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'Not a Symbol, A Signal': Wave of Direct Actions Points to Fossil-Free Future



Blessings to my friends arrested in Anacortes, sorry i cannot be there with you!


Yes, they do put this coverage next to the Bernie Sanders sub file in their group W (stands for What man behind the curtain?). it is therefore no surprise that fewer people pay attention to said media.


Listen to you telling people that what they did at risk of being arrested accomplishes nothing. I am guessing that you never went to a demonstration yourself. Nor joined in a protest that could result in your arrest. So you go ahead and fake it here on CD. Keep telling people this stuff based on you never having done it. The self appointed 'historian' you assert that you are. Why is that by the way? Wrote a book? Were you even an accredited history teacher? Why are you supposedly a historian anyway... You've never actually have said.

In any case stop with the pronouncements towards people who deserve only praise and applaud for what they have done and do. They were out there ...but you weren't. Nevertheless ... Lol... You want to give them advice huh? Sigh!


People know. They talk. They see references to demonstrations. It was worse before the internet yet people knew back in the Vietnam war protest days. Students all know. Sure the mainstream media plays it down but the internet gives people a multitude of sources of news and this was world wide.

Here we go again as to how some progressives put down other people's efforts like they put down Bernie's chances early on until they climbed on board months later and acted like they were always in his corner. Same thing. For a while some people will denigrate and minimize and discourage others who begin to protest and then as the protests get bigger and bigger they will get on board as if they were always on board from the beginning. Human nature.

Yay yay yay! Protest is in the air again. That necessary step having been initiated signifies that ...

We will win eventually.

Yes we will.


Thank you, thank you, thank you. I cannot thank all these fossil fuel protesters enough!

If we do not stop this fossil fuel devastation before it is too late we could all end up like the dinosaurs! Wouldn't that be ironic!


Civil disobedience works. I'm old enough to remember when a trillion dollars in new nuclear power plant orders were on the books. That was all canceled first through massive civil disobedience, then through a wall of related actions.


It probably doesn't matter where the coal trains are stopped. The trains are totally unequipped to get off the tracks and tiptoe around the protestors.

Are you in favor of protests way out in the wilderness because it's harder to haul protesters away? That's a point. One advantage of protesting in town is that the town's local news reporters can cover the action more effectively.


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Sorry for being totally off-topic, but rather than wait maybe forever for for another story on the Verizon strike, I would like to inform the readership here of a way to donate to the Verizon solidarity strike fund:




SUPPLY SIDE. These actions are needed, but they are going after the supply side of the equation. Yes- we need to Decrease the Fossil Supply Source and Increase Renewable Energy Sources.
But we need to Drive Down the Demand..for Energy...... with.... Conservation, Energy Efficiency, and Re-Localization amongst many others.
We as Consumers cannot only blame the Suppliers, for we as Consumers are Driving the Demand .for Energy, thus demanding an increase in Supply.
We must also drive down the demand for fossil .. Our Power lies in in our daily actions that decrease the usage of energy and the need for energy.


The event was very well organized. On Sat. There was a huge police presence. They were mostly standing around talking to each other, riding their bicycles and drinking coffee and collecting taxpayer funded overtime. It looked like over 3,000 demonstrators including many indiginous and some First Nation people from Canada. The 5 mile demonstration walk in front of the Shell and Tesoro refineries was orderly and respectful with a ceremony and blessings by the indiginous tribe that used to live on the land now occupied by the refineries and rail lines with a salmon feed provided by the indiginous peoples

. There were many "bomb tank cars" parked on the sidings because the refineries had closed for three days (probably because of Break Free Washington). Many demonstrators were camped on the mainline tracks on Sat. with no interference by law enforcement On Sun. orders came down to clear the tracks and that's when arrests were made. Break Free is collecting legal defense donations for bail and litigation for the heroes that were arrested.

I thought, as I was walking by the area occupied by the refineries on the beautiful Puget Sound waterfront, what a waste of a beautiful landscape that all could enjoy, to have filthy refineries located there. The land will not be able to be restored in my lifetime or perhaps never to it's original potential. The area is polluted and fenced off and was guarded by the police and refinery security to keep off anyone crazy enough to want to enter the wasteland. The water is dead and what was once a prime area to supply seafood and shellfish is barren. There is no vegetation or habitat for birds and animals in the desolate refinery area. The pipeline spews odorous vapors and steam as do several tall smokestacks even though the refinery was closed for three days.

I couldn't help but think how surreal it was that the law enforcement that we pay to protect us, was guarding our property occupied by these multinational fossil fuel corporations that are poisoning us and our enviorenment for private profit, instead of protecting us from them so that we can continue to poison our enviornment with their products for their profits. When it is no longer for them to refine the fracked oil, who will be stuck with cleaning up these miles of prime polluted propert and removing their ugly filthy structures. I don't think it will be the bankrupt fossil fuel producers. The taxpayers will again be stuck holding the bag.


I have heard of a movement called "Shut It Down". The idea is collectively or individually a person shuts down their participation in the programs that enslave them. A person would call in sick and not work. No shopping of anything without pre-buying for the day or days. No driving, interaction with media, TV or any of that BS.

This places a person at home with time to think about what their life would be like without those things and starts to build the thinking around alternatives and what could be. As more and more join the impact of media that no one is watching, stores without or with less shoppers, employers with fewer workers starts to be felt in the hearts of the greedy. On the other hand it allows for the vision of what is real and important to us. Good clean food. Home life instead of life at work. Family and friends over imagined friends on social media.

Try it. How can it hurt? Shut it down with a day off to reassess what is important both personally and publicly. Then keep doing it.


When hell freezes over then HRC will get my vote. Meanwhile, we had best start planning massive non cooperation.



I generally agree with what you wrote. I have taken a lot of consumer-side action myself to reduce my carbon footprint and pretty much get off of oil or coal consumption. But unfortunately, very few others are doing this and it is fully understandable why. Assuming one lives in a deregulated "electric choice" state - then choosing a wind/solar supplier can almost double one's electric bill. Thanks to urban gentrification, a home and job near good public transit is out of reach to most of the working class. What few electric cars on the market are out of reach to the working class too.

We must never fall to the US-style "libertarian" conflation of capitalist "consumer choice" (which the "libertarians" never admit is highly manipulated) with democratic citizen participation. The two have nothing to do with each other.


Unfortunately, as bad as Clinton is, Trump and a Republican Congress will pretty much seal the worlds fate climate wise.


Your are right that fighting the supply side has its limitations. For one thing it is limited to democracies and therefore is not occurring in the country that is the largest carbon polluter, China. Reducing the demand for energy is critical. Most of the reduction should occur through energy efficiency measures which are being done (but not quickly enough) such as retrofitting buildings for energy efficiency and stricter standards for motor vehicle fuel efficiency. Also critical is increasing renewable renewable energy such as solar, wind and geothermal. Solar is really starting to take off which is really good news. Consumers certainly can play a role by selecting more fuel efficient cars, putting rooftop solar on their houses, shopping more locally, etc. The suppliers should be blamed if they are funding climate change deniers. If the suppliers don't supply fossil fuels governments will take over fossil fuel production because right now almost 80% of energy comes from fossil fuels. Governments will not let their societies collapse because of lack of fossil fuels. It comes down to national security. The challenge is to as quickly as possible get the 80% down to a much lower percentage.



My Voting Preferences:
1- Jill Stein-- Choice #1.
2- Bernie.
3- NO to Hillary--
3- NO to Trump.
If I had to vote (with a gun to my head) for Trump or Hillary, I would go with Trump. (as an Anti-Estab Vote.).


AWESOME Video--I want to vote for Debbie for President.... Would love to see Debbie as VP for Jill Stein or Bernie.
Hillary will take us down the path to hell that we are on already.....


May the wave of direct actions also be personal lifestyles that minimize the use and support of fossil fuels. May direct actions choose to vote beyond polarity for a brisk energy transition unshackled from corporate partisan control. May direct action succeed globally because millions then billions choose to think and act differently having divested from the prevailing ignorance.
The foundation of direct action is the mind unencumbered by inauthentic political socialization.
May this be our great, enduring investment in our world.
Good luck to us all!