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Not Backing Down on Backdoors, Apple Takes Privacy Fight to Capitol Hill



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To answer former FBI special agent and whistleblower Colleen Rowley's rhetorical questions for FBI Director James Comey:

"Does he not know that the government’s 'Plan B' secret agenda to create 'work-arounds' to defeat encryption recently came to light?" Rowley wrote. "Does he expect us to believe that he was not part of the secret White House meeting last fall where senior national security officials ordered agencies to find ways to counter encryption software and gain access to the most heavily protected user data on the most secure consumer devices, including Apple Inc.'s?"

Yes of course he knows. No he does not expect us to believe.

What Comey expects - and not without reason - is that he can spout his mendacious fear-mongering "argument" for absolute police authority over our persons and our data, and that he can count on "our" "representatives" in a thoroughly corrupt Congress, with support from a thoroughly corrupt and compliant communications media, to avoid honest consideration of risks and benefits, and roll over for the out-of-control surveillance state, bamboozling as much of the public as they can, and ignoring or suppressing the rest of us.


apple probably will back down . . .or everyone will find out months from now that they've been complicit all along. sorry, until the paradigm falls apart it's hard to believe much of anything that has to do with corps and politicians . . . power mongers. . . will do what's in the best interest of the many.


I have an Idea...

Make the FBI remove their encryption first, that should work quite well for our citizens.

Let's see how that works as a test-bed for proposed software development