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'Not $300. Not $600. $1,200 at a Minimum': Bernie Mobilizes Progressive Forces for Direct Cash Stimulus

Unfortunately these stories have become commonplace in the Pittsburgh media, and equally troubling is that they feature almost all Republican store owners griping about the government making them follow unreasonable precautions. The Allegheny county restaurant association held a rally of sorts in the parking lot of a large south hills restaurant recently, one that featured a whole lot of libertarian rhetoric and various speakers, all conservatives, decrying the state government.
Every day they make it sound like they could care less about the health of their customer base, so long as they make money.


The best thing about this, is that their rubes believe them and continue to vote for them, WAKE UP Republicans.

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No additional unemployment aid for 6 months now, no direct stimulus payments since March, millions of small businesses shuttered for good, no help for state and local, eviction and economic crises on the horizon. These results are not some accident of good intentions falling just short of delivering for the average citizen. This is the plan. They’ve got us right where they want us now. And things are going to get much much worse.

But hey, mission accomplished, right Dems? Bad man (not quite) gone! And you’ve given us all the gift of Obama’s latest memoir to set ablaze for warmth this winter while we beg for brunch money from our tents. You really do care.


still propagating the govt fairy tale about 911?

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Thank you.

Good point!

The 19 saudi fellas have all been researched back to their cradle days.
A book in the public library found its way into my hands a few years ago.

Is any other senator hearing the voice of Senator Sanders ringing out warning of social collapse unless the politicians take action on providing real economic relief? At long last, do they have no humane feeling for their compatriots? Is it only Bernie? Violent crime and shoplifting of essential items are rising. Stop the damn dithering and get on with it.

The oceans still protect us from massive invasion - which is supposedly why we have such a oversized military. The attacks and the virus will not be defended against via 780 billion of military hardware.

“The oceans still protect us from massive invasion -”
Middle East Bad apples trying to come south into the state of Washington - found the home and family of border patrol official. Issued a death threat against them. That is massive enough for me.

Your second sentence is correct. But do we need 15 super aircraft carriers? I do not think so. And we do not need 3 billion dolllar submarines either. Feet On the ground, ears listening carefully and friendly, honest, strong diplomatic corp is defense - not our current policy of war.

High tech military hardware. Lots of toys that will actually be useless in a general war.
But house of representatives are shown a cartoon of victory and how much loot comes into their district = vote yes.

I did forget to mention that hunting down serious murderers is defense. This is constant activity. But I do not label this effort ‘unending war’.

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Bernie’s got the goods, here. And it is JUST as simple as he paints it to be: When the Powers That Be WANT to spend the money, it IS there to spend. But when WE want it for good things they’ve never thought of as bringing in profit (when it’s not for the Big Boys), why then they start poor-crying.

The money is the SAME money, and the advantages to be gained are the SAME advantages… just not ones they can deposit in THEIR banks… (which REALLY don’t need it!)

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