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North Korea Ready for Direct Talks With U.S., Says Russian Foreign Minister


North Korea Ready for Direct Talks With U.S., Says Russian Foreign Minister

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"We know that North Korea wants first of all to speak with the United States about its security guarantees," says Sergey Lavrov. "We are ready to support it. We are ready to help promote such talks."

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson


Perhaps this is the grand distraction, the curtain behind which we’re not suppose to look.

To let loose the dogs of war, once more, would open all sorts of wicked possibilities for the wizard of orange . . . just think of all they could justify when we’re engaged in the ultimate Orwellian struggle with Eastasia.


I’m not an expert on Korea, but I have some things to say that are difficult and should not be avoided. Neither am I a rabid cold-warrior who is ultra paranoid of everything Russian. But some things just don’t add up; here goes.

It is no secret that all of the missiles being fired off by the DPRK are of Soviet (I believe that designation is still correct) design if not actually manufactured in Russia. I could be dead wrong, but there will have to be some pretty strong evidence to prove that NK designed, manufactured and assembled those missiles. And that leads one to speculate on just what kind of game the Russians are playing. Perhaps many here haven’t seen the news stories about the NK military aboard flimsy, hardly sea-worthy fishing boats, washing up on Japanese shores? Those little wooden boats contain the dead skeletons of NK military or the dying-of-starvation live ones. It is hard to reconcile a regime that would send its troops out upon the ocean in nothing more than wooden skiffs in order to feed its people (or allegedly to generate income for the regime,) with a nuclear power capable of designing, manufacturing, and assembling ICBM’s.

As for China, that nation is hardly a disinterested or honest broker of peace when it comes to Korea (or anywhere else I’d wager.) Perhaps someone here can supply the figure for the number of dead Chinese soldiers in that conflict that never really ended? Maybe it was true at that time that the Chinese motivation was ideological (I doubt it) but today it should be apparent that ideology is a quaint and burdensome notion to the emerging appetites and ambitions of China. This just proves that they are the same as any other emergent empire.

I applaud anyone for trying to promote and engineer negotiations rather than confrontation and conflict. However, NK’s nuclear capabilities did not materialize out of thin air, now did they? And neither did those ICB missiles to potentially carry a nuclear warhead. So, now that either China or Russia - or both - have carried the Kim dynasty over the nuclear finish line, they demurely advocate for peace. They can (almost) plausibly do so, because President Donald Trump appears, to most of the world except his equally lunatic base, crazy and bloodthirsty.

Shit just doesn’t add up, and I don’t trust Russia or China any more than I do Trump or Kim Jung Un.


True statement by Tammy Duckworth. But Tammy, if you really believe that; let me respectfully ask: why haven’t you asked for Bush to be tried as a war criminal? Whom you admit lied, murdered,and maimed so many people including you for “selling a lie”?



How North Korea Got Its “Made in China” Nukes

And the answer is: China with help from others…with GWB asleep at the wheel diddling in Afghanistan and then Iraq.


And Trump–who was going to get tough with China–got played like a 2-string fiddle by Chinese leaders on his recent visit.

The greatest supporters of China? Corporations like Apple who like cheap labor and supranational markets.


Don’t leave out Nike, Walmart and myriad American designer clothing houses such as the Ivanka T line…major employers/enslavers in China.


It matters not the who or how, JUST PREVENT A NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST. So much for the Holiday spirit…


“Systematically underrated for years”

Exactly. Just like China was during the 1960s when the West was chirping over the Sino-Soviet split. With access to military technology denied by the Soviet Union as well the West-enforced worldwide embargo was complete. Yet it was precisely during this period that China broke the world record for achieving the nuclear leap from fission to fusion bombs, and the appearance of its first nuclear submarines in 1971. Nearly 50 years have passed, and it’s not surprising that a determined - and threatened - North Korea managed to make its own ICBMs.


Anyone who imagined that North Korea developed nukes by themselves without Russia and China is Naive enough to believe this one. Old Donald and Rex are going to slide this one on us. Russia doesn’t like us and wants nothing good for us or Europe or anything that even smells like Democracy. We have become enslaved by corporate greed and the few at the top of the economic pie. Kiss Democracy and freedom goodbye.