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Not All Bernie Backers Buying His Clinton Pitch


Not All Bernie Backers Buying His Clinton Pitch

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Bernie Sanders has urged his supporters to back Hillary Clinton—a point he reiterated in an op-ed at the Los Angeles Times last week.


From my observations the only way to get any media coverage these days is to say something profoundly stupid, racist, or offensive. Even the 'alternative media' seems to fall for this ploy. Today it is Rubio with his pregnant women should be forced to have Zika babies. How much media did Palin get babbling stupid remarks, Trump has taken to a new level. For crying out loud Jill cross your fingers behind your back and start spouting some racist stupid and offensive remarks. Get your 15%, then lay out your real platform at the debates.


Both Stein and Sanders are both trying to lead a movement of the largely the same people. So it is a matter of each one trying convince voters to go with their side. Voting for Bernie's side means voting for Hillary Clinton who many of his supporters don't like but it also means a link up with power in government. Voting for Stein would be far more acceptable to most but that means almost certainly winding up voting for a candidate who will be far from the center of power, basically marginalized.


I would be very wary of these polls run by the mainstream media.

Of late we have seen a number of articles claiming Republican supporters are going to vote Clinton along with the great majority of Sanders supporters. Even as this occurs Clinton rallies are sparsely attended while Trump packs them in.

It evident to anyone who looks at this election objectively that the mainstream media is behind Clinton. ( this in no way shape or form suggests Trump a better choice)

The public is being groomed for an outcome in the elections that is predetermined and not one that will reflect the actual vote.


Polling organizations need to stop running polls with just 2 candidates. It's not relevant. Johnson and Stein are in the race.... They should be part of any analysis. Stupid to leave them off.


Yes, shades of Sarah Palin.

I do not know anything about this website (it was linked to from Scott Adam's Dilbert blog), but the implications are frightening. I have seen some of the analysis in other places and Hillary's actions do not look normal:


Feel the burn? Yeah, Bernie burnt me but good! Bernie has sold out and capitulated to the politics of fear by letting so many of his contributors like me down and to tell me to back HRC because we cannot afford to let Trump win.

Bernie, that argument is disingenuous to say the least! Because poll after poll showed you were a much stronger candidate than HRC, to defeat Trump!


It must be a landslide for Dr. Jill Stein; otherwise we would have heard something by now.


Agreed. I stopped responding to polls that pretend there are only two choices. Whatever their agenda is, it is not in the public interest.


I participated in the poll and have not received results yet. I'm not surprised it takes a while to compile though. They might be looking at cross tabulations for anything interesting. I saved the results of the Nov. 5, 2012 one, in which they thought the age groups were interesting:

The Common Dreams 2012 Reader Survey results are in.

Between Nov. 1st and 12PM EST Monday, 15,767 of our readers weighed in on a wide variety of issues - including who they would vote for for US President Tuesday.

The key highlights:
* 74% of our readers will vote for President Obama with the Green Party's Jill Stein at 18% and the Justice Party's Rocky Anderson at 2%. Romney will get the votes of 1%.
* The older you are, the more likely you support the Obama ticket. The younger you are, the more likely you support 3rd party candidates.
* Our readers overwhelmingly support the progressive position on key ballot issues being voted on in various states on November 6
* 57% of our readers have been reading Common Dreams for over 5 years.
* 82% of our readers use Facebook; 18% do not. 43% use Twitter; 57% do not.
* 73% of our readers read the comments below articles; 27% do not. But, only 12% have commented themselves; 88% have not.
* 87% of our readers are 51 years old or older.
* 56% of our readers either have graduate degrees or have attended graduate school.

The Presidential results:

Stewart Alexander/Alejandro Mendoza - Socialist Party 0.2%
Rocky Anderson/Luis J. Rodriguez - Justice Party 2.2%
Virgil Goode/Jim Clymer - Constitution Party 0.1%
Gary Johnson/Jim Gray - Libertarian Party 1.3%
Barack Obama/Joe Biden - Democratic Party 73.8%
Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan - Republican Party 1.2%
Jill Stein/Cheri Honkala - Green Party 18.0%
None of the above/Write-in 3.1%

The results by age group show a sharp difference. Obama has the support of 80% of those 67 years old and older; Jill Stein comes in first among readers between the ages of 21-35:

How our readers self-identify on the political spectrum:
Radical 8.1% Progressive 48.0% Liberal 25.0% Moderate 4.5% Conservative 1.1% Other 13.3%


99% of the Black vote will go to Hillary. They owe her big time for dropping out in 2008.
For the first time in American history White Women will vote for the Democratic candidate (they always vote Republican). That's Hillary.
For the first time in decades college educated whites will vote Democratic. That's Hillary.
This election is in the bag for Hillary.


Managed to make it to 0:36 before my gag reflex kicked in.


For whatever it is worth, a new Monmouth poll has Clinton up by 13 over Trump and Stein at 2%. Sounds like Bernie may have had some affect on his supporters with his call to vote for Clinton. .


I will vote Green - and would, even in a 'battleground' state - for reasons detailed in other posts.

But it is worth asking why any Sanders supporter would vote for Clinton - at the very least, in non-battleground states.

After the passionate rejection of the right liberal Democratic machine by so many; after the passionate endorsement of the most progressive campaign in 75 years...how COULD so many supporters let themselves be forced and ridiculed back into the harness of progressive Democratic 'lesser-of-two-evilism'?

There are a number of likely reasons Sanders supporters are, seemingly, not going Green - again, recently detailed in other posts.

However, unfortunately, I am afraid the answer involves the relatively weak and disorganized state of the U.S. left:

During the primaries, no organized, progressive bloc of progressives - demanding that the Democratic Party's right liberal faction negotiate power by binding platform and progressive cabinet appointments;

And now - no progressive bloc of Democrats prepared to throw right liberals out of power because that dominant faction refused to negotiate power.

I would like to think that if a poll gave, as a condition, how Sanders supporters would vote if there were a progressive third party IN NON-BATTLEGROUND STATES, that a majority would support that party...of which there is only one.


Just as Obama attracted many middle age and older voters who had always voted GOP in the past, that trend will continue in 2016 as the Democrats moved to the right of Nixon in 2008 and are now WAY to the right of Nixon. Although many of these converts claim that they are becoming more liberal as they age. the truth is that the GOP went too far right for them and the Democratic Party filled the void.

There are too many variables to determine how this trend affects the November election, not the least of which is the fact that Trump is the first GOP candidate in more than half a century to have at least a few planks in his platform to the left of the Democrat.


The best thing at least a vote for Stein is not a vote for the most corrupt politician ever to run. But why waste the gas and pollute just stay home.


I voted for Bernie in the California primary and plan on voting for Jill Stein in the general election. I also have the relative luxury of voting in a state that is not a swing state.


According to recent reports, 57% of pundits are shocked by 22% of poll results.
Nowhere is this more clear than in 90% of the reactions to the consistent report that under 100% of Sanders supporters between the ages of 18 and 110 will vote for Clinton.

Less than 100% support for Clinton was also noted among the following groups of Sanders supporters:
- people with advanced degrees
- pet owners
- urologists
- people who use shopping carts in supermarkets.

These trends have remained firm, even after Sanders' appeal to support his unworthy opponent. Of course, polls have a way of changing in the run-up to election day, as do pollsters and pundits and the things they say about themselves and each other, so we could see a substantial shift away from these numbers under 100%.

(Insert serious ending line here.)


[quote="jackie, post:10, topic:26398"]

Speaking of :

"the irrational hostility and pure nastiness exhibited toward his delegates at the convention," Could you, or anyone out there, possibly verify the reports from some Bernie delegates that the DNC hired "seat fillers" to take their seats? I'm trying to find out if that was true or false. Thanks.


NOT irrevelant, jackie. I just received an email from Bernie stating that on the evening of August 24, we will kick off a new organization called Our Revolution. There will be a major live stream address where he will talk about the specifics of what we can do as organizers going forward. We are not getting discouraged and the movement continues.