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'Not a Criminal': Top UN Anti-Torture Official Urges Julian Assange's Release

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/08/not-criminal-top-un-anti-torture-official-urges-julian-assanges-release


“Free Julian Assange-Free The American Hero.”


“While the soldiers and commanders implicated in the materials published by WikiLeaks have largely enjoyed impunity,”


And release Julian Assange.


Assange is Australian. maybe you mean Edward Snowden?

Good point but he is still America’s hero.


The cables revealed a side of our activities that needed to be seen by Americans. Maybe someday there will be more accountability to our people for the things we do under a cloak of secrecy.

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RonR1 said it correctly as I should have, Assange is America’s hero.

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It seems to me that outside of the coastal cities many Americans are far less informed than Australians or Europeans. Most Americans probably believe that he committed some kind of crime, I would guess that at least 1//3 of the country doesn’t even know the most basic facts about the rest of the world.

I personally respect Assange a lot because Wikileaks was one of the entities that exposed ~https://wikileaks.org/tisa

It all been locking in GATS has, locks in, so democracy is already a sham, and its guaranteed that it will continue to be the way we’re falling for it. Change will be in name only and backwards. TISA is a war on public everything, that fully intends to trade away jobs if foreign firms can do them more profitably and cheaper. It will decimate the decent jobs so corporations basically will have access to a new kind of slavery a scheme based on the way they do migrant labor in the middle east.

It extends GATS which is the deal from hell thats already caused three huge disasters, including the biggest financial scam perhaps in our history (In 2008, it was caused by GATS) and the needless deaths of more than a million poor Americans while our healthcare system has been rigged. That’s right, all the healthcare anguish has been a big lie. And there is no help on the way from any of the things they are doing, its a theft, thats intentional, the attack on all public services the global grab.Its been that way for a long time, with more losses, they meet every two years to push the privatization further. and it is ratcheted in bit by bit, so it can only get worse. Okay, now Tisa is GATS on steroids. They are trading away the jobs. People will have to cope with the huge change. I dont see them being able to.

Nothing to add really, except fuck those bloody brit poodles.

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Free Julian Assange

Clicktivism, but anything to help spread awareness of his unlawful imprisonment.



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Any way we can communicate privately?