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Not Colorblind, Just Plain Blind, To The Roots Of Racist Terror


Not Colorblind, Just Plain Blind, To The Roots Of Racist Terror

Isaiah Poole

It was not a matter of if, but from where, some disgusting and barbaric reaction would come to Wednesday night’s terror attack at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, S.C. in which nine people died. Not surprisingly, Fox News was among the first out of the gate.

The “No More Mister Nice Blog” captured a segment Fox and Friends aired this morning in which the shooting was branded as an “attack on faith.”


If this was an attack against Christians why wasn’t it on a fundamentalist Southern Baptist church (or others) where the hate is spread every Sunday? Against, blacks, women, liberals, Muslims, Jews, etc.?
They spin so hard they must be dizzy.
I’ve noticed how on cable news (especially FOX), there is a dearth of brunette and minority female anchors and on-air personalities. It’s part of the big picture. I don’t like to take my news from Barbie automatons. Sorry.


YOU don’t take “your news” from Barbies but millions do. And that’s the problem. Just as it’s been said that the Internet “balkanizes” those with common interests, ideas, and prejudices, Fox News is to the ignorant white Christian supremacist what the Internet Chat Room is to normalizing pedophilia among adult males. The problem is not about the individual news consumer. It’s about what massive distortions of truth and codified excuses for destroying empathy mean to what’s left of this nation’s heart, soul, and culture.


As low as I have seen FOX news stoop in thepast, I really can not believe they would have turned this into an attack “On faith”.


“American exceptionalism” is actually the opposite of the assumed meaning of the term in the current popular vernacular. Exceptionalism, in practice, is the culmination of centuries of a constantly lengthening litany of instances of ‘except for…’

As noted by Rev. Jackson:

“Today everyone is outraged at the killings, but there is not the same outrage that African Americans are number one in infant mortality, in life expectancy, in unemployment, in cheap wages, in access to capital
and denial of bank loans, in imprisonment, in segregated housing and home foreclosures, in segregated and underfunded public schools, in poverty, in heart disease, liver disease, diabetes, mental health
issues, HIV/AIDS and the lack of access to health care and more. We ignore this institutionalized state of terror and the resulting racial fears at our peril.”

Only when ‘american exceptionalism’ includes the beauty and true potential of humility will the expression have any chance of having real meaning. I would assert that it is essential that the infamy of this rhetorical wrench applied to an ostensible collective national identity be addressed. The failure to teach accurate history, to be instructed as a cog in an industrial wheel for profit rather than educated with and for the full genius of human experience and life is a treasonous and treacherous practice.

Human beings are inextricably interconnected and interdependent with each other and nature in a spirit that is at its very core the essence of a loving teaching.