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North Korea Says US Wrong to Think It Is 'Safe Across the Ocean'

North Korea Says US Wrong to Think It Is 'Safe Across the Ocean'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

On the heels of a unanimous vote by the United Nations Security Council to impose new sanctions on North Korea following a series of ballistic missile tests, Pyongyang charged on Monday that the punitive measures are a "violent infringement" of the nation's sovereignty and vowed "thousands-fold" revenge.

Question is who suffers most, the people of North Korea or the leaders?


You know who’s going to suffer if there’s a war: everyone on Earth.


Is that really a question?

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So, lets keep playing my dog is bigger than yours instead of sitting down and talking and cooling the warmongering off.


“So that’s the no-brainer as far as I’m concerned, it’s just a question of whether the Trump administration comes to that realization as well.”
*The big problem here is whether a brainless government can recognize a “no-brainer,” solution when it is staring them in the face, and that’s where the problem lies.


The United States has bombed Iraq into a pile of rubble and murdered 180,000 of its innocent civilians. Only in a screwed up world can the United States be portrayed as a victim.


It also did the same to North Korea… killed one out of five. Lessons learned from Iraq, Libya and now Iran… give up your nuclear program and you get attacked anyway…


Right. As ever, war is the result of diplomatic failures. And a weakened State is the worst sign of things to come.


To judge from the attitude of some of the commenters to this news, another place ‘where the problem lies’ may actually be the inability of many people to take the threat of a nuclear exchange seriously. They know a nuclear war would be horrendously serious, of course, but they don’t really believe that it could really happen! The same lack of belief may exist in the warhawks crowd in Wash… Nobody wants a nuclear war but deep down inside they just don’t think one is actually possible, so they may be too willing to push too aggressively or too unwilling to negotiate at times.

How very strange that nuclear weapons are actually under the control of an unstable autocratic mentality at both ends with the whole world caught in the middle! I keep wondering if the greed of oligarchs and the cynicism of Republicans that were willing to have the nuclear button be under Trump’s finger now regret their own insanity in placing him in office?


QUOTE: Painting America as the aggressor, Pyongyang says… UNQUOTE

How did N Korea ever come to that conclusion? Just based on that war in Iraq and a few “friendly” regime changes, leaving nothing but chaos and devastation behind?
Or was it just because Obama sent a large portion of the US fleet into the South CHINA Sea, to protect “American interests” there?
My word! Such silly perceptions!


The regime also warned that there is “no bigger mistake than the United States believing that its land is safe across the ocean.”

Kim Jong-un, you’re getting too big for your britches. If you decide to take on the US, you’ll realize you’ve made the “biggest mistake” of all.

But I certainly hope some kind of diplomatic resolution can come to pass. Trump will have to put a lid on his temper and tweeting blabber-mouth and let people with more level heads deal with this, though I strongly doubt anybody on his staff, Tillerson included, is level-headed enough if Trump pushes them.

But to tell the truth, I’ve never understood WHY the US objects to countries developing nuclear weapons despite the NPT, first passed in 1968 and renewed in 1995:

Israel thumbed its nose at the Treaty and developed nuclear weapons under cover in direct violation of the Treaty, and the US did NOTHING to them. We should have issued sanctions against Israel then:

But in order to remain “dominant” in the world, both Johnson and Clinton held hands with Israel and ignored the violation(s). So did Republican presidents.

Anyway, this is a bit off-topic. I don’t have an opinion about what to do to keep America safe, given this big britches NK ruler.

This is my fear: What if Trump (and his shadow government) WANTS war?! What if they are pushing N. Korea on purpose? The “WAR PRESIDENT” will get re-elected–he thinks.


I think he wants war, too. Hillary wanted war also. Trump is playing with fire and delighting in it like a small child with a sparkler.


Having a rank amateur as Nikki Haley as our UN Ambassador fills me with confidence.


I agree but my fear is that Trump doesn’t really understand the risks nor the costs of war. He is a denier of facts - scientific facts and in true Dr. Strangelove style denial, Trump may consider a dark choice by virtue of a first strike or the same dark choice if he came to believe the other side would strike first.

However “I want a nuclear war! Vote for me in 2020!” is not likely a plausible campaign slogan even for clueless Trump!

Actually Clinton imposed trade restrictions on selling NK nuclear reactors. Donald Rumsfeld sat on the board of the Swiss company that ignored those prohibitions and sold NK the two ‘dirty’ nuclear reactors that began a process that brought us here. It wasn’t Clinton. The article you cited was an attempt to rectify the damage that had already been done and move NK off the dirty fuel reactors to light water reactors. What is wrong with you?


If the US kept its nose out of NK, North and South would be closer to the reunification both sides want. MIC conservatives want regime change despite its repeated and consistent failures worldwide. Their stupidity is only surpassed by their greed for war profits.

Direct Democracy


Truly hope you’re right! But in this crazy world, with all the spin, etc., Trump and his cronies could make it look like we have no choice but to strike with nuclear weapons. Trump could become a hero overnight!


Our own Dear Leaders plan to survive nuclear war: