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North Korea’s Nuclear Ambition and the US Presidential Campaign

North Korea’s Nuclear Ambition and the US Presidential Campaign

Robert Dodge

With the news of North Korea testing another nuclear weapon its leadership continues the fallacy of nuclear deterrence promoted by the nuclear powers of the world. This action by North Korea must be condemned just as the continued possession of nuclear weapons by all of the nuclear states.

“Outlets like PBS continue to cover the arms race and modernization of our Trident submarines, each with the potential for the above scenario many times over, as though it is an acceptable outcome of global doomsday if they are activated. This is accepted without question as a fait accompli.”

Brilliantly framed, Mr. Dodge. And as indicative of the “banality of evil” as it is of fealty to Mars, the god of war. THAT is the true religion (and archetypal programming) that explains the enduring lust for war and reciprocal adulation of warriors. It is a spiritual SICKNESS.

(Many do NOT suffer from it directly… but experience its effects since the War-oriented entities dominate everyone else using violence, coercion, propaganda, deception, and financial carrots and sticks.)

Where sane societies would expect religion and respected religious authorities to speak against war, too many instead show support as if war is just team sport(s) brought to its most dramatic and final level… not unlike the Aztec teams that played with the knowledge that the losing team would also face the loss of their heads–literally.

Something is not just rotten in Denmark.

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