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North Korea's Alleged H-Bomb Test Points to Need for Ban on Nukes


North Korea's Alleged H-Bomb Test Points to Need for Ban on Nukes

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

North Korea claimed on Wednesday to have successfully carried out a hydrogen bomb test, a move that—if true—would mark a notable advance in the country's nuclear capabilities and a significant escalation toward the West.

The development was announced by North Korea's official KCNA news agency and has not been independently confirmed.


We may have to reduce the risk of thermonuclear war one step at a time.

I imagine a treaty where 100 of each country's own citizens get a nuclear football. 80% of these citizens (or those who are still left) have to agree to enable that country's military to be able to launch the nuclear weapons. These citizens are guarded by neutral third party troops and observers. The weapons fields are also guarded by neutral third party troops, who have orders to quickly destroy the weapons fields if the civilian treaty is being violated.


North Korea has been chasing Nuclear Weapons for a considerable time as to be able to protect themselves against the west and ensure the power of the Kim dynasty. They've been conducting nuclear tests at this facility since 2006, after first claiming they had nuclear weapons in 2003. The testing years were 2006, 2009 and most recently 2013.
The fact that they now have the capability of producing hydrogen weapons (provided they actually built this device themselves) gives them a much larger bargaining chip by the looks of things. The difference between atomic weapons and hydrogen weapons is that atomic devices only use fission whilst hydrogen use both fission and fusion and effectively create a larger explosion and have theoretically have no upper limit.
NOTE It should be said that while there is no upper limit, we shouldn't expect North Korea to be creating any Tsar bomba size device anytime soon. It will also be significantly difficult to confirm whether or not this is actually a hydrogen device, due to the nature of the testing. Right now I will continue to refer to it as an H-bomb, although the type of which is currently unknown.

A man-made 5.1-magnitude earthquake was detected 49 kilometers (around 30 miles) from North Korea’s Punggye-ri nuclear test site on Jan. 6, indicating that Pyongyang likely carried out a fourth nuclear test, Bloomberg and Reuters reported. The U.S. Geological Survey says the quake took place at a depth of 10 kilometers. A nuclear bomb test in the same area and at a similar depth in 2013 triggered a 5.1-magnitude quake. The South Korean Meteorological Agency confirmed that the tremor was man-made, and Chinese earthquake monitors said it was caused by a suspected explosion. South Korea’s Foreign Ministry is holding an emergency meeting to discuss the possible test, according to Yonhap, while Japan’s top government spokesman said Tokyo has convened a meeting of a task force on North Korea. The country has conducted three previous nuclear tests in 2006, 2009 and 2013, all at the Punggye-ri site. Recent satellite imagery suggested that the North has been digging a new tunnel at Punggye-ri of the type used for nuclear tests. The possible test comes shortly following news that the North successfully launched a ballistic missile test in late December, a month after an earlier test failed. Remember, MSM is sensationalist. This is nothing new.


And if you include nuclear energy the list gets even longer. As Charlie Mingus once asked, "Why are we so sick and ridiculous?"


Sorry folks, but I’m very sceptical about this H bomb story.

  • The seismic readings could well have been caused by powerful conventional explosives

  • H bomb making facilities are not the kind of things you can rustle up without being noticed from space surveillance satellites we are constantly being told can read health warnings on a packet of cigarettes from hundreds of miles up

  • NK is so starved of everything that to put together any project of that magnitude and complexity would’ve stood out like a sore thumb years ago in the financial, scientific, trading and engineering circles, not to mention intelligence circles

  • News outlets, politicians and government alphabet agencies are consistent liars, so why are we believing them now

I believe this story has been manufactured to hoodwink us into yet another militarisation step, and to take the pressure off the middle east news.


When nuclear weapons are outlawed, only outlaws will have nuclear weapons. Oh, wait--too late...


This is another example of American exceptionalism. Christine Ahn made a one mistake when she twitted... "...the development pointed to the need for countries to go back to the negotiating table with Pyongyang." The U.S. have never "negotiated" with North Korea as the last talks they held with Pyongyang were nothing more than threats with no promises in return. In fact the Americans were aghast when the North Koreans suggested mutual disarmament. The Americans have never acted in good faith as the continued threat of North Korea wiping out their brethren a few miles over the border, represents an excellent opportunity for U.S. defence contractors to abuse the situation. Another glaring example of how the American public is completely out of the loop in influencing foreign policy. Any U.S. politician who does not call for immediate unilateral nuclear disarmament, is an enemy of the planet and a corporate lackey and therefore unfit for public office.


"Nuclear weapons inflict indiscriminate and inhumane harm on humans and produce disastrous environmental impacts. Any detonation—either by intent or accident—would cause unacceptable humanitarian consequences, and no humanitarian relief agency could provide any meaningful assistance in the aftermath.
* "Despite this knowledge, the nine nuclear-armed states and the 28 members of the U.S. nuclear umbrella, believe that nuclear weapons are acceptable means of warfare and defense. The continued argument that nuclear weapons are essential to their security will only encourage other states to follow suit."
* The US Fourth Reich is the only nation to use nuclear weapons against a primarily civilian population. Part of the government was sufficiently shocked to make policy that nuclear weapons could only be used in defense, against an attacking nuclear power.
* Now the battle plans state that nuclear weapons may be used against any power, if strategically or tactically useful.
* It used to require an order from the President to make a nuclear attack or response. Now it can come from the Pentagon, or from a commander in the field.
* I watch the insanity of the modern warmakers and it appalls me. Should North Korea actually build a delivery system that could reach the West Coast of North America with a bomb, they would not be crazy enough to do so, for by the time the missile could strike and detonate, most of North Korea would be reduced to slag. A few days later, the people in North America would be receiving lethal fallout. Europe several days later.
* I'm sure that the generals and the politicians in their deep bunkers would slap each other on the back and say, "Boy, we sure showed 'em, didn't we!"
* There are few of us still alive that have seen, felt, been exposed to nuclear weapons. Those that have been there have a horror of nuclear war, and most of us look on reactors as slow detonating nuclear weapons as they continue to leak and fail and automatically seem to get long extensions to their operating life.
* It appears that the warmakers now consider nuclear weapons use no different than using a 16" gun in place of a 5" gun. Believe me, it is different!
* I hope the younger generations don't ever have to find out, but the odds are getting worse.


We must strive to rid the world of nukes both weapons and dangerous power generating with no place to put the waste.

North korea and Israel are great places to start - both must be assured of security by the rest of the world and either convinced or forced give up their nuclear weapons and delivery systems. then work on the other nuclear powers and their military proponants to put aside the borrowed glories and really end the nuclear threat to the entire world....


Nukes are gravy for the US weapons industry. Imagine how much they will make with Reagan's "Star Wars" revival.

The world can no more ban nukes than it can ban assault weapons in civilian and military hands.

The only way to peace is to stop pushing war.


The best place to start is a nuclear free Middle East. The biggest threat of nuclear annihilation comes from the 200 to 400 nuclear warheads in the hands of the Zionist settler-colonist state of Israel. The Zionists are able and willing to use them, not just on Iran but on Europe. Anyone heard of the "Samson Option"? Not even the alternative media will talk about it, because if WW III starts it will be by the Zionists.


"North Korea’s Alleged H-Bomb Test Points to Need for Ban on Nukes"

There already exists a Non Proliferation Treaty. Unfortunately, NK, Israel, India, Pakistan are not signatories so they basically can do what they want.


RGB Unit 204? :grin:


... just as we have protected Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Syria.

Quite frankly, if I was facing constant threats and provocations from the the empire (military operations off their shores, sanctions, military boarding of their ships by NATO countries including Australia, constant media demonisation) then I too would want to be protected by nuclear weapons.


Good Post Strifer,

When North Korea lit off it's first atomic device, I checked the USGS page and it showed something like a 3.8 upgraded to a 4.1 and the depth at zero km, indicating to me that they blew it off on the surface. I'd been watching USGS world events for years and never saw anything at 0km depth before. A mushroom cloud was reported sighted by MSM, but there were no details of any kind. Just one line about the event and that was it.

Who'd they get it from? China? Google Earth in that period revealed North Korean cities with no traffic and pretty much a bombed-out country from the Korean War. I find it questionable that a totalitarian state in such shambles next to "Frozen Chosen" could develop such a complicated program successfully on their own. You aren't going to be walking to work in that climate. No traffic suggests no workers.

100 percent speculation on my part, btw.



All the Little Kingdoms


All the little kingdoms with great big bombs
All the little kingdoms with great big bombs
All the little kingdoms with great big bombs

come to the table with a snort and a wheedle
come to the table with a heavy load of karma
come to the table with a history of death
and a load of the nightmares of all their hungry children

All the mighty empires with even more bombs
all the mighty empires with enough big bombs
to scorch the earth twenty times
and then boil the seas into salt and bones

wag their fingers at those who wish for peace
imprison the stubborn resisters who only carry a placard
and a dream. Kill them
Kill them
Kill them.

All the little countries plant and grow a reason
to make a megalomania out of their loss
The Emperors and their Dowagers step around the remains
and forget the emptiness of their firestorms
the crescendo of their crimes

they hold the reigns of the powers that be
and when the rest of us starve
until we cannot think beyond the manner
that we can manufacture our own deaths
because it is either us or them
who will do the killing
who will strip the skin from the arms of our children
leave the shadows of our grandmothers
on the walls of the remnants of our house

then we will be told we are guilty
of wanting what the wealthy already have
and will not give up
then we will be told we are guilty
of wishing to kill the way we have been killed

once it has been done it can never be done again
once it has been undone it can never be undone again.


The USA has the most nukes in the world and is the only nation to ever use them. W lied by saying Iraq was threatening world peace with WMD's. The Coalition Forces would not have attacked them if they had those weapons. None of them will attack North Korea because it has WMD's. The USA & Israel practice what they don't preach.


«* I'm sure that the generals and the politicians in their deep bunkers would slap each other on the back and say, "Boy, we sure showed 'em, didn't we!"»

They would soon find that their forced underground stay would have to last a much longer time than expected as mortal radiation could last for decades and much more depending on the extent of the radiation power from the black rains falling back on earth. Hiroshima and Nagasaki US nukes were weak in power compared to what's possible today. That being said, can North Korea develop very powerful nukes yet?


You put it nice and neatly in a nutshell. A first step would be to out Israel and apply severe sanctions, severe because they don't even acknowledge they have them. Israel is a threat to all its neighbours with its US backed military and nuclear arsenal. Big elephant in the room. Sorry, I don't think NK comes anywhere near the level of hypocrisy and threat as Israel, the reason the Middle East is such a mess.


Well said. I agree the first step is a crack down on Israel. NK is a minor diversion.