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North Korea: How Many Wake-Up Calls Will It Take?


North Korea: How Many Wake-Up Calls Will It Take?

David Krieger

North Korea has been sounding alarms since it withdrew from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in 2003. Its latest wake-up call in early 2016 was its fourth nuclear test. This time it claimed to have tested a far more powerful thermonuclear weapon, although seismic reports do not seem to bear this out.


" We must abolish nuclear weapons are they will abolish us."

What was done to the Japanese people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki was so horrific to be almost unbelievable that this was actually done by my country.

Reminds me of MLK’s statement that if we do not all learn to live in peace we will surly die in war.


I recently viewed the following documentary. Its evidence is compelling. The most moving part of it was hearing John F. Kenney argue against militarism. He went to the U.N. and was prepared to take very real steps to tame the Military Industrial Complex (what I term: The Beast).

Where tons of money have subsequently gone into the steady propaganda streams designed to make naïve citizens see people of other lands as “our” enemy, JFK taught the antithesis: that all people all over the world are just like us, and they care about the welfare of their children.

Having read the detailed, long book, “The Devil’s Chessboard” and having gained a far more nuanced view of Allen Dulles and his influence over the CIA, it’s clear that MEN sworn TO war and addicted to the culture of militarism saw in JFK’s commitment to a peaceful world, an ENEMY to their objectives and dark purposes.

THEY killed our president, and THEY controlled the Warren Commission just as their ideological progeny did likewise regarding 911 and its commission.

Open-minded people who wish to truly understand how our nation got to its present moral abyss would be wise to view this:


Honestly, if you’ve been marked for deletion by the US, you’d be guilty of negligence if you didn’t pursue a nuke program. NK knows that’s pretty much what stands between them and annihilation now that China is close to full blown capitalism.

So far, we don’t attack nuclear powers; even small ones. Although with the garbage in the Ukraine and the increasingly unhinged provocation of Russia, that long standing truism may shortly get stress tested.

In a world this intentionally chaotic, disarmament of any kind is virtually impossible. So if this is your goal, you’re going to have to help take down both neoliberalism as well as the last vestiges of American imperialism first.


It would indeed be wonderful if we could abolish all nuclear weapons everywhere.

But … suppose all the other nations who now have nuclear weapons, gave them up.

Why would North Korea give up hers? The force of public opinion?