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'Not Above the Law': In Historic Ruling, Federal Judge Rules Corruption Suit Against Trump Can Proceed

'Not Above the Law': In Historic Ruling, Federal Judge Rules Corruption Suit Against Trump Can Proceed

Julia Conley, staff writer

A lawsuit alleging that President Donald Trump has violated constitutional law by profiting from his Washington, D.C. hotel will proceed, after a federal judge in Maryland rejected the Trump administration's bid to have the case thrown out on Wednesday.

The attorneys general of Washington, D.C. and Maryland allege that Trump is in violation of the Constitution's emoluments clauses, which bar the president from receiving gifts from foreign or state governments, by continuing to benefit from the business of the Trump International Hotel.

to put it bluntly… ‘not above the law’


The decisions and precedents will hopefully contain deep reaching elements that set some boundaries for the epidemic Citizens United addictions and PLEASE, PLEASE trigger a tsunami of public awakening.


What happened Donald, you didn’t buy these judges off?

It’s Schadenfreude time!

Had to look that one up WiseOne.

You have to wonder what his W-2 forms say.

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My guess is Trump would resign from the presidency before we would divest.

We need to get this stinking turd out of office. Then we’ll deal with the pence turd next. Crooks are at the helm!


Trumpo the Hyper-Greedy Fake Billionaire is a putrid pile of shameless crap. He is BLATANTLY defying the specifics of the 25th Amendment, Emoluments Clause, Foreign and Domestic. He has made major bank since assuming his office and he simply doesn’t care if its illegal, even though he swore before the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court that he would follow the Constitution. In fact, this Cheeto Benito doesn’t have the slightest respect for any law that keeps him from making more money,
This is just unbelievable that he is being allowed to get away with this. If Obama had done it he would have been impeached and prosecuted by the very same government and media that is giving this POS a pass. The recent SNL sketch was correct - when it comes to the realities of Trump “nothing matters anymore”.

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Tragically, a significant portion of Amurkins don’t care about this, the married Trumpo bedding playmates, or the shameless corruption of his regime. They are brainwashed into thinking that he is on their side. Nothing could be further from the truth. They increasingly resemble a cult and I wasn’t surprised that his overall approval rating, despite all of these sleazy revelations about him, actually went up. It’s something that Rethugs are particularly good at - doubling down on stupidity.

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His resignation will not prevent his indictment or prosecution.


Trump is corrupt, very corrupt, and needs a huge public smack down.


I worry, Mike Pence is even crazier than Trump, so removing Trump from power could just make things worse (if that is possible).

This is great!

All these lawsuits and Mueller implied-threats cover Trump like tar and feathers, forcing him to face himself – or at least the reality that the American public and the courts do not “approve” of him and he has no way out. Sooner or later he won’t be able to ignore the damage. Only if he spends time in jail will it be permanent, and I don’t think he will.

We’ll get rid of Pence next. He will propose “religious laws” that will be declared unconstitutional. And he may not have clean hands legally.


I agree with you, however, reluctantly. To loose of a case for this charge, however, I am sure there are many more cases that could be defended and won and thrown the guy and admin in jail. Accountability of corruption has not been a strong suit of the federal government.

Then the investigation of Pence’s relationship with the Koch Brothers will begin. Is he loyal to the United States or the Koch Brothers?

Isn’t there a more important consideration here, that is the people of the US being harmed by this?

Think “Mar-a-Lago”. How many government employees stay at Trumps resort EVERY weekend. This is a direct tax-payer funding of Trumps empire. This is his primary goal in taking job. To scam as much as he can before he is impeached.

Trump is exploiting his position as president in any way possible. Some day that will catch up to him. Also in the news, Trump is exploiting his position as president to make deals with others that could have been made previously. Trump is corrupt to the hard core.