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North Korea: Trump 'Begged For a Nuclear War' During Visit to Korean Peninsula


He is a criminal? I would only wish to be more specific. He is an ego maniac, narcissistic sociopath, white supremacist. He wants to be “duh man” that is macho he-man enough to not only fight against those non white commies in North Korea but to nuke them. That excites his baser than base voters. An absolute disgrace to the White House and the American presidency. He is not only a bad president, he is horrific.

What we need in the 2020 elections to get rid of him is get rid of our apathy toward voting which was abundantly clear in the 2014 and 2016 elections. The Democrats need to run a candidate more like Barrack Obama instead of an insider like Hillary Clinton. My first thoughts would be Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. I really hope the progressive people here consider rallying behind a Democratic Party candidate instead of splitting the vote with third and fourth party candidates - which will invariably mean a Republican victory. Again.


My diagnosis would be what is called “narcissistic sociopath.” Very self centered with few real ethics. In addition to that he is also very sexist and not only racist but a white supremacist. It feels like he wants to go down in history as a manly macho he-man and war president that racked up several victories over non white adversary nations such as North Korea and Iran.

Progressives and the Democrats have to come together in 2020 to elect a real president to replace Trump. In 2014 and 2016 there were pathetic low voter turn outs of non Republicans. That’s exactly why we ended up with a Republican controlled congress with a Trump white house.


2020 may be too late!


For the protection of all life on planet earth somebody needs to put this jackass out of our misery.