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Not Again: Environmental Activist Abducted and Killed in Honduras


Not Again: Environmental Activist Abducted and Killed in Honduras

Nika Knight, staff writer

Another Indigenous environmental activist has been killed in Honduras, teleSUR reports.

"The death of Lesbia Yaneth is a political feminicide, and an attempt to silence the voice of those brave women who are courageously defending their rights and opposing the patriarchal, racist and capitalist system of of their society."


I'm sure the "human rights" types in the State Department and their NGO puppets are very upset.


The slimy, pandering, sold-out US corporate media, will NOT cover this story with any prominence or in any depth, and will NOT connect the dots to Hillary Clinton; the US State Department; the School of the Americas; or US "national interests" in Latin America.

We need a non-violent army that can intervene in places like Honduras where official death squads are operating. We need real global solidarity. We need to put our own lives on the line, in resistance to the murder of the Earth.


Another murder victim to put at the feet of Clinton - complicit in the Honduran coup.


Don't forget this was the Hillary coup of choice! Expect many more if she ever becomes the US dynast!


GThe indigenous land-defenders of this world are the last hope of humanity, which is why they are targeted and hunted down so mercilessly by the trained thugs of the capitalist mafia.

All of nature is to be destroyed, converted into fast money, for the benefit and aggrandizement of a deluded claque of greed-soaked scum.

Withdraw your energies, talents, time, and support from their garbage world of technocratic junk. Shift your loyalty to the indigenous and away from this rotten culture.

Refuse to cooperate with the capitalist agenda of global enslavement.


As long as our tax dollars continue to fund those death squads I don't see them going away.