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Not Alone, But Together: Sanders Campaign Declares Creation of 'Our Revolution'


Not Alone, But Together: Sanders Campaign Declares Creation of 'Our Revolution'

Jon Queally, staff writer

Announcing the creation of a new organization whose mission will be to carry forth the 'political revolution' through the general election and beyond, the Bernie Sanders campaign on Monday issued a call to action for those inspired by the historic primary challenge and a message aimed at its detractors: We're not done yet.

"Bernie's said from the very beginning that no one person can alone accomplish what must be done to turn our country around. We all must do our part." —Claire Sandberg, Our Revolution


Bernie....You want to start a new revolution?
What was wrong with the old revolution you had going?
Millions of your supporters seemed to be pretty happy with it.


I am glad to see this. Already contributed a small amount. Supporting local progressives to run for office is important. We need more progressives in Congress. Will follow this with enthusiasm.


"Bernie's said from the very beginning that no one person can alone accomplish what must be done to turn our country around. We all must do our part."

By voting for a corrupt, dishonest, bloodthirsty career politician like Hillary Clinton, a woman who has done "her part" to create the very problems Bernie Sanders claims to fight? By creating an organization to preach some progressive values, but an organization which then asks you to forget them in order to get Hillary elected? Gee, sign me up. Where do I send my money?

And to think that we progressives are accused of throwing our vote away and being illogical for voting outside the two party cesspool. The only "engaging" I plan to do as a progressive is to keep the Democratic party and Hillary Clinton from ever getting to the White House. Shame on CD for promoting this latest Sanders swindle and all but ignoring Jill Stein.


Still not voting for Hillary.


If he wanted a revolution then he would never have endorsed Hillary and asked us to as well. He blew it. There will be a revolution, but his presence in it has been greatly diminished.


Bernie abandoned his revolution. He can reclaim it by denouncing Hillary and supporting the Green Party. He showed bad judgement, in my opinion, but he sure is showing audacity.


Seems like Bernie has been given his new marching orders: bird-dog his supporters on a new dead end quest so that we abandon the person who is really pursuing the revolution.

Jill Not Hill (or Bernie) 2016!


This is a very confusing article, even after I followed the links. One link was a sign-up form to host an event, with no information about what the event was supposed to accomplish. Is it just going to be a party where local progressives can socialize? Shouldn't there be a stated purpose, and a plan, an agenda? Something? Sorry, but I don't believe Bernie's campaign has any plan going forward, except to continue to kiss HillRod's ample fanny. Bernie has probably given her his donor list already. These new "events" may just be a way to identify additional progressives for targeted donation appeals from HillRod ("Keep Bernie's Revolution Alive!"). The second link in this article gave me the addresses of 2 events/parties/whatever within walking distance of my home. That's cool and convenient. But why should I attend? I already know lots of progressives -- My county voted almost 80% for Bernie in the California primary. But those days are gone. I just don't see the point in falling into line behind a general who has already surrendered.


There may be revolution, but Sanders isn't going to play a part of it: he berned-out.


Fool me once, shame on you.

Vote Jill Stein, don't be blackmailed into voting for Hillary.


Not on board. Bernie blew it... If he pulls this off with even 10% success.... I'd be surprised. Not voting for Hillary.


The lack of details about the August 24 event reminds me of Amway over the years, constantly respinning their recruiting techniques to delay revealing to targeted recruits that it was still the same old Amway.


I am not a puppet.......really.

Vote Progressive ---Vote Green


Senator Sanders is political toast in his own state. What does that say for his right wing Clinton supporting "our revolution"?


Absolutely correct! NEVER Democrat/NEVER Republican!


I thought the same thing----was typing this post when your comment came in:

The Our Revolution web site asks people to contribute or host a kick off event.

That is it.

No indication of how money donated will be spent and nothing specifying what this organization is about.

That is appalling.

Will any of this $$ go to Clinton?

Sanders "doesn't expect to raise money for Clinton, either through his new successor organization, Our Revolution, or through other means" (quote from link below)

"Doesn't expect"???

Sanders needs to state unequivocally: "the money raised will NOT go to the Clinton campaign. We will be transparent with our books and show how the money raised will be spent".

He has not stated that.

2 weeks ago, he chided his supporters saying he hopes they would eventually "accept the reality" of Clinton and that "democracy is a little bit messy sometimes, especially for young people who work their hearts out"

What IS the "reality of Clinton"?

I will support those that are willing to expose the truth about the Clinton machine----not just dismiss it as "messy democracy". Accepting the "Clinton reality" is encouraging people to accept a pathological cog in the machine of duopoly whose lifeblood is greed, corruption and lies. That is the Clinton reality. That is not acceptable.


And this is how Occupy died such an ignoble death, only to have its 'brand' survive as an appendage of the Democratic party (the dreadful OccupyDemocrats).

This is nothing but a vote herd. Please resist. Help Greens. They're not perfect, but they'll never capitulate to someone as monstrous as Clinton.


If they are telling you to vote neoconservative/neoliberal then that is what they are telling you. What are YOU going to do?

ps) am I the only one who has become increasingly annoyed by the fact that auto correct does not recognize the commonly used modern word neoliberal?


This must be Plan B. I'm skeptical because working hard to pass legislation is not nearly as much fun as working to win an election. How many people who sign up will be able to keep going after a number of failures. Also, Bernie's agenda is too broad for this type of thing to succeed. This type of activism is best done by organizations focused on one issue or one category of issues such as the environment. I think the grind will be too much for the Our Revolution people. Once things get into Congress they can be very frustrating. And it is not that easy to find really good progressive candidates. Not that many people are well suited to run for office. And there is a only a limited number of places where progressive candidates have a real chance to win. They all can't run in Seattle. Any race outside of a major metropolitan area would be very difficult to win.