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North Korea Tests Its Third ICBM: What’s Next?


North Korea Tests Its Third ICBM: What’s Next?

Tim Shorrock

Cautionary voices rarely appear in US media coverage of North Korea, and this week was no exception.

“Many inside the Trump administration privately agree” that a freeze agreement would be advantageous as an interim solution because “it holds the prospect of preventing the crisis from growing worse."


If a war is triggered on the Korean peninsula it will be entirely on the U.S.'s head. They have had countless opportunities to negotiate and come to an agreement. I feel sorry for the innocents in both Koreas.

Also now that the “freeze-for-freeze” proposal is being endorsed by Russia be prepared for the “left” media of Maddow and the like to advocate war with North Korea now. After all, if Trump deescalates with North Korea that will mean now that he is a a Russian puppet and weak now right? The U.S. and media are leading us all to the gates of hell and there doesn’t seem to be anything stopping them.


“But cautionary voices rarely appear in U.S. media coverage of North Korea.”

That is a true statement because the MSM fourth estate has been and are in most cases, nothing but whores and presstitutes for the war mongering, war profiteering, fascists.