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North Korea 'Ready for War' After US Sends Navy Team to Peninsula


North Korea 'Ready for War' After US Sends Navy Team to Peninsula

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

North Korea said it was "ready for war" and warned of "catastrophic consequences" on Tuesday, just days after the U.S. sent a navy strike group to the western Pacific Ocean off the Korean peninsula.


Just what we needed with the Royal Trump and North Korea. A crazy dictator waving around nuclear missiles and talking war.

Pick one of the above!


Trump to Bannon: "Can I act presidential now? Oh please oh please!"


This madman ( take your pick) is going to get a lot of people killed. He's just looking for trouble and he's going to find it. Somebody had better show this idiot the map of N. and S. Korea and specifically where Seoul is located.


The term is reckless. This useless faux attack on the Syrian air base (after warning them first that it would happen in a few hours) was for media consumption and a test of the reaction to Trump's autocratic decision to wage war on his own say so.

Syria was a test case of public reaction to Trump's dictatorial powers. Kim Jong Un already has them. A couple of days later and look at Trump acting reckless. Kim Jong Un already does.

Pick one indeed!


I've been saying we're going to go to war with NK since the election. This should surprise no one at all.


" We are prepared to act alone". Trump.



Hmm, let's see. Seeking a war with Russia in Syria. Uh, huh, check. Seeking a war with China in North Korea. Uh, huh, check. Now, hmm, going back to elementary school mathematics, one-plus-one-equals-two. Uh, huh, check. So Donald Trump is attempting to start two wars at the same time, one with Russia and one with China. Uh, huh, check. Oooh, wait a minute ... WTF??!!

Oh, yeah, side note. China has converted IRBMs into anti-ship missiles. Will they work? Proof will be in the pudding. If they do work, however, I would like to know how the US Navy is going to stop a missile descending at 17,000 mph from cleaving right through the bottom of a US aircraft carrier. Well, we might be finding out as the media Trumps up the Donald's two-front war with nuclear powers, in a distraction from the Donald and the Republicans' blundering domestic program.


Ahem, it's not just "war with North Korea", it's war with China as well.


And here we are again, illegally going to war under the Bush doctrine. I'll mention it again, ILLEGAL.


The Clown Car trainwreck continues in real time as I've long said since the Election. Crumpus is the Great Satan!


Maybe, maybe not. We'll see how eager China is to send her young men to die for a nation that gives them nothing but headaches.

On the other hand, because of the rampant misogyny in Chinese culture, the one baby policy produced far too many boys, to the point where they outnumber the female population by a lot. I read a piece about how that could lead to China wanting a war, but I think it was by a couple of evo psychs, which would mean it's not worth very much.


Pick one? Kind of like asking: " would you prefer to be hanged or shot by a firing squad"!


A real peacenik that Trump. Remember all of those assertions from the alt-left that Trump would save the world from nuclear war?

I can just imagine Trump fuming at every North Korean pronouncement. But that psycho with the world's largest military including nuclear weapons at his disposal? No worries cried the alt-left.

It is obvious at the very least that Trump is itching to shoot down one of the missile tests. That alone could prompt a reactive strike against South Korea and then all bets are off, except of course inside the war gaming Pentagon chock full of psychopaths.


Proof, I see to the adding upon, of the already accelerating indications that the United States of America is now "The Corporation". From the past C.E.O."s of oil interests: Halliburton/Cheney and "W's embrace, literally, of the Saudi monarchy - to "corporations are people" Romney - now to Trump (We almost got a Goldman Sachs clone, the Clintons 1 & 2, take yer pick). We now see a casino owner in the Oval Office! He sends cabinet members, unaccompanied by ANY corporate press, (loathsome as they are, they are all we got)! Head of state, Chinese President Xi Jinping, met PRIVATELY, at Mar-a-Lago - not the Whitehouse! Now this. Off the coast of northeast China seacoast and Korean peninsula.

Remember, five years ago, when the waiter recorded Romney lying? (On his cell phone) - AND just a few months ago, during the primaries, the fake article in the WaPo, that was allowed to be published by their new billionaire owner, Amazon's Bezos. Bob Scheer's Truthdig was accused of fake news by a bogus claim of a bogus source. Typical, though of scripted corporate-corrupted Rebub "newspeak" that turns on its head the truth and sends it back out in reverse.

THIS started the "fake news" of the FAKE NEWS FIASCO. Its poisonous reverberations threaten our Constitution, vis-à-vis, by making corporate news, now, entirely toxic. An indigestible day-to-day account of this Oval Office occupant by American voters will bring America to a halt. A clear thinking stoppage. A Pandora's Box of the "fantastic thinking" crowd of religious zealots of all stripes. Dr. Helen Caldicott, you interviewed R. Reagan, and found him to be borderline, mentally challenged. But he got your message about nukes, THANK YOU! What are our chances now?


"Answer, 'yes or no'."


At least Trump mouthed the words. What did the Dems/Liberals have to offer.........................just more of the same................perpetual war. So go ahead, bash progressives if you want but Trump's rise to power falls squarely on the shoulders of the sorry ass record of the Liberal Democrats, who, btw, seem to be jumping on the war wagon again (no surprise).


Doesn't Un know that if he fires a nuke at South Korea or Japan, or even invades South Korea with conventional weapons, that rump will nuke North Korea into oblivion.


I'm bashing the alt-left who for months and months ignored all of the right wing war mongering hate stoking words and policy positions published by one mega jerk fascist Donald Trump.

Someone that you tirelessly defended, as a member of that alt-left.

Get it straight as to whom I am bashing.

I have always bashed any so-called "progressive" that has defended the war criminals Clinton, Obama, and every other corporate servicing Democrat.

I laid the rise of Trump squarely on the corporate servicing Democrats that took over that party since Al Frum formed the DLC and spawned the "third rail" presidency of Bill Clinton.

I have never once supported any of that.

You however, have openly supported this fascist jerk named Donald Trump, and indeed still do.

And by the way, Trump apologist, when did Trump mouth the words of making peace in the world? Was it his threatening military confrontation with China over trade? Was it his bluster about increasing military involvement in the ME? Was it his speech to AIPAC promising to move the US embassy to Jerusalem in support of Zionists? Was it parroting Neocon war mongering against Iran? Was it his stoking cheers at his rallies promoting more torture, worse torture, and to make torture legal? Was it his pronouncement that the families of suspected terrorists be killed? That mouthing of words?

How about those peaceful proposals of building a clucking wall and banning Muslims from traveling to the US?

Those words?

Oh yes, you are referring to his protecting business interests in Russia.

Did I just join in on the Neocon posturing against Russia, as in Clinton's positions on Russia, NATO, Ukraine?

NO I did not. Rather, I have openly criticized the Neocon driven moves in Syria, Ukraine, NATO's moves to confront Russia and all the rest.

But guess what? Your Trump and Clinton are now on the same page!!!!!!!


Not my Trump. I voted for Jill Stein. Peace out!