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'Not Enough': Trump Reversal on Relief Payments Still Leaves 'Unacceptable' Barrier for Millions

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/02/not-enough-trump-reversal-relief-payments-still-leaves-unacceptable-barrier-millions

Important to remember is that Mnuchin comes from the land of ideas such as manipulating trades for pennies on a scale extricable only through hyper-speed algorithms and hordes of glassy-eyed mini chin minions. Plunder by taking you to the dry-cleaner under bright neon signs.
The Hilly-Billy team and baby clinton have been slicing and dicing every single emergency and honing their knives. The hideousness of their crimes is so deep that places like Haiti have apparently become the model for what they apparently view as a ‘fatherland’ of extractive patriarchy.
The opposite of the nefarious media manipulated system of insanity is respectful community functioning- which in turn generates tremendous levels of creativity and strength - something abhorred by knuckle-dragging, extractivist kachistocrats. Thats why they have to slime public education with oozing twits like devos and public health and the planet with oil and untested chemicals. It is a ‘religion’. Very interesting to check the etymology of that word.

One other thing. “History” used to evoke consideration of hundreds and thousands of years. Today we see the exponential function at play in the manipulated markets, the feedback loops in ecological concerns as well as a profound lesson in viral function. The trump administration is, so far, the pinnacle and the fall may very well be steep. Tens of thousands of years of human life, regardless of the pinnacle possessed, provide us with great breadth of options to consider.


This is the latest in the UK. And i believe doctors in Italy and Spain faced the same dilemmas. It will probably happen in the US too. Especially if people have no money:


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10 million now out of work. And those are just the ones that managed to get through to their state unemployment websites. There are probably already millions waiting in line, online.


“There are probably already millions waiting in line, online.”

Very true, and there are those who are outright denied benefits, my state s a master at this.

Just remember that Steve Mnuchin is Trump’s Treasury Secretary because then-California Attorney General Kamala Harris refused to consider prosecuting him for his role in the mortgage scandal of 2008. She then took Mnuchin’s campaign cash, as well as big money from other financial, health care, and media interests. She is untrustworthy for consideration for higher office.


Unfortunately true. Many state unemployment systems are run like the Medicaid and social security disability these days. Deny the first application out of hand, and see who has the chutzpah to stick it out within the system.
We’re not far from Thunderdome, where we’ll all be given a mace or sledgehammer and told to fight somebody for public benefits


I think relief money should be tied to filling out the 2020 Census rather than filing of income taxes.

Hear me out.

That will get to every one with the added benefit of boosting census response to the maximum, thereby granting all localities proper legislative representation and funding.

Pass this along to your congress people if you can. I believe this would help all.


Since when does Don care about being “unacceptable?”

It was definitely a devious tactic but many fought to exclude SS, SSDI, V A and SSI entirely. It was a battle to have them included in any type of way. Assuming the poor don’t vote is a huge mistake.

people on SSI only don’t get 1099 forms to file taxes

Thanks for that bit of “modern history” (see above). I followed the Crash of 2008 and the ensuing Little Depression in considerable detail, including the unlawful foreclosures by Munchkin et al., but I missed that one, probably because I never heard of Kamala Harris until a few months ago. It explains a lot.

There is this:

Yet even though any special form would’ve probably been extremely simple, the Treasury Department reversed course late Wednesday and decided it would simply send stimulus checks directly to Social Security recipients who hadn’t filed returns. The money would be directly deposited to bank accounts in the same way as monthly Social Security checks are. ~https://www.fool.com/retirement/2020/04/02/on-social-security-how-to-get-your-stimulus-check.asp

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