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North Korea Says US Demands and Joint Military Drills Impede Diplomatic Talks


North Korea Says US Demands and Joint Military Drills Impede Diplomatic Talks

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

While advocates for peace and diplomacy remain anxious over incendiary rhetoric from U.S.


Warmongers don’t believe in talks.

They believe in killing and making money off it.


Saying Conservative right wing bass turds are the scum of the Earth is an understatement of how evil these congenital losers are. Death to the party of STUPID Republicans!


The Democrats are every bit as war hungry as the Republicans. Worse, they want it with Russia for no apparent reason but to cover up their own failures.

Truth is, the very moment you think in terms of Republican or Democrat, instead of the real dynamic which is the haves and the have nots, is the moment that they own you. IF you shed their lifelong programming, it just couldn’t be more obvious

Free your mind and then you can begin the task of freeing your body.


What can I say that isn’t blatantly obvious. Trump is simply un presidential in character. Even his track record in the business world shows a lack of diplomacy. The problem with negotiations between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump is they are too much alike, both being narcissistic sociopaths. Trump in the business world was renowned by his shred business tactics, NOT diplomacy. And he is the same as president.


I hope that includes the stoopid bought-and-paid-for-corporate-owned damnocrats as well.


Dan, your second paragraph is GOLD!


US MIC investors feverishly awaiting their returns…


A little background history on US interference in Korea might be in order:


What a total crock of BS! That Orwellian doublespeak term has been used for far too long, just like we are bringing them freedom and democracy! Too bad we cannot tell Mr. Graham: " okay Lindsey, if you really feel that way, here is your gun because we are going to let you lead by example."


What’s Lindsey trying to prove?

Direct Democracy


Indeed. The only people that are for war either have a psychopathic urge to kill or they are not the ones on the front lines.




Pre-conditions prior to beginning any dialogue between “enemies” is never a good idea. We have to get to the table first; the conversation must begin.