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'Not Done Yet': Bernie Sanders Campaign Mobilizes Donors for Coronavirus Relief and Raises $2 Million

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/21/not-done-yet-bernie-sanders-campaign-mobilizes-donors-coronavirus-relief-and-raises


Perhaps not the savior to a population asleep and afraid of real change, Bernie is “my” hero, deserving of “my” respect as the only brave voice willing to face all of the forces against "us."

"Not me, us." BERNIE 2020


Totally ignored by corporate media - so far.


This is unreal, beyond belief. Look what Bernie is actually doing as well as proposing but not a peep from the presumptive nominee Biden except to call on CEO’s to not buy back stocks for the next twelve months, that help will those infected but without health insurance for sure. The self-centered corruption of the corporate parties is becoming more blatant with every passing day.


Okay. We USAmericans need encouragement to act decently, I suppose. But there’s something exquisitely pathetic about the prospect of sane governance (Sanders for President) morphing into the March of Dimes during a great plague. There’s something delusional about the prospect of having much impact on epidemic coronavirus through charity drives, benefit concerts, thoughts and prayers…

Astute social critics of the left have long pointed out the counter-productive effects of “charity” – supposed to alleviate suffering while cementing in place an exploitative system.

San Francisco’s mega-nursing home called Laguna Honda has 750 beds, hardly any protective gear for staff, 5 isolation rooms… they call it a “tinderbox.” Sites like Laguna Honda are right on the front lines, where people will die and the bug sustained when the tinderbox explodes. Not a goddam thing I can do about that impending disaster with any charitable contributions. The residents of Laguna Honda depend on a certain baseline level of common sanity in hospital management through national governance. Insane shortages at this point are totally beyond the reach of charitable efforts.


Bernie shows as always he’s a far better person that Fuhrer, Biden, Shillary, Pelousy, etc. Anyone who has anything other than good to say about Bernie’s efforts to help during this crisis is braindead.
And yet I was just listening to an NPR comedy show called Wait Wait, and they spent ten minutes slagging Bernie in the most vicious dishonest ways.


Biden Silent on Plan That Could Make Coronavirus Vaccine Affordable
Joe Biden does not call for using march-in rights in his campaign materials and he did not respond to The Hill ’s questions on the matter. Sludge asked the Biden campaign on March 16 if Biden would be open to invoking march-in rights for coronavirus drugs built upon NIH research, but, like The Hill , did not receive a response.


Well, it’s NPR
Bought and paid for by the same entities that have bought and paid for Congress

“forget it Jake. It’s Chinatown”


Bernie, ALWAYS working for ‘Us’


A hero is this Sanders! Not me. Us but the greatest of charities in not to need to give in the first place. Socialism or barbarism!


Bernie is the best candidate, period!

The establishment dems and their pals in the media will never allow what is best for US.

Bernie, please take all of US away from the dems and start a new party. They are not democrats! They are republicans! They don’t need two parties!

If you really believe it is about US not you, then you need to start a new Progressive Party. It sure looks like it would help if you could buy a cable network to get OUR message out there!

I’m in! I’m sure you have many backers who will jump at the chance to change OUR world to help WE THE PEOPLE!

Biden or Trump? I don’t see much difference. Sure the background music will be more pleasant, but nothing fundamentally changes!

Peace, Love, & Sunshine!


This is way beyond the usual charity giving. This is an international disaster and people are scared, alone, immobile. Any act of kindness will help, even one meal.


“…unprecedented” eh, well then, get rid of your profit motive which is despoiling the E-air-th.


Some of the organizations named here are not “charities,” but survivalempowerment organizations. There is a fundamental difference. For a “progressive” website to describe them as charities is wrong. That word should be erased from a true progressive vocabulary.

The fact that the Sanders Campaign picked these five groups shows clarity and political sophistication on their part and they should be commended.

To hear and read what other REAL ORGANIZERS are DOING the following are excellent pieces:




Bernie is the best because the unites the best. As for the rest of America, as I posted on my blog “What Needs Saying” its Instant Karma.


Sanders is the only candidate left of the main contenders with the ability to think critically and rationally That about sums it up I believe.


The People’s President, Bernard Sanders, shows his quality daily for those with eyes to see and hearts to feel.
The DINO Quisling collaborators/enablers, the clintons, obamas, bidens, pelosi, schumer and perez, are a large part of the problem, not part of the solution!
Where were they when this nightmare took shape? Where are they now when needed most?

President Sanders!


I totally agree that acts of kindness are essential to get us through this. Anyone under “shelter-in-place” restrictions – which might already be most of us – should commit right now to do all the grocery shopping for at least one elderly (over 65, especially the physically compromised) neighbor, for however long this lasts. That’s a big one, and you don’t need any charity drive to tell you to do it. You just need to remember your neighbors. Now is the time.


The US government is about to do Christmas early this year, Santa Claus is flying about with corporate cash bailouts. And maybe a pittance for the people, what I call ‘trickle up economics’. And guess who has that calm wonderful Santa countenance that voters now crave, Biden. The big lie keeps on rowing…


It is pretty clear that we can see just what kind of president we could have if Bernie were elected. As you say, is America ready for that? Americans are but maybe at the same time, America is not.

We have We the people … and whether we admit it or not we also have Not we the people but something else. Corporations, centralized control of the media, corruption and entrenched Greed Almighty too. We the people want a caring person to be president but Not we the people does everything it can (and it can do a lot) to get their guy in instead.

Funny how back when the ‘grown ups’ called us idealistic and said we didn’t want to face reality and see the way things really are! They said that they were the realists.
But it sure looks like we are the ones who see things as they really are and are facing the reality of climate change and corporate fascism etc. it’s just ironic how that turned out.