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North Korea Warns Massive U.S.-South Korea Military Drills Put Nations on 'Brink of Nuclear War'

North Korea Warns Massive U.S.-South Korea Military Drills Put Nations on 'Brink of Nuclear War'

Julia Conley, staff writer

As tensions once again rise, Chinese officials chide Trump administration for not suspending provocative war games


Provocative war games?

It seems to me that war with North Korea is inevitable as long as Trump allows this insane frenzy of bellicosity called euphemistically, WAR GAMES!


“An interesting game. The only way to win is not to play.”
—the uber-computer, from “War Games” w/ Matthew Broderick

The question “Why would North Korea launch a nuclear strike against the US, knowing the retaliatory strike would be devastating?” is either (a) never asked by media or (b) dismissed with “Because Kim’s crazy”—as if his counterpart here is the perfect embodiment of stability and forebearance.

My great worry is that this is but one of a series of distractions while the real work of class war is carried on by the 1% and their minions in office. My other worry is about unintended consequences—as Caspar Gutmann says to Sam Spade in “The Maltese Falcon,” “The situation calls for the nicest of judgements.” I leave it to you whether either of the principals is capable of nice judgements under stress.


Another of the distractions being Mike Flynn’s “confessions”, with which the MSM has been obsessed for the past several days while virtually ignoring the RePooplicans in the Senate frantically writing throwing together
a “tax reform” giveaway to their Fat Cat & Multi-NaZional Korporate owners that will be a disaster for the rest
of us.


It would seem, regrettably, that all is going full steam ahead, according to plan-


Mutually Assured Destruction (or MAD) does not seem to impede the demented, deranged, diabolical despot and his crazed military megalomaniacs from sabre-rattling. First to go will be the 20,000 Americans in and around Seoul then the over 200,000 American soldiers and families at bases in the Pacific corridor along with millions of civilians (SK, Japanese, Filipino, Pacific Islanders). Being blind to the inevitable death and destruction for the sake of a testosterone fix and exercising unbridled hubris is what is to be expected from the insane “leadership” in the USA and Congress. And absolutely nothing will be gained unless body counts and environmental devastation are the sought-after war prizes. Don’t expect our “allies” to participate in the insanity.

What a holiday greeting for the world!


At the “limit of licitly having and using” nukes? We’re way past the limit, Mr. Infallible.

Wasn’t it inevitable after our own government’s inhumane and immoral act
of dropping nuclear bombs on Japan – and following that dropping more bombs
on Vietnam than they had dropped during all of WWII – that one day US citizens
would be running from nuclear bombs being dropped on us, or watching our own
children running from napalm attacks?


And on our dime- why don’t we send his kids off to war? He and his daddy bought his way out of the war in Viet Nam.

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Yes, it is a lost art- all over being a bully. Then we tell adults and children to be kind and not to bully. I wish I were even older in some ways. Not all humans think this way, but there are enough sociopaths and psychos who do , and many of them have money.

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9-11 was just horrible - but we seem to justify any war or destruction against that. Remember some of the victims families were not on a march to war- yet here we are over sixteen years later with no end in site.


As usual old rich members of congress sending the young off to war.

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Yes! As well as all of these sex embarrassments. I doubt that millions of people are talking about the latest sex abuse case, but these are distractions.

meal –


The families who lost loved ones over and again pleaded that the US/MIC …

(roughly) … Do not use our sorrow and pain as an excuse for war.

Basically, 9/11’s main motivation seems to have been to create war.
And it’s yet one more unbelievable “false flag” event.
This one featuring NORAD going AWOL in our skies …
Moved to Canada to watch Russia and to lower Southern States…
with Cheney having been put in full charge of everything by W just
days before.

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Tweetle-Dumb has driven away all – or nearly all – of our allies.  But allies or not, the rest of the world WILL participate, as Nevil Shute described on paper and film in ‘On The Beach’, and Tom Lehrer even more suc­cinctly in song:

"Oh, we’ll all go together when we go — suffused with an incandescent glow . . . "

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Until the 95% of the voting electorate that cast their votes for either a Democrat or a Republican stop doing so, the Military Industrial Complex will gleefully drum up military engagements wherever there are people they Hate.

This will keep the War Machine turning, making more Bombs and Bullets to kill those they Hate plus many, many innocent men, women, and children on a daily basis.

And, those of you who voted for the Duopoly candidates can wash the blood off your hands also on a daily basis.

The really sad part is that many lie to themselves and say, “this is necessary.”

Hopefully, these same people haven’t reproduced, for if they did, it’s likely their offspring will grow up with the same deluded notions as their parents, and Peace will only be something they hear about in a song.

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Typical, yet more disturbing war behavior from The Fourth Reich.
When will they ever learn?
I’m sure rabid, Delusional Don is chomping at the bit to use that nuclear arsenal. Give them up!:peace_symbol:

The only thing that needs to be Nuked is Delusional Donnie’s brain, or what’s left of the putrid, rotting, pea sized organ that remains.

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I gotta say that harassing a person who really does have cause for being paranoid and is raving with justified hate for America seems to be a poor international relations model. Trump is playing brinkmanship with a potential madman. Ample proof that he is not so tightly wrapped himself.

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PonyBoy and Namora:

You are correct. And what do you do as a president in peace time trying to boost military spending? Military spending accounts for a huge part of our 20 trillion dollar national debt, but Trump wants even more military spending. This time we are not going into a war, it is optional spending to scare North Korea.

How much will “Trump’s big adventure” cost taxpayers? This will probably fall into the same category as the mystery of the true cost of the Trump wall between Mexico and the United States. I would rather pay down the national debt than build walls or put our air force on display on the other side of the planet to impress North Korea.