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Not 50 Million, Not 87 Million... Facebook Admits Data From 'Most' of Its 2 Billion Users Compromised by 'Malicious Actors'


Not 50 Million, Not 87 Million... Facebook Admits Data From 'Most' of Its 2 Billion Users Compromised by 'Malicious Actors'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Buried in Facebook's announcement that Cambridge Analytica had improperly gathered data from up to 87 million users—rather than the previously reported 50 million—was the stunning admission that "malicious actors" exploited the social networking site's search features to collection information from "most" of its


Im glad I never made a facebook.


From the article:

“…Mark Zuckerberg needs to demonstrate that Facebook users’ wellbeing—not Facebook’s profit line—is the company’s number one priority…”

Facebook is a corporation. Unless there’s some special dispensation in its charter that I’m unaware of, its number one priority is maximizing return on investment for its stockholders.

Failing to understand the implications of this law—aided and abetted by corporations themselves, for obvious reasons—will always lead to disappointment, or potentially much worse.


Another surprise from Silicon Valley. What else don’t we know?


Mark Zuckerberg must be brought down and forced to testify for crimes against the people. How long has it been since the criminal Nazi regime resorted to destroying so many? And witness how Israel is perpetrating crimes against the Palestinian people. We must stop these butchers, whoever they may be. The Zuckerberg’s must be brought to justice now!


Facebook is often soul crushing. It’s really a let down when you find out people you have known your whole life or were friends with as kids think in monstrous ways. The majority of the rest of it is silly memes, pictures of food and other nonsense.

Facebook often reminds me of what Guy Debord wrote in his “The Society of Spectacle”.

“In societies where modern conditions of production prevail, all of life presents itself as an immense accumulation of spectacles. Everything that was directly lived has moved away into a representation.”


Let’s see - are the malicious actors Facebook? Or the federal government? Or is it capitalism?
Maliciousness is the culture that competes to dominate and rob people of accountable democracy. It’s been in power for a very long time.


Glad I did not join FB!


You don’t even have to have a FB account to have your data mined. I don’t have one, but I do correspond with people who do and visit the occasional “front” pages of businesses on FB that is open to all.


Been saying this for years. Activists who organize via Facebook have always seemed either stubbornly naive or doe-eyed stupid to me.


Greed dictates that privacy options be set at opt out. They should be set at opt in. That would solve some of the problems although it would hurt Facebook’s bottom line as much less data would be collected.


Here is an interesting look at how Facebook played politics during the 2016 election:

Unless Facebook changes its ways, it is quite possible that Facebook’s users will find their data in the hands of the Democrat’s next presidential candidate of choice.


My stubborn refusal to participate with FB is being vindicated more and more on a daily basis.


Very important questions Edmundo.

The ownership construct of capitalism provides the political-economic foundation.

Human capacity for ego, greed and malice produces the societal foundation.

In order to give less power to ego, greed and malice, we must transform, re-construct the ownership construct of capitalism.

Why does it have any credibility at all for Facebook to claim to “own,” and to buy / sell / trade, my personal data?

Or in an equally or more menacing construct, for Monsanto to “own” genetic information, DNA, life itself?

Why is the “limited-liability, investor-owned corporate person” legitimized at all? Let alone serve as the fundamental engine and shaper of human economic life?

We can organize life, society, “the economy,” very differently, more humanely.

To do so at this stage of human social and cultural evolution, requires a struggle, a wrenching struggle of consciousness and culture, as well as a material struggle against entrenched power.

If we do not focus our attention on these questions – How is “ownership” constructed in society and the economy? What are the outcomes of these constructs? What are different constructs that might produce different outcomes? How do we get from here to there? – we will find ourselves forever at the mercy of greedy, ego-driven profiteers who claim to “own” everything. And at the mercy of the machines they build to serve their greed and ego, including Artificial Intelligence.

This construct is currently dismantling the ecology of the Earth, as well as becoming ever-more sophisticated at bamboozling and manipulating our human consciousness and desires.


True enough. I use Common Dreams and have donated money through Act Blue. Anybody that has bought anything online or really done anything online has their information out there. Im under no illusion that my information isnt already out there. Im still glad I never made a facebook account.


Information is fine.

Claims to “own” it, and the creation of profiteering markets to buy sell and trade that information, for the purposes of manipulating our individual and social behaviors to drive even more wealth and profit to the profiteers, are pernicious to human decency and freedom.

Get over it.


The meaning gets lost in the incomprehensible numbers…


Im starting to realize how many people that is. Around a quarter of the human population has had their information taken so it can be used to selectively target them. Thats a lot of people.


When he testifies to congress, Zuckerbergs best defense should be that he was just doing what his early investors, the NSA, DARPA, and the CIA funded him to do and claim victory.


Nothing of any consequence will befall Zuckerberg as a result. People like him, e.g., Buffett, Gates, Bezos, et al. are above the law, and they know it quite well.