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North Korea Warns 'Gangster-Like' Tactics of Bolton and Pompeo Undermining Nuclear Talks


North Korea Warns 'Gangster-Like' Tactics of Bolton and Pompeo Undermining Nuclear Talks

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Two weeks after U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un cut short their second denuclearization summit with no agreement or clear path forward, a top North Korean official said on Friday the "gangster-like" behavior of Trump's hawkish top officials helped derail the negotiations.

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"Warmongers Gotta Worm US Into A War."



Why are those two Laughing? What’s so funny?



Happy times for the likes of Pompeo and Bolton. Thanks to Congress for allowing Trump to remain in office, despite all of the legitimated insanity.

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Sound to me like Bolton and Pompeo are vying for the Nobel “Peace” Prize.
Just like Kissinger and Obama.



First you hire the Pompus-ass and his cohort the Walrus both extremely hawkish warmongers.

Then you send them to the bargaining table to negotiate with a Nuclear Power.

These 2 arrogant imperialistic bullies then make no compromise demands on N Korea that are contributing to the starvation of their people and you wonder why they told us to piss off.

We must accept that North Korea is now a member of the Nuclear Club and they have the capability to hit America with ThermoNuclear Weapons.

We have no right to make demands or place Sanctions on a Sovereign nation. What did they ever do to the U.S.?

It was we Americans that leveled their country to the ground with massive carpet bombing.

We should treat them just like India or Pakistan or Russia and allow them to go about their lives and trade freely with whoever they wish, without placing crippling Sanctions on their people.



“What are they laughing about?”

Pompeo is giving Bolton a “rub and tug” under the table.

That’s, what they’re so happy about.



Go DPRK south Korea belongs to you force Yankees out

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Amid his endless blathering, Trump sometimes says something that makes sense, one of which was when he questioned why the US still has troops in Korea. If they were all pulled out tomorrow, China and Russia would have to play their natural roles of assuring some kind of stability in the region including controls over Kim’s nuclear arsenal.



Happy CD birthday. And thanks for your friendly composure, except when the word Trump is involved of course.
Trump is going to time his invasion in accordance to the timing of the election.imho.



it is all bluster…south korea is minutes away from a nuke hit …any country that gives up their nukes is ready to be invaded by united states