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Not Buying Trump Narrative, Majority of Americans Believe Soleimani Assassination Made US Less Safe: Poll

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/09/not-buying-trump-narrative-majority-americans-believe-soleimani-assassination-made

Trump once bragged that he could openly commit a murder and no one would do anything.
Emboldened by his complicity in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, he figures he can assassinate anyone he wants.
And it appears that he can commit murder with impunity.
Congress will be, as usual, spineless in their response to this latest atrocity.


The rumor persists that Soleimani was in Baghdad to deliver an Iranian response to a Saudi peace overture with Iraq’s “caretaker” Prime minister serving as intermediary. If that was the case, the most constructive move toward making everyone safer – though obviously tentative as hell – was literally killed by the USA.

And much has been made of protests in Iran and Iraq. Iranian youth are tired of a repressive government, Iraqi youth are tired of corruption. The youth of both countries are sick of sinking living standards. Yet again, if US sanctions weren’t strangling Iran’s economy and stifling Iranian efforts to join the larger world economy, Iranian youth would easily be mollified and willing to stay the course of gradually secularizing their society. And Iraq’s youth might want to recall who destroyed their infrastructure, helped install corrupt regimes, and trained their army which was steamrolled by ISIS in a matter of a few days. The US was destroying the Iraqi economy with sanctions prior to turning the country to rubble – now Trump wants to reinstall sanctions as they try to rebuild. Un-fuckin-believable.

Then take a step back and ponder the insistence by the US on fighting the Cold War everywhere. The regional players in the MidEast should be allowed choices: And considering the rise of Russia and China (especially China’s investment in their exceedingly promising “Belt and Road” project), aligning with the East makes sense compared with aligning with the west – especially as the US continually proves that the treaties it signs are meaningless and that it rams its prerogatives through at gunpoint. Instead, we choke off Iran’s power to trade internationally based on the claim that Iran’s right to regional respect, credibility, and alliances is a threat to Israel and Saudi Arabia. The same Israel that has bombed Iran, recently appropriated the Golan Heights from Syria, and stolen every piece of Palestinian land it can while running an apartheid regime. The same Saudi Arabia whose battle tactics against the Houthis includes starvation, and who murder and dismember dissenting journalists with virtual impunity.

Finally, what lesson must Iran take from the nuclear treaty it signed? Clearly, the only lesson is that having a few nukes is instrumental in national security. Ask Israel. Ask N. Korea.


Both sides, according to news reports, claim this direct war action is over, I’m not so sure. There’s a lingering problem with that narrative. Both governments are posturing to their citizens that they upheld their countries values, and saved face, in the tense situation. The west claims victory because it’s reported that no military members were killed in Iran’s rocket attack, and it appears no one is questioning this narrative, even though it’s reported the base is on lockdown. This could be true, as Iran gave the US ample warning of their attack on the base. The narrative changes in Iran, with 5 different news agencies, Tasnim News (links with the IRGC), Far News (Tehran), Tehran times, Reuters, and Aljazeera, all claiming there was 80 US military members killed in the strike. Some of the news outlets pulled this info from their stories shortly after the attack. The issue is what do the Iranian citizens believe. Lets not forget there was civil unrest inside Iran, with the people in the streets, before this started. If the “no deaths” part of the story is true (because of Iranian warning), will the people of Iran except that this is over, without extracting a pound of flesh for their fallen hero Soleimani?


The polls shows that most American people do not have a clue about world affairs or even the affairs of Empire USA. My God for 17 years we just keep creating more terrorists. Somehow most Americans don’t believe that.

Opps it has been many more years than 17.


The civil unrest in Iran is based in large part on the circular logic of sanctions.

The US believes that sanctions can force Iran into the west’s sphere of influence by fomenting unrest over economic hardship there. Alternatively, the Iranian hardliners can justifiably point out that Iran’s rights ad sovereignty are undermined by a bullying hegemon.

In my view, the hardliners have the better case. Iran could be an economic powerhouse – they are blessed with oil, a young and well-educated populace, strategic geographic positioning along China’s “Belt and Road” project, and some mighty fine pistachios!

Of course, Israel wants Iran to be weak and unstable, so…


Another example of reckless Trump and his republican accomplices and enablers dramatically increasing risk to life for all. Vote him and them out in November. And more importantly work to counter their actions now.


What would make America safer is to purge our government of Trump, the entire GOP, the corporate Democrats, and the corporations and billionaires who own them.
I’ve never had any reason to worry about foreign enemies.
But the domestic enemies, the ones poisoning air, land, water, gutting EPA and our public lands, using government office as a cash machine, forcing women into gestation slavery, stacking the courts with fascist judges, setting up a fascistic surveillance/police state, catering to gun nut, violent MAGA heads…those are the terrorists I worry about, and many of them are Americans residing in Washington, D.C., governor’s mansions, and state legislatures.


Hopefully, Iran will take Trump’s murder of Soleimani to the International Criminal Court.
The Iraqi Prime Minister’s office issued a statement that Washington ordered them to invite Soleimani to Baghdad for negotiations on an alleged “Saudi proposal for deescalation”…now, of course, the motive was obviously assassination, much as Jamal Khashoggi was assassinated by MBS in Istanbul.


Here is the Iran Plan presented last night on MSNBC, O’Donnell’s show. Pretty much blows away the John Bolton / pompous Pompeo plan for massive war in Iran.

I am not sure the entire John Kerry discussion is in this clip.

If dem convention goes to second ballet. Hillary and Bloomberg big bucks will be purchasing delegate votes. Suggest that John Kerry WILL get us back onto the railroad tracks.

Hard to envision these 3-word combinations together.


Another “pearl” of wisdom from your corner. Bravo.

Realistically, if there was no oil in the region, our interest in the Mideast would be vastly reduced.
And the Saudis actually have been edging toward peace in Yemen. They can’t subdue the Houthis!

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Myself, after it was reported that Trump had murdered the Iranian General Soleimani and his entourage at the Baghdad airport, I began to feel a sense of, “Boy, the dumb motherfucker has done it now.”

Iran hasn’t survived 5000 years by being weak.

A very real sense of dread settled into me.

Only several days later when it was reported that nobody had been injured in the Iranian missile attack, and then Trump appearing to speak as if he’d swallowed a couple Quaaludes, and his pride, did I even begin to relax.

This is far from over for us all.

Especially the Orange Asshole. To millions of Iranians all over the world, he’s one big fat bullseye.


In some ways the Soleimani assassination might be compared to that of JFK. They knew where he was going to be and they took him out. If Soleimani was on a trip to negotiate for his country this makes this act of murder by Trump and the US all the more repulsive. This is not the way the world should be operating. When the US experiences the next 911 or worse will the american people (expecially the 48% that believe we are safer in killing Soleimani) accept that we have created the blowback. Political murders and assassinations really are unacceptable and the US is not in a war with Iran so how do we really define what he did? I think the US is in real trouble and we have the wrong people in charge. Of course - people like Kennedy -the kind of leader we truly need - are assassinated by the right wing as well.

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a premeditated murder…very, very troubling. In the US, this would be a capital crime.

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We are not at war with Iran. At least I have never heard it declared. The assassination/murder of Soleimani is outside of the rules of war and therefore the US has a lot of answering to do for this crime.

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The US designates anyone we don’t like as a terrorist.

That now includes virtually every leader or militiaman in the Shiite Crescent. It’s patently absurd.

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Soleimani was a hero to both the Iranians and Shia Iraqis for the pivotal role he played in defeating ISIS, and to a lesser extent so were the Iraqi militia leaders assassinated along with him. It was in fact the Israeli government that saw him as enemy #1 for his training and support of Hezbollah, while 99% of Americans never heard of him. He definitely played a part in organizing militias that were against the American occupation of Iraq, but he was no more a terrorist than any American general.