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North Korea: Trump 'Begged For a Nuclear War' During Visit to Korean Peninsula


North Korea: Trump 'Begged For a Nuclear War' During Visit to Korean Peninsula

Common Dreams staff

While Trump is greeted by protesters across the continent, North Korea says he has "laid bare his true nature as destroyer of world peace and stability" 

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Well said! I won’t hold my breath that he’ll ever see prison. But I couldn’t agree more with you.


World wide, as in other countries acting, leaders that become, shall we say distasteful have been removed. It is often ugly and leaves the country in a mess forever. It is my hope that this does not happen here. We need to take care of our own before someone does it for us.


The best that we can hope for is, to use another’s words,

“The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun(Nuclear Weapon), is a good guy with a gun.”


Sad but true.


Kim Jong Un and Trump - both clear and present dangers.
We can’t do anything about the former. We seem disinterested in doing anything about the latter.


Trump needs to be committed to an insane asylum before it is too late!


Who is going to do that?


This is all a distraction, to get the American public all freaking out about Armageddon while the US Congress pushes through it’s monster tax cuts for the rich and incorporated. Keep your eye on the ball.


While all you express about Trump the individual is quite valid, surely you realize he is but a most egregious symptom of the whole neocon/neoliberal status of our ruling class, the very essence of the true deep state, both domestically and globally.

It’s not as if Trump is some lone rogue, surrounded by more rationally sane and reasonable individuals. He’s just one of many of his kind.


Yeah, it may already be too late.


There simply are not enough adjectives, but I agree with you.


Well, for once he is telling the truth!

Anyone who still supports this man has to be extremely, willfully delusional.


IMHO, for a great many people (35% of the voters, per recent polls), “My enemy’s enemy is my friend.”  Those people see ‘The Establishment’, which has been making their lives more and more miserable – or at least less and less enjoyable – for the past several decades as their #1 enemy. They see Hilliary and her crooked cronies as the personification of The Establishment, so her (recent, purely political) enemy Tweetle-Dumb has become their friend.


Kudos to the Filipino coalition. With murderer Duterte in charge, it takes a lot of courage to protest there.
Duterte and the USAn WOD propaganda has claimed 12,000 victims so far, to Trump’s approval.

Nature also uses conservative moron dictators to control overpopulation by war, murder, crime, global warming, pollution, religious fanaticism, resource hoarding, etc…


Please the Korean leader is protecting and preventing another US slaughter in the Korean Peninsula as happened in the 50’s. Koreans have every right to kick the US soldiers and bases out of their country. Maybe then the North Koreans may consider uniting as one nation they used to be.


Why is Kim our enemy? Would he be building nukes if he wasn’t?


Stupid logic utilized here. North Korea is standing up to a country of moronic war mongers who blindly follow a fucking psychopathic very sick minded old child with very dangerous toys. All nations should procure nukes lest they be attacked by the fucking sociopath Zionist fascist USAens. USA is not in charge of the world, many have tried that but failed to their much dismay and regret.


Trump should SHUT UP and leave visits to other countries to his betters.


I swear, I certainly hope someone out there gives Trump his own personal little war.

Just Trump and one other.

He needs a taste of what he’s attempting to impose on all of us and the world.