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North Korea Warns of 'Thermonuclear War' After Trump Threatens Strike


North Korea Warns of 'Thermonuclear War' After Trump Threatens Strike

Nika Knight, staff writer

The Trump administration has succeeded in ratcheting up tensions in the Korea Peninsula after dispatching a Navy strike group to the western Pacific Ocean and threatening a "pre-emptive strike" against North Korea if the country goes ahead with a nuclear bomb test.


Ever think that WW III might actually be a spur of the moment decision by an egotistical autocrat? Either of them btw.

Why the bizarre non attack (with prior warning to allow evacuation) of the air base that was left mainly untouched anyway? Mostly to test the waters on Trump doing such a thing on his own say so (without Congressional oversight).

Why use a mega bomb which cost mega bucks for no real military reason? Mostly to test the waters on Trump using such an overkill weapon at all on some target. A mega weapon for which we are told that they were in caves? In caves? Wow doesn't that sound dangerous!

Are we ready yet to watch him start WW III?

Three months into his term! Well let's hurry then!

Trump doesn't believe that global warming exists. Does anyone know if he believes that nuclear radiation exists?


Posting here does not do any good. We all must get involved.


There is a direct relationship between resource availability, population numbers and conflict that applies to every species in an ecosystem. How can we think this natural formula does not apply to humans?


Will Trump actually be able to survive the repercussions of any action? Consider the possibility and ramifications of a strike by a desperate N Korea on Fukushima whether atomic or conventional and the huge amount of radiation released as an result. This says nothing of the massive slaughter that will occur on both sides of the 38th parallel if there is an active exchange between us and N Korea. Then what will China do in such a case? We live in dangerous times but on the bright side we no longer have to concerned about climate change and destruction as it will too late for any species for the next million years or so - my unscientific opinion of course.


Complete unscientific bullshit that evokes the late Victorian eugenics era (overpopulation of a species has never been observed to cause increased intra-species violence, and some of the most harmonious human societies are densely populated), spoken from a rarified perch of condescension. Go tell the people of Seoul facing vaporization what you just wrote.


" We've got a powerful nuclear deterrent already in our hands."

North Korea has at least a million man army as well as nukes and do not forget that North Korea is an ally of China. If Trump attacks N.K with Tomahawk missiles, it will not only put 28,000 American troops in grave danger but South Korea as well.

Also, I have no proof, but according to anecdotal evidence, North Korea has nuclear armed submarines off of the East and West coasts. It may be total BS; and I for one hope it is total BS! Does anyone out there in cyber space have any information that this is a total fabrication by North Korea?


Guess the demented demagogue cares not about the millions of people in Seoul, already in the sites of North Korea or that South Korea is a major trading partner with the U.S. FACT: Seoul metropolitan area with a population of more than 26.5 MILLION people is the SECOND most populous city in the world. How can the evil emperor think when he is on one hell of an orgasmic power trip? He does not THINK nor does he care what anyone else thinks, as is the case with far too many cruel, tyrannical, psychopathic despots throughout history. And Hitler did not have nuclear weapons at his disposal (although his henchmen were in the process of designin/building missiles at the time).


Better pack your bug out bags, lol, or better yet just kiss your ass goodbye! No, I'm sure everything will be Fabulous!


Isn't it condescension to have to spoon feed links to the lazy when they could easily do the research?



Yunzer, Natureboy, can't we all just get-a-long.

The Orange Clown may be bringing forth the End of Days.

Let us all group think him into having a stoke or something that may bring about cooler heads.


Huh. Paul Manafort visists China, Korea and Japan in December, and now Trump is banging the drums of war in N. Korea.

I do wonder why Manafort was meeting with the Korean chief of intelligence:



Pence could be worse.


Group think that the entire Trump cabinet has a collective stroke.

In all seriousness though it is frustrating how powerless the people truly are in these times. If it is any consolation it seems the people in SK are not really taking these warnings seriously.


Seems this buildup which includes the Japanese is designed to pressure the Chinese toward acting against the murderous little tyrant. I despise Trump and the Republicans but Kim has been clamoring for attention since becoming the latest version of the dear leader. That said, with the present show of force backed by a clearly unstable Trump, it appears that the Kimbicile now has more on his plate than he ever expected. He knows that one misstep by him and he's toast. I look for this to pass if the Chinese get smart and reel Kim into their orbit once and for all. Clearly they haven't settled on a Korea plan in light of Trump's bullying nature, and Kim's belligerence.


If NK was any good at propaganda, they wouldn't threaten nuclear war, they'd release Trump's taxes. NK might not have the wherewithal to do it, but China sure does, and what good is NK to China at this point if it can't use NK to do things like that?


How about telling China we won't buy anymore crap from them until North Korea demilitarizes???????


Have to state qualifiers, limitations, ...

But North Korea doesn't have the home front to support its army. Exactly how long can they attack before they run out "of gas..." ?

Unknown how many nukes, or the extent that they have been weaponized and made deliverable. Also unknown the extent China will support North Korea. Recent news is that China has been warning North Korea to tone things down.

It looks like a safe assumption that the people around Trump have told him that he has to consult with South Korea. And that nothing will happen unless South Korea agrees with doing it.

Saving on postage....

¿ Who are you referring to? Most people would say that 'evil' and 'one hell of an orgasmic power trip' could describe Kim Jong-Un. Many people on Common Dreams might say it describes Donald J Trump. Or maybe someone else is meant....


The USA has had ICBM for 50+ years. N.K. is trying to catch up. Besides it they want to strike America, they can just go "next door" and bang away at Alaska. Spence is doing a GW Bush impression with his "bring it on" attitude. A ridiculous child.