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Norway Pledges Millions to Growing Anti-Trump Global Abortion Fund

Norway Pledges Millions to Growing Anti-Trump Global Abortion Fund

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Norway has joined a growing international initiative to counter President Donald Trump's global anti-abortion measure, signed in January.

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg announced over the weekend that the country would pledge an additional $10 million to support U.S.-backed charities overseas that provide information on abortion—which are now cut off from financial support from the U.S. under Trump's "global gag rule," also known as the Mexico City Policy.

That’s pretty coo. Hope everything works out.

I assume that Norway can also send money to Planned Parenthood since they will be losing all their federal funding, and their protection from “pro-life” terrorists may also end.

We need to find a new epithet for anti abort advocates. 

They, by and large, are not pro living so should not be able to claim a name like pro life that is a bold faced lie for the vast majority of anti abort advocates.
What they are is against women having control of their own health decisions.
Let’s figure out a more truthful way to refer to them. If they’re really pro life they would be anti-war and pro single pay health programs. They would all be for a strong EPA and renewable clean energy. Single pay, EPA, and clean energy are pro living. Most anti abort advocates are A#1Hypocrites.
I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but we need to clarify their lies and hypocrisy by renaming them routinely.
Start by always qualifying anyone claiming to be pro life as actually being anti-abort/not-pro-living. If they balk, ask them to tell you if they are proponents of single payer health insurance, EPA, clean energy, or are conscientious objectors. I bet a great many own and even carry guns routinely. They might admit to approving of police brutality and unnecessary killings. These positions disqualify them for the label pro-life. They advocate for death as an acceptable solution to the problems of millions and millions of people. That’s not pro-life.


Also, they are not pro-children. " Head Start Cuts Services For More Than 57,000 Children Due To Sequestration", Huffington Post, August 20,2013, Sam Stein, Amanda Terkel. Head Start, the most successful government program in American history.


All of these arguments etc. are worthwhile and interesting. Pointing out hypocrisy and Orwellian language is preaching to the choir on many levels.
The core principle is still: MY BODY, MY CHOICE and it is PRIVATE! In the land of Gynoticians and todays’ politics I would have died years ago from an ectopic pregnancy. Miscarriages and illegal abortions can also lead to death. If one looks simply at history the number of women who died in childbirth is astonishing. The urban myth that women choose abortion as family planning is simply NOT true. The medical term abortion is used in any pregnancy where something has gone wrong. Reproductive health issues for women should never be in the land of politics. And thank you Norway and all of the European countries that have stepped in to prevent the American style witch hunt!


Point them to a computer hook up to the internet, then point them to a search engine, Duck Duck Go, Google, Yahoo, Dog pile. Then point them to Head Start, and keep going, read, read, read…

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