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Not All Men Are Pigs


Not All Men Are Pigs

Lynn Sherr

But the ones who are, are swine. And let’s stop pretending that we didn’t know.

As a result, an entire generation now exists who have been exposed — figuratively — to presidential genitalia. This is not normal.


Churchill was a good guy for avoiding affairs – never mind the millions he staved in Bengal, Murder isn’t as bad as an ocaissional lewd joke or an inappropriate suggestion . . .

Sexual harassment and abuse is too serious an issue to trivialize and discredit with zealous over-sensitivity. A joke is not a grope, a grope is not harassment and harassment is not rape. Yeah, I’m male but I’ve never abused or harassed a woman. As someone who has suffered sexual abuse and as a feminist I really want the attention brought to this issue. Inappropriate behavior should be confronted. Harassment and abuse should be outed but tarring everyone or anyone for minor faux pas will make this issue irrelevant and backfire miserably. Please, let’s keep it real, in perspective, and more than a distraction from much larger crimes like mass murder, massive corruption and globocide.


A well-written and thoughtful piece by Lynn Sherr, reminding us that there are many shades of guilt, and that those differences matter. Some behaviors are definitely worse than others.


Well spoken and well nuanced. It calls to mind Justice Potter Stewart’s definition of pornography - “I can’t define it but I know it when I see it.” The same is true here - as the writer said - there’s boorishness and there’s harassment. We’re probably all guilty of boorishness from time to time, but I like to think most of us know where the “line” is. The swine need to be called out.


I weep to see the left fall into this obvious trap. Due process still matters - if it doesn’t the chief victims of its continued erosion will not be rich white men who can’t keep their hands and other parts to themselves. Logic matters - you can’t run a headline like that one and claim to be an enlightened thinker or a progressive. Do I really need to ask readers to substitute various categories for “Men” in that title? How’s it working out? Trump, probably a rapist (but like everyone else entitled to trial), is still in his job. The supervisor at Walmart who has a thing for women with low self esteem is still in his job. Millions of kids are getting abused and beaten in their homes, and there has been virtually no consideration by the loudest voices of whether this might have some connection to how they grow up, and thus some connection to what happens in companies. The most concentrated loci of rape in america? Prisons. Harm reduction means a commitment to actually solving a problem over the course of a generation. Feeling better because one a-hole gets taken down may be justice, but it ain’t progress. And more immediately… the right is already using this trial-by-press-release tactic against us.


“I do not understand this squeamishness about the use of gas. We have definitely adopted the position at the Peace Conference of arguing in favour of the retention of gas as a permanent method of warfare… I am strongly in favour of using poisoned gas against uncivilised tribes.”

– Churchill

He sure sounds like he was a pig to me…


Good points.

And the draconian reaction to these accusations are just one more instance of the self-defeating, circular firing squad behavior of what passes for the “left”. Only this “left” treats these accusations with an instant chorus of demands that some of their most effective and important and senior members (Spitzer, Franken, Conyers) and activists (Jesse Jackson), immediately resign in disgrace.

And it really gets absurd when even Garrison Kiellor (who is an aspie) gets fired and pilloried over what was apparently a simple awkward gesture to console a woman.

Those accused should at least be allowed to defend themselves - and if they admit fault, they should be allowed to apologize, their apologies respected (for what, in most cases, happened decades earlier) and commit to changing their behavior. Isn’t the left supposed to believe in rehabilitation and restitutional justice - particularly when these social indiscretions, while sometimes creepy and disgusting, are usually not prosecutable crimes anyway?

Meanwhile, what does the fascist-right do? They immediately rally behind those accused (note Rep. Murphy (R-PA) resigned over his request that his mistress get an abortion - not the cheating affair itself) - and their popularity only increases (Trump, Moore), and the accusations roll off like water from a duck’s back.


Thanks, and also to Jaded_Prole for making sure this didn’t escape notice.

One problem with modern society and the tunnel vision focused on image, is that it confuses “good” with “nice”. Very often a politician who dresses well, speaks smoothly, and even supports rather immoral issues (a la Paul Ryan regarding the tax bill,) is mainly viewed as good/moral, and those who criticize them of their bigotry, unfairness, thievery, murder, etc. are considered immoral because the language they use to do so is not nice/harsh.


Bing, bing, bing!! You hit the nail right on the head.


“And the enablers who surrounded him [Bill Clinton] trashed some more grown-up women who were making what now seem like perfectly plausible accusations.”

Exactly why does this “award-winning” reporter fail to name HRC in this sentence? Is this not a relevant fact? When blurting the obvious, as this piece does, it’s imperative to work from a factual basis.

But then again anybody who would use the neofascist Churchill as a symbol of something-or-another, without even understanding his life of privilege and criminality, should not be judged too harshly. At least the example is not the racist-rapist Tom Jefferson.


Circular firing squads are a concern, and I agree that Spitzer and Conyers have made many important contributions. However, in both these cases they became a liability not by having sex outside of marriage (which is tolerated by most in the US though rarely is extra-marital sex in the acceptable context of an honest open marriage and so it still demonstrates the person is a liar and untrustworthy), but by financial issues associated with their infidelity (and in Conyers case harassment is worse than just infidelity). Voters don’t appreciate their money - either tax money or money they donate - being used for purposes that both of these two would lie about forever if they weren’t caught. Good riddance. We can do a lot better.

When I only saw the Franken photo, I was hoping this was a gray area case where an apology should be good enough - now I’m not so sure - he seems like a liability also. From what I’ve read of the Keillor case, that seems like a gray area and I think Minnesota Public Radio acted too harshly but not being a member, I don’t have any say in their hiring/firing policies. If employees don’t realize that your right to keep your job in the US is a lot more tenuous than your rights in a criminal trial (if you aren’t poor that is - then you are screwed), it’s time to reread your employment contract.


If I recall, Spitzer paid for the prostitutes with his own money. And in the case of Conyers, it is no different than, say your local grocery chain-near-monopoly settling a sexual harassment or civil rights lawsuit with the money from your necessary food purchases. As a federal employee, I encounter this when my fellow citizens make the idiotic complaint that my (and members of Congress) employee healthcare plan is paid for with peoples taxes - of course it is! And I pay for THEIR healthcare every time I have to buy a necessity from their capitalist private-sector employers!)

And also, why aren’t Moore and Trump liabilities on the right? Moore’s chances of winning the election have only improved with the revelations.


Yep. Churchill massacred thousands of members of the dark races, but let nobody say he ever winked at a chippie.


Looks like your recollection is better than mine. There were claims of money “laundering” but only so he could pay large amounts of money without arousing suspicion (he failed). I saw some were claiming Spitzer still used state resources like flights to go see prostitutes but it wasn’t as blatant as I had thought.

In your grocery store example, it is only different because I can choose to go to a different grocery store and unless the guy is on top or a huge money maker or the store, he is more likely to be canned whereas Conyers doesn’t have a boss other than the voters (and for all I know, they would still choose him over a primary challenger - I wouldn’t). I think Trump and Moore are liabilities on the right. In Trumps case, not quite a big enough liability to lose to Clinton who was a terrible choice to go against Trump and in Moore’s case, we won’t know if the telephone polls are accurate for another week and a half. It may not be enough of a liability for Moore which will reflect very badly on Alabama voters if so.


I’m constantly amazed by the general consistent and constant denial of reality that the NEW left as opposed to old left such as I, engages in. This “piece” for example: SO, “Women”…Mothers, Sisters, Wives…uhhh…what? are “Completely Innocent” of ANY involvement in the social, psychological, et al development of “Males”?

REALLY? You actually not only ignore this fact quite literally “Without Exception”, for I have never witnessed the reality of female influence in a HATE piece by “Femininsts” or the new politically correct divisiveness so popular with the “Left”. Its fake. Period. Your entire position excludes the reality that in fact the MOST violent and horrible men are almost EXCLUSIVELY the “Product” of a Vicious Woman. Serial killer after serial killer have proven this to almost scientific LAW as opposed to hypothetical. Women are the creators of their tormentors. PERIOD. Raise your children well? Voila! Problem solved. For it is YOU, women who create vicious men. But I realize like Bush said after 9/11, ‘we’re now victims’ “So the gloves are off” so cluster bombs to torture were now “Okay” because of our new “VICTIMHOOD STATUS”. You WANT to be victims because as long as you are, you’re NOT CULPABLE for your direct irrefutable role in creating quite literally EVERY MALE. You Birthed em. You reared em. You raised em YOU TAUGHT EM.
YOU’RE responsible. So back off. Stop reproducing. Accept responsibility for your creation of animals like Manson and Trump and and and and and and and and …your lies make me sick.