) states that, "Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a driver of a motor vehicle who unintentionally causes injury or death to an individual obstructing vehicular traffic on a public road, street, or highway, is not guilty of an offense."


How Christian of them.


These legislators are lunatics.

It does show what they really think of the right to free assembly under the Constitution even as they pass bills in other states that state that any patron of a private establishment that is injured because that establishment forbids guns onsite can sue that establishment.

You need those guns you see to defend those constitutional rights that the State deems you no longer have.

As I suggested before, I am certain they work on the "if your body gets in the way of a police officers bullet or his club than the police officer shall not be liable"

To that Politican who wrote this bill

Idiot wind
Blowing every time you move your mouth
Blowing down the back roads headin' south
Idiot wind
Blowing every time you move your teeth
You're an idiot, babe
It's a wonder that you still know how to breathe

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Because everyone should have the right to run over protestors!

Do you even believe this?


I thought I was beyond being astonished by anything Repug politicians could do. Is there some kind of contest going on as to who can be the most despicable?


"This is a really scary time for Indian Country,"

Um, that would be all this land between the Atlantic and the Pacific, and yes Allison, you said a mouthful.


Well, monsters have to be raised by someone. These people are horrible, but I often wonder who raised such monsters. There's always going to be some immoral, corrupt creep that wants power. In a somewhat democratic political system, that creep still needs votes to get that power. That to me is more disturbing and paints an ugly picture of our society in general.


Conservatives want to legalize shooting people obstructing their guns.


I wonder if a similar law can be passed to protect people who "unintentionally" turn off the pipeline valves.


BINGO! Its been a scary time for the people who had their lands stolen from them ever since 1492.


Killing people for oil is not new.


It's amazing what patriotic N. Dakotans will do; ya' know, when their oil fields are pumping out oil that costs $20 more per barrel to extract than it sells for in the marketplace. Time to fix " that darn market " so patriots everywhere can get back to doing what they do best. Which is to figure out how to get in possession of public lands, and Native American property on the cheap, and turn those places into profit centers for Corporations. Running over human beings seems like pretty small N. Dakota potatoes when there's money to be made, right? All these rights are real job killers, evidently. All rights are now subject to market conditions, subsidies included.:wink:


Love the word " unintentional".

Looks like any DAPL security thug can be exonerated for intentionally running over a water protector, because you know they will never admit it was intentional!


No more euphemisms for the republicans. Drumpf has emboldened the party apparatchiks to finally open up their true hating and racist souls. They reveal themselves finally as people who revel in the deaths of those they deem inferior. Where in history have we seen this before? It is a small step from state-sanctioned death by automobile to state-sanctioned death by Zyklon B. The new Jew, however, is someone who is not white and wealthy, which pretty much means nearly all of us. Republicans would kill the entire world to stuff an extra dollar into their pockets. What are our rights as citizens of self-defense and defense of others when faced with hatred so great that our very lives are deemed forfeit for the crime of being old, or poor, or black, or red, or, simply, not white and wealthy?


I knew sh*t was about to get crazy, but damn, not like this. I would assume that Jay Walking would be considered obstruction. Guess when someone runs over a bunch of little ones crossing for school will be the determing factor. But on the other hand, the law would be the law, leaving nothing Republican law makers could do.


Jay walking is a pretext for " stop and frisk " and all sorts of ancillary chargeable misdemeanor offences. Zip tied and then sent off to unheated dog kennels, strip searched for good measure, just to make sure no police officers are injured. Once out of sight, who knows what goes on.
Maybe Sandra Bland could enlighten us on that last one, is she were still alive.


I'm sorry Ossifer, I didn't Intend to run over that Pedestrian, I was Drunk.


Won't it be funny when one of these rat b@$tards gets "unintentionally" run down? That road goes both ways (pun intended).


" There is always going to be some immoral,corrupt creep that wants power."

Yes, on January 20,2017 we get another creep that wants power!


The depravity and contempt for the lives of others is astonishing. This contemptible action along with all the others in this vein and the like will surely move all people of conscience to see there is a severe disconnect between all such creatures from all common decency and religious teachings many claim to espouse..........they will see that won't they?