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North Korea Rips New Round of US-Crafted Sanctions as 'Act of War'


North Korea Rips New Round of US-Crafted Sanctions as 'Act of War'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Far from restricting its nuclear capacities, new sanctions approved by the United Nations will only accelerate the regime's drive for more powerful nukes, Pyongyang said in a statement


Oh, please no. I hear enough whining in the US as it is. Imagine if you had to go get your food rations every day at 0500 every morning. There wouildn’t be enough cheese in the world to go with all that whine.


Right, but the fascists know two things very well about the average American that they want food and security. So they get food stamp to stave off mass starvation and a brutal police force to keep them controlled.
Nothing will change in America until there is a bloody revolution, NOTHING!


The US has no stomach for a war with the DPRK, it would be smart for them to explode a bigger nuke and start small scale attacks on US war vessels. The US military’s real aim is not north Korea, they are actually trying to blockade China and Russia.


Your’e funny. The USA would squash North Korea like an ant if the shit hit the fan. We need to impeach Hair Hitler The Flaming Orange Satan Chump trump to prevent a horrible nuclear war.


To the global community and as an angry and ashamed American, please please please accept my apologies for the Orange Anus-in-Chief that is at the helm in the Oval Office. He’s an embarrassment to our country and a danger to the world!


A sane conversation on war.



It’s difficult to argue with that assertion!


Sadly, that seems to be the whole idea. I don’t know who the “strategic” planner is in the trumpire, but the dotard is itching for a nuclear war with a weaker adversary and Pyongyang is the target. What is needed is a cause for multimegatons of “defense.” So if we harass, starve and freeze them until they are forced to do something, meanwhile saturating their immediate surroundings with overwhelming military force, sooner or later they must respond in their own self defense. The minute that is done, BOOM! “We” have defended ourselves and North Korea is no more, “Other nations take notice!” China and Russia have a smoking ruin on their doorstep, to “teach them a lesson.”
*Quite frankly, I think this nation and the dotard that seems to run it will finally find out what war on the home front really means, for in genuine self defense, China and Russia might finally react and the nuclear clock will strike thirteen.
*Merry Christmas everyone!