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'Not a Throwaway Generation': Flint Doctor Says City's Kids Deserve Help


'Not a Throwaway Generation': Flint Doctor Says City's Kids Deserve Help

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Flint children who have been impacted by the city's water contamination emergency are not a "throwaway generation" and should be helped, the pediatrician who helped uncover the lead poisoning crisis said Tuesday.


Folks who want to go deeper should read today’s long but phenomenal report from Arn Pearson about the Koch and DeVos families and their network of right-wing think tanks and foundations, and how they funded the ideological assault on democracy in Michigan, including backing the Snyder campaign for governor, as well as ramming through the “emergency financial manager” legislation against the will of the people of Michigan.

Super important for us to recognize the depraved evil that we are being assaulted by.


This is such a heart breaker for those exposed. Of course the State of Michigan is fully responsible and Snyder should be in jail along with some others.
The push to turn this country into a third world country is working. The longer we refer to the Republicans as a party, the longer this will go on. They are a treasonous hate group and should be identified as such. They are trying to break us down so there’s just them and us and we are poor and uneducated. You know, like in the Confederate days. That’s what they want.


yes, the signs of a third world country are present and have been for a while. it’s the proverbial frog in the pot scenario; however, I don’t believe culpability lies solely with “republicans.” (I don’t even know what those labels mean anymore.) there are a great many minions on both sides of the fence who knowingly and/or unknowingly facilitate the agenda of the hidden forces, who are neither right, left or center, who are governed by incomprehensible greed and a degenerate perception of power.


I was told by an epidemiologist of the Genesee County Health Department that the Center for Disease Control has standards for lead levels at which children should be chelated to remove the lead from their bodies. How of the that is done there is the question. Since it is expensive, probably not enough.