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Norway Muslims to Anti-Semites: If Someone Wants To Attack, They'll Have To Step Over Us First


Norway Muslims to Anti-Semites: If Someone Wants To Attack, They'll Have To Step Over Us First

In the wake of last week's attack on a Copenhagen synagogue and growing anti-Semitism across Europe, a group of young Muslims in Norway have organized a Shabbat "Ring of Peace" around an Oslo synagogue to, in the words of its 17-year-old organizer, "extinguish the prejudices people have against Jews and against Muslims." The leader of Oslo's Jewish community agreed to the event if 30 people signed up. To date, over 1,500 have. Explained one, "We all have to live under the same sky."


This is truly heartwarming. Let’s pray for a lot more of this maturity, civility, and brotherhood to spread worldwide.


Thank you my Muslim sisters and brothers.

This makes a huge difference to my peace of mind here around the world in California.


At last, some good news! This article brought tears to my eyes. Mrs Minitrue says, “Hugs are easy to give, and you always get one back, and they are free!”

  • May this movement grow and flourish. Love and trust can be more powerful than guns and terror.
  • The people in the streets and on the farms and elsewhere want peace, They want to have meaningful work so they can provide a home for their families with a roof that doesn’t leak, they want to be able to feed their families, have drinkable water, medical care when needed and an education for their children. They want the right to practice their religion in peace, without fear. Most people want to help their fellow man, not cause harm. Most would rather give and receive a hug than a fist.
  • Governments and the wealth and power that controls them thrive on war and hatred. They spend millions and billions to foment strife, as it is the most profitable business on the planet. They set religion against religion, race against race, and support violent divisions amongst different sects of the same religion.
  • Movements like the article above may prove a catalyst for people to work together for peace, for love, for mutual respect. The really wealthy aren’t going to like that.
  • Keep this movement growing! Pay it forward! Help it grow! As Mowgli learned from old Baloo, “We be one people, thee and I.”
  • Salaam Alaikum, Shalom, Peace and Love be with us all!


To the “1%” : Know that you are missing the elegance of human life and its role in planetary life.

More artists! Each of us! Competition is only a component that is a side bar to collaboration - note that competition itself can’t happen without collaboration. Like music, the melody is as much the silence between tones, the poised attention is the gift that keeps on giving and generates a beauty - the core of human learning and ‘evolution’.

Truly elegant - Thank You!


Ja, vi elsker dette landet


A thousandfull more beautiful united than we are when divided. May these be the stories that define our breif moment in time.


I’m glad I’m not the only person to find the irony in Norwegian Muslims protecting Jewish synagogues in Norway when Jews in Palestine do everything but protect Palestinians. Should we not address this irony? Especially as Israel is the Jewish state. Sorry, I can’t put that ‘democratic’ in there.


A step forward for life and joy. Today, Copenhagen, next year, Jerusalem!


Kayos99-I hope you are the only one to find irony, rather than hope and beauty, in this article. It is easy to point out instances of conflict between Jews and Muslims, in fact that is indeed the point. The difficult thing is to set aside political differences and focus on the commonality of what we share in terms of spirituality and humanity.


This brings me the same hope that I witness when so many whites join in Black Lives Matter and the Moral Mondays.