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'Not Acceptable': Analysis Says Biden Healthcare Plan Would Kill 125,000 People in First Ten Years

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/15/not-acceptable-analysis-says-biden-healthcare-plan-would-kill-125000-people-first

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Biden says he will do everything in his power to be a stooge for the profits of the healthcare industry. Now you know why Biden has already been selected for the nomination by the corrupt dems. in 2020!


I guess we will find out fairly quickly where “the people” stand on healthcare VS insurance.
If everyone’s brother-in-law is an insurance agent, we may be in for a rough ride.


A for-profit healthcare system requires a certain number of human sacrifices as advertising to drive demand in their “marketplace.” It is unethical from the start.


Subsidies to the people so that they can afford to buy health care insurance is simply a subsidy to the health Insurance industry.


Biden has always been a Corporate whore. That is not going to change. And he’s already declared his position:“Nothing will Fundamentally Change” If you think you and your Grandkids can live with the Status Quo - This corporate whore is your Boy.

As I write this I’m listening to Hartmann ask the question “Has the Republican Party lost its soul? …”

and I’m thinking the “Democrat” Party HAS lost it’s soul, will it ever get it’s soul back? And I have to say, NOT under the 3rd Way Wall Street, Blue Dog ‘leadership’ currently in control. It will Never happen.


Also, our system is to rob Paul to pay Peter and then rob Peter to pay Paul! It wasn’t so long ago when Obamacare passed that I was facing a hefty fine. I earned only enough for living expenses which did not include healthcare.

I heard through the grapevine that Biden has promised he would step down after one term. I have not actually read this anywhere and am wondering from where this rumor started. Given his past I am doubtful.

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So let’s get this straight. Joe thinks Medicare for all would cost too much, but he’s all for subsidizing the purchase of private insurance for every citizen that can afford it.
You know, when I woke up this morning I was so hoping that the government of We The People could somehow guarantee the profits of United healthcare and Cigna for another generation.


Well at least Biden is slipping in the polls. Pretty soon, Kamala Harris will be the front-runner and she, um. . . well, big donors are also eying Mayor Pete, I’m sure he. . .wait, Warren kind of supports something like Medicare For All, maybe. . .but I’m sure if we all get behind Bernie–unless they, er. . .

Hubert Humphrey, anyone?


Remember what happened when we last marched out ‘ol Hubert Horatio Humphrey?
Richard Milhouse Nixon.
I said to someone a few weeks ago that 2020 is starting to look like 1968. The democrats made the wrong decision way back then, and it cost them two generations of American voters. Will they once again choose an establishment tool in lieu of a progressive? Will history repeat itself?
I hate to be fatalistic, but every time democrats have had the opportunity to become more progressive or continue to shoot themselves in the foot, they have asked for more ammo.


"Biden marked his first day on the campaign trail by attending a $2,800-per-person fundraiser in Philadelphia at the home of Comcast’s top lobbyist, David Cohen.

Attendees included Daniel Hilferty, chief executive of Independence Blue Cross, the largest health insurer in the Philadelphia area."

This is what Obamacare is all about and this is what Biden is all about, giving rewards to his large donors.

Obamacare was a tremendous Gift to the private FOR PROFIT Insurance Companies.

Obama/Biden controlled both houses of congress and made NO attempt to include a Public Option in their ridiculous Health Care Plan.

Biden is willing to exclude Millions of Americans from getting Health Care Insurance if it means he can satisfy his big donors in the private Health Care Industry.

He is a stooge for lobbyists from every sector of the Corporate World and tries to pretend that he cares more about the American People than he does about his Cash Cow friends from the Corporate sector.

This guy is a joke and a phony.

He had 8 years to give the American People a Public Option but never even tried because the donations were more important then covering every American.

Lets stick with BERNIE the real deal.


I may be mistaken, but most countries that have a form of healthcare for all, also have private health care. People can buy what they want, but they have healthcare plans from their respective governments. We don’t need to flat-out BAN private health care, just make it available, and either regulate the fuck out of it(without any loopholes), make it not-for-profit, or have Medicare For All so competitive and competitively priced, no one will need or want to buy private health insurance. Jeepers, if socialism is so bad, is good to be anti-social?


I am on medicare combined with a health care system called Kaiser in CA. Before age 65 our health care costs were higher than our mortgage. Health insurance was the highest bill we had while we had been healthy and barely used it. We are still healthy. Every “cabal” in the US like health care, MIC, Wall Street, prisons is designed to make money for the already powerful and wealthy with often disposable sheeple. Bernie says they all need a “revolution”. It could be global grass roots youth wgi can communicate better and see the dangers including climate change.


A multi-payer system will result in at least hundreds of billions of increased waste over the course of a decade, relative to single payer, no matter how many other improvements the system puts in place. A multi-payer system results in system-wide complexity. Because of that complexity, money has to be set aside to manage that complexity. Many companies, each offering a multitude of plans, means that providers have to spend lots of money to manage the chaos. More administrative, accounting and legal staff, more overhead. There will still be job lock, bankruptcies, and tons of other social costs. Single payer would save the country trillions, it would save most people and families thousands, it would eliminate job lock, no more bankruptcies and the coverage would be more expansive. And, no more having to sit down and figure out this or that plan. His crappy plan is inferior in regards to policy on every level, and even if it was possible to make it look better than it is on policy, he has no capacity to sell it because he is an out of touch fraud. He’s a loser and would have no chance if Obama didn’t name this rotten dinosaur his VP. I find his entire candidacy to be infuriating, about the only thing that frustrates me more are the people supporting him that have been decimated by his horrible right wing record and history of supporting one bad policy after another.


We should not have private insurance of anything covered by a single payer system. If people, the rich, want to pay out of pocket for things not covered by the system or to have perks most others cannot afford, so be it, but the greater the amount of payers in the system, and the more each payer offers multiple plans, the more complexity there is in the system, which also means the more waste the system will have. Many studies and data shows this. The UK has fully socialized systems, although the British NHS has slowly been privatizing its NHS system (which has made things worse an the system more inefficient). However, the coverage is on the margins. Germany has a system dominated by public bodies, but it allows for some to opt out of the public system. It is a private option.

The problem with regulating private companies in the US is the right wing courts. They make it increasingly hard for the state to demand anything of private interests. It is a different ballgame when it comes to public programs, and that is why people talking about going through another round of ACA like negotiations to create a Singapore or Netherlands type behemoth in the US are out of their minds. Single payer is simple, it is as efficient as a system can be, it will eliminate bankruptcies, it would save the country trillions, most people thousands and it would save tens of thousands of lives. All other options are inferior on every level, and I am sick of having to settle for inferior policies only because of corrupt, soulless and out of touch pricks like Biden standing in the way. They and they alone are what make single payer impossible right now, and to hell with him fighting tooth and nail to keep a deadly and horribly inefficient system in place. Those that die because of this system, their deaths are on people like him, and he could give a damn. You would think that someone that went through what his son went through would be far more woke, but that says a lot about him as a person that even that didn’t awaken him to these realities.


It would save trillions collectively, would save most thousands, and he knows it. No credible study shows it costing more than this system, no single payer system is nearly as inefficient, traditional Medicare has far less waste than private health insurance in the US, and the same is true worldwide for clear and obvious reasons. He knows better, which makes what he is doing all the worse.


You seem to be conflating private insurance with private healthcare (and I’m assuming by private you mean not public).

Private sector insurance is a parasite on our system. Whether we have public insurance or private sector insurance has nothing to do with whether your health care is provided by private sector healthcare providers.

And yes, we do need to flat-out prohibit private sector insurance. Public insurance depends on spreading the risk across the entire population. Allowing private insurers would lead to low risk/low cost pools of private sector insureds which would undermine the economies of scale and associated lower costs in a universal system. Most likely there would be high correlation between those who would purchase private insurance and income level. In other words, the rich would beat the cost of others.

It would be foolhardy to keep private sector insurance when trying to move to a universal public insurance system. Parasites do what they do— they suck the life blood out of the systems the attach themselves to.


I can’t wait until Bernie wins and I can watch the msnbc crew say they can’t believe how the polls were so wrong. It’s hard to watch anymore. They are sickening with their Biden baloney that ain’t never going to happen !


A vote for Biden, is a vote for early Death.

You can take that to your piggybank.


"As Biden vows to ‘do everything in my power’ to defend system based on for-profit insurance industry, People’s Policy Project shows death toll would be equivalent “of 42 September 11-style attacks”

Well, take heart – If he is the nominee of the “Democratic (??!) Party,” I suspect that Trump will win, because Trump is the real thing and Biden merely a wanna be pretender (“If I am elected nothing will change.”)

Why should people take a chance that Biden would continue Trump’s crimes when they can simply stick with Trump as a proven quantity?