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Northern Gateway Opposition Building Steam


Northern Gateway Opposition Building Steam

Caitlyn Vernon, Peter Lantin (kil tlaats'gaa)

On the campaign trail leading up to the May 5 Alberta election, Rachel Notley acknowledged loud and clear that there is a solid wall of opposition facing the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline project in B.C.


To be honest this article brought a tear to my eye and some amount of Joy to the heart. The people are speaking and what the people are saying counters that narrative of exploit everything and everyone for profit that has been around for far too long.

I am so very glad our First Nations people take the lead here and we as Canadians are fortunate that they are still with us and have not been extinguished as a people by those in power who desired as much.

In my heart I can not help but feel that the Earth Mother weeps in gratitude as there still are the people who would defend her.


I share your sentiments. Thank you for expressing yours so beautifully.