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North Korea Calls John Bolton a 'War Maniac' Who Is 'Wrecking Peace and Security' Across the Globe

Bolton needs to stop pretending who he is. Shave off that stupid mustache and get back to work frying chicken. The KFC Buckets are getting low.

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Another example of U.S. decay when North Korea tells the truth better than corporate hacks like MSNBC and most democrats re our coercive and murderous foreign policy.


Whoa! You really know what a maniac is when John Bolton is the inspiration for what become a towering statement of truth from, of all places, commie, commie, commie, ultra-totalitarian North Korea.

Let us enlighten the uninformed. It is quite simple. Amerika is fucked beyond nonrecognition.

And you believe your elected congress gives a damn, 75% want more wars:


another neo-con chicken hawk who avoided service in vietnam much like cheney and bush but has no qualms in starting another fake war//hey johnny, are your kids going over to fight?


Even Charles Manson would not hire him.

Well the North Koreans got THAT right!
• WHY the hell can’i WE?

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Anonymous South Korean presidential official sez:
There’s no way for us to know why national security adviser Bolton made such comments.”

Perhaps I can be of some assistance. He made such comments because he’s a warmongering old psychopath who is, quite literally, incapable of commenting in any other way.
You’ll eventually get used to it.


We also need to expose those who demanded that Trump put him in, or there will be a steady stream of Boltons promoting fascism.


Thank you for the important info.

I moved my reply to another post that seemed to fit even more.

I recall reading that Bolton, was $heldon Adel$on’s ask.

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Trump has more sanity than Bolton.
Bolton would do war in North Korea, Iran, Venezuela. Some kind of crazies allowing him to stay

The REASON that Bolton is warmongering so hard is that he thinks he is bringing Armmeggedan.
The faster we trash everything, the sooner the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.
Bolton is a suicidal End Times Dominionist Christian.

“John Bolton is a War Maniac.” Wow, that’s a Kim Jong Un-derstatement if I ever heard one. John’s ICBM goes to high alert at the mere thought of hostilities.

Trump recently agreed whole-heartedly with NK’s assessment of Biden as low-IQ.

Will he now agree with their assessment of Bolton?

For the record, I agree with both assessments.

North Korea has it spot on, the Walrus is a demented Psychopathic Killer.

Only people like Dick Cheney and Donald Trump could turn this MAD DOG Maniac loose on the World.

Bolton exemplifies the attitude of the Gung-Ho Military Generals who are itching to kill Humans regardless of who they are or where they live.

Hunting down our fellow Human Beings is much better sport to these warmongers than hunting down unarmed animals.

North Korea would be insane if they gave up their Nuclear capability.

As soon as they lose their retaliatory capability people like Trump and his Pit Bull Bolton would Bomb that country into oblivion.

What the Hell gives the U.S. the right to forbid the World from trading with NK??

Every Country has a right to Defend itself against Imperialistic Nations like the USA or Europeans that barbarically Colonized and Enslaved most of the World for Centuries.

North Korea is not that stupid they know history and they will NEVER, EVER give up their Nuclear Weapons.


I think it is important to try not to allow words that denigrate systems into our expressions. Communism is merely a ‘system’ and is no different than other systems of governance wherein, it is the people within the system, that can either do damage or promote well-being.

As for whether or not North Korea is ‘ultra-totalitarian’, I can’t say one way or another because I haven’t done enough research for one, and because we are most assuredly getting propaganda disguised as information from many of our mainstream news sources when it comes to facts about nation-states such as North Korea, China, Russia, and many other countries around the world.

Even the dictator got something our own damn Congress refuses to understand, especially Democrats who are the party of do nothing and stand for even less.


You make a good point!

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