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North Korea to Close Nuclear Test Site, Change Clocks to Match South


North Korea to Close Nuclear Test Site, Change Clocks to Match South

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

North Korea is reportedly planning to shut down its main nuclear test site in May and reset its clocks to return to the South's time zone, following a historic meeting between Korean leaders on Friday.


Amerika will be in the back ground trying kill this deal or kill Moon. They done it before in Korea


Could it be that Kim Jung Un is not a madman like corporate news keeps saying, and that in fact he is acting rationally?


So it looks like it has been decided. The next war is with Iran.


Of course, Trumpo the Klown will be trying to take credit for this. The other absurdity and bullshit is that he should somehow receive the Nobel Peace Prize for this breakthrough. I’m sure he would push that as he has to keep up with Obama whom he obviously feels inferior to. I can just imagine his acceptance speech. “Thanks to my great vision and influence, Little Rocket Man finally saw the error of his ways and decided to make peace with the rest of Korea. I am probably the greatest creator of peace since Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. put together.”
We definitely live in Bizarro World.


Pardon me for being a skeptic, but I can’t believe Kim Jong Un can be so naive as to believe he can give up his nukes and remain alive (Libya, Iraq, etc). I think he’s wiling to give up making more but he’d better hold on to what he has.


Here’s a little item …

… it’s already been done for him …

… Big Large Huge Time …

North Korea Nuclear Test Site Collapse Killed 200 People
LINK: http://www.newsweek.com/north-korea-nuclear-test-site-collapse-killed-200-people-report-696878

North Korea’s nuclear test caused collapse, study says
LINK: https://www.cnn.com/2018/04/26/asia/north-korea-nuclear-test-site-punggye-ri-intl/index.html

… there is no diplomacy whatsoever involved with this surrender of Kim Jong Un …

… no diplomacy whatsoever involved …


Wow what a bunch of ignorant comments. Trump does not need a prize for he is president. North Korea has done nothing yet. To get north Korea to give up there nuclear position would be great. I think it is China pulling the strings in north Korea. President Trump has played his part whether any one can accept this fact is meaning less.


Unlike Hillary Clinton and others in American government Trump is not trying to rule the world. Kim is not a fool he knows how to tell time. Why people like Kim can not understand what great things he could do in north Korea. The people starve while Kim eats caviar on French crackers how stupid is this.


Interesting lead. Thank you. This puts one plausible spin on what’s happening, And I don’t buy that Kim Jong Un is being disingenuous.


And they lowered the DOW, boohoo…


Cue the media calling this move horrible for our own economy, as they do whenever progress for peace happens, and warmongers sell their stock as a result.


Oh my. Where to begin. First by noting what an arrogant stance you take by talking as if it might be hard for me to keep up with your “analysis”. It is obvious that you voted for this putrid piece of shit and that you are also a fan of Saint Ronnie the Raygun. So, we know where your politics comes from. Economic sanctions on China have been condemned by economists and represent higher prices and loss of access for certain goods to American consumers and up the chances of a trade war with the country that has the upcoming dominant economy on the planet. They go hand in had with Trump’s lack of subtlety and complete lack of concern for the very people who were stupid enough to vote for this incompetent, narcissistic egomaniac.
The developments on the Korean Peninsula are fortunate but we will have wait and see how they fully develop. In the meantime, it is important to realize that the man who “leads” North Korea is a dictator who wields brutal power over his people. I can’t help but conclude that Trump actually likes that aspect, the same way he has expressed support for other authoritarians like Duterte and Putin. Trump most assuredly does NOT deserve a Nobel Prize for what has happened in Korea and BTW, just for your info I do not believe that Obama deserved the same prize for what happened in the Middle East. I am no apologist for Barry.
You make the point of calling him “President Trump” again and again. I wretch when I have to come to grips with the fact that this reckless, ignorant, man-baby is in the Oval Office disgracing the United States before the world. He has installed the biggest bunch of regressive scum into his administration that I have ever seen. Even the loathsome George W. Bush has alluded to the fact that Trump makes him look pretty good in comparison and that that Trump’s inaugural speech (you know, the one he insisted was attended by the biggest crowd in our history, which was his usual bullshit) contained some “pretty weird shit”.
Obviously, there is no debating with you and your ilk. My opinion, which must be on the other end of the political spectrum from yours, is that Trump and this hideous Rethug party he heads are close to treason in their actions. Their obvious subservience to corporate America and the oligarchs is plain to see with every appointment or nomination that comes from the Mango Mussolini. This is a real right-wing wrecking crew composed of the biggest sellouts I have ever seen in the U.S. government.
Two last points. Enough already with the blaming stuff on Obama. Trump has been in power for 15 months (during which time he has spent 1/4 of his time GOLFING when he declared during the campaign that he wouldn’t because he would be so busy with “MAGA!”. More bullshit.) Trump OWNS this clusterfuck and even members of his own party are so nervous about the damage that the Mueller probe could do to their long-term plans to dismantle the social services they hate so much that they are talking of impeachment. Of course, then we would be left with the appalling reality of right-wing theocrat Mike Pence. It is a shit sandwich no matter how you look at it. People like you are responsible for this unfolding nightmare.
Second, you say that Trumpo the Klown upped our navel (your spelling) presence. Remember that this is the same jerkoff who couldn’t explain the significance of the “nuclear triad” during the Republican “debates”. Trumpo doesn’t know shit about the Navy and please try and remember that he avoided service in Vietnam by having his hack “doctor” write him a note about his bone spurs, an affliction that miraculously cleared up when we left Vietnam in the mid-70s. Trump’s interest in military policy seems to be largely centered on why we can’t use nukes. He also likes to surround himself with Generals, just like some third-world plutocrat. Trump’s foreign policy is as subtle as the proverbial bull in a China shop. He appointed the incompetent Nikki Haley as our U.N. ambassador (she had NO experience at this) and now we have former Bush era neo-con blowhard John Bolton as National Security Adviser. This is the same asshole who also used to be our U.N. ambassador and who once claimed that they could remove the top ten stories of the U.N. building and it would make no difference in how they operated. VERY SUBTLE. No wonder Trumpo wanted him.
“President Trump knew the key is China.” How the hell do you know that? What we do know is that this is the laziest president in our history. He gets up late and does a minimum of work in the Oval and then he apparently indulges in what they refer to as “executive time” which consists of him tweeting and watching “Fox and Friends”. This self-described “subtle genius” requires that briefings be just that - brief and that meetings notes are usually only one page with lots of graphics and bullet points. Yeah, he MUST be soooo smart.
What really pisses me off about you and your pro-Trump ilk is that if Obama had done any of this crap you would be screaming for his impeachment and prosecution. Allegations of “pussy-grabbing” or sexual assault or business corruption or any of the rest would have evoked screams of outrage from you. But when it comes from your side of the political fence then the old acronym comes into play - IOKIYAR.
Here is my final word to you - Trump will go down as the worst president in U.S. history. All of the institutions that we have a right to be proud of since the 1940s are being wrecked by this bunch of regressive scum and their enablers in our corporate media. These are dark days for our democracy (corrupted at every opportunity by Rethug operatives like Kobach) and our very republic.


Gee, thanks for the English composition lessons. Actually, I did try and space for paragraphs and the format here doesn’t respond very well.
How lame of you to talk around my many criticisms of this appalling president and warn me of my hate and the threats to my health. Actually, I am just fine and exercise regularly. It is only Trump whom I hate so much. He us a disgrace and the fact that you can’t see through his utter bullshit should be embarrassing to you. In my opinion, Trumpo the Klown deserves none of the respect that you criticize me for not showing him. Respect has to be earned and he has not done that. Trump is the biggest con artist in American political history. He is NOT a billionaire and he is not a “subtle genius”. Shame on you for falling for his crap.
Look what he just did. He avoided going to the White House Correspondent’s Dinner (he didn’t go last year either because he hates to be criticized even in fun). Instead, he went to Michigan to have his ego pumped up by another one of those Trump crowds. Remember how many times he did that even after he was “elected”? He has a YUUUGE ego and that ego is bad for this country.