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North Korea: Trump 'Begged For a Nuclear War' During Visit to Korean Peninsula


I swear, I certainly hope someone out there gives Trump his own personal little war.

Just Trump and one other.

He needs a taste of what he’s attempting to impose on all of us and the world.


Yes indeed. Just as many of his voters said “He’s saying exactly what I was thinking” but the unstated part of those explanations was “what I was thinking was racist, fascist, bigoted, misogynistic just like him.”


To use an analogy: N Korea is akin to a porcupine, in a small corner of the woods, mostly, minding it’s own business. His business IS his no matter how prickly it is. The US government comes along and doesn’t like the porcupines business and starts poking him with sticks. The porcupine, feeling threatened, starts raising his quills. The US starts using bigger and bigger sticks which forces the poor porcupine to grow longer quills…etc. How about quit poking the porcupine and I’m willing to bet he withdraws his quills some, but the cautious creature he is still was a few longer quills just in case…Hey US govt, stop trying the remake to porcupine, stop poking him and MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. And then we can move on peacefully and live…


How so? It is doubtful that Koreans from both sides have forgotten the dropping of two atomic bombs over Japan. Yep, "Shut Up And Get Out!" from every corner of the globe.


Right. "Two men enter, one man leaves!"


Man did you ever hit the nail on the head.Granted, Trump is a full blown looney toon and a stupid one at that, but he is most certainly not alone.

The entire neoconservative and neoliberal crowd is batshit crazy. Have you ever read P.N.A.C.'s “New American Century”? Basically it is all about global rule both militarily and economically by the U.S. (aka them.) Yep, they plan to take over the world. It seems that there have been others in the past who wanted to do the same and it never has ended well for them. They are behind every single war we are currently involved in, ever war we have planned, they believe we can beat Russia in a nuclear war if we just strike fast enough, and they still think we can continue with our current wars and add Russia and China and still come out on top. This after the only “war” we have won since WWII being the powerhouse Grenada. I do believe they are behind 9/11, and I also believe they don’t worry about starting a nuclear war. All they care about is money and power…for themselves and the rest of us be damned. Of course I don’t think they have considered that all the money and power in the world doesn’t’t mean jack shit when they are the only living souls on the planet and that’s just for a short time. We need to get every last one of these nut bags out of our government and that includes the Clinton family and Bu$h family.


The Great Satan IS Hair Hitler The Flaming Orange Loser Chump trump!


Yes what you wrote is true and I am acutely aware of the fact that we have quite a few insane people running around this country in power and otherwise. If you look at what has been said in just the last few days by some of these whack GOP jobs it renders you almost speechless. For example, excusing Roy Moore’s dating underage girls to the mythical Mary of the Christian bible is one in particular. I still don’t understand what whoever said it was trying to say. The point he was trying to make.

Actually our whole society seems to be looney tunes. I mean have you seen what is on TV? Have you listened to the endless commercials? I despair for our future including near future. The vast majority of citizens seem unable to think logically. Instead of thinking most people just seem to react to events according to their conditioning instead of actually seeing what is happening and understanding.

Anyway thanks for your comment to my post. It was quite valid.


Or, neither leaves.

For the sake of humankind.


But what if both ‘good’ guy and ‘bad’ guy are part of the problem: the patriarchal death cult that is running/ruining our world? Get a gun and you’ve just joined them.

What’s the solution? I’m still trying to figure that one out. The more people who join in this search, the more likely it is we’ll find it.


My first assessment of Trump was a horrific candidate for president. Then he was elected because Democrats decided to go with a consummate insider candidate, Hillary Clinton. What they needed was an Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders, both progressive and non party insiders. Now we are headed in to the next presidential election with Democrats. I now regard Trump as “nauseating.” The Republicans have unleashed their Trumpenstein monster on America and they need to pay dearly for that.


There is no doubt that the disaster capitalists are at work, but you are incorrect asserting there is no ball here for one to keep one’s eyes on. Trump and his generals are fucking dangerous, with Trump just chomping at the bit for a major war on the Korean peninsula. The dickhead is insane and actually does have the power to expand US wars to the Korean peninsula.


My thought also, but I was trying to stay in line with Aunty Entity (Tina Turner) in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. :wink:


There have been people in our past governments that have done much worse. Not threatened, but actually committed war crimes. So what is to be done about that I ask?


I agree, partially. Fear is what allows the MIIC to stay in power through it’s “elected” puppets that control our government.


I am reading some interesting articles re the appearance of a new alliance forming up in the world; China, Russia and Saudia Arabia. Note the US is being omitted from that party!


That might be but in a nuclear war we will not have to worry about any other balls.


Yes, many agree- but it seems that too many ( even women) still support him. He is just one loony- the supporters are just as or even loonier. For instance I did not know this- but the majority of white women who voted did so for him. Yikes!


“North Korea is not the paradise your grandfather envisioned”, Trump said.

I bet you Mr. "Never knew we had so many countries” didn’t come up with that. No way he knew anything about Kim Il-sung. Some patient staffer probably had him repeat that five times over while the babysitters - I mean cabinet - looked on nervously.


" Trumps supporters are just as loony,"

True, but what is really loony is that Trump has so many loony supporters! Trump is no doubt correct when he says that he could shoot some one in cold blood and his base would still support him.