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'Not Even Close to Being Over': WHO Chief Says Despite Some Progress, 'Pandemic Is Actually Speeding Up'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/29/not-even-close-being-over-who-chief-says-despite-some-progress-pandemic-actually

This is why emergency UBI and Medicare4All is needed desperately in this time. Unfortunately no matter who gets into the White House this November neither of these things will come to pass.


The problem in this shit-hole of a country is not who is in office, its who’s not in office; the idiotic voters who assure us of people like Pelosi and Biden and Schumer into the infinite future, while condemning real progressive candidates as impractical. What is practical about this down-spiraling dump of a nation and where it is heading, name one thing?..


As of 6/29/20 only five states (including DC as a state) are reducing their level of infection. They are Rhode Island, DC, Hawaii, Vermont and New Jersey. The other 46 states are all accelerating. #2 Florida is more than doubling every five days.

I compare the latest five days of confirmed new cases with the previous five days, a good a measure as any.

You can look up your state at ~http://quakerworks.net/statecoronavirusstatistics.htm

I have updated the site daily since March 22.

This article references one State in the US that was dismissive of the Pandemic entirely and rushed to “open for business” as people protested against wearing masks because it was inhibiting personal freedom and Liberties.


It turning into a disaster with hospitals filled to capacity and control of the virus lost entirely.

Arizona population 7 million total cases 74000 and climbing
British Columbia Population 5 million total cases 2878.

We have here in BC one Doctor Bonnie Henry overseeing the outbreak. She does a remarkable job and the Premier of BC defers to her on Health matters rather then focusing on “reopening the economy”


“But it’s also a time for all countries to renew their commitment to universal health coverage as the cornerstone of social and economic development—and to building the safer, fairer, greener, more inclusive world we all want.” Dr. Ghebreyesus, head of the WHO.

Obama took universal health coverage off the table the minute he moved into the White House, and the Dem Party elite has done everything possible since then to prevent universal health coverage in the U.S. They even rigged the 2016 and 2020 presidential nominations in order to block Medicare for All. And now the Dems expect us to vote for Biden, who has said he would veto Medicare for All? I hate Trump, but I hate Biden and the corrupt Dems more, so I’ll vote Green and hope that Biden loses.


It also doesn’t help that such progressives refuse to point this out and call out their party. I don’t entirely blame the voters since the deck is so stacked against them but I also can’t absolve them of blame completely either.

I won’t even know who I want to see “win”. It is clear that we the people have lost yet again. Just as it always is.

Who the hell told you it was easy

I been fighting this crap all my life

And ol greenie the hopey

Green won’t win a presidential in our country right now

You got one vote and only one portal off this sinking ship and that’s Biden

Nobody likes it but that’s it

We need to get him elected with a functioning VP

And then we gotta kick his mutherfucking ass left every day of the week

In a few years we might have some people in place

But it’s gonna be from the bottom up

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Yesterday, I watched a large group of people having a family reunion. No one wore masks, no one practiced social distancing. And…they were right under my townhouse windows. One of them already had what sounded like a Covid cough. I live in Michigan. The governor was pushed into opening things up by solidly GOP state houses. Already, a bar in East Lansing has been nicknamed Chernobyl East. I live in Port Huron, right on the border with Canada, just up I-94 from Detroit and I-69 from Lansing.
People just don’t get the severity of the situation. Or they do but profits over people rules their lives. Even worse, we’ve been fed the delusion for years and years that complex problems can be solved in the 60 minutes of a television show or the two hours of a movie. Our pace of life is instant gratification and/or instant solutions.
Covid is here to stay. We’ll need to stop the war metaphors and start to devise ways of living with it in our daily lives. Eventually, we’ll get a vaccine. Or drugs to control it like those used for chronic illnesses such as Rheumatoid Arthritis.
In the meantime, wear the goddam masks and stay at least six feet away from others. Wash your hands a lot. Don’t touch your eyes and face. And prepare for a very high death rate. Maybe not at the level of Y Pestis. More like smallpox or typhoid.


The Border patrol here in Canada has began turning asylum seekers back to the USA due to the COVID crisis and it being unmanaged South of the border (At least that the rationale they use)


The US is going to be like North Korea in short order with no one permitted to leave. There was some show I started watching on NETFLIX before I got bored and the premise was US Citizens were not allowed to leave the USA. If they tried crossing the border into Canada they were shot dead. It all has something to do with this mind control implant that was going to prevent all crime. I did not watch it all thinking the premise rather silly , but maybe it was not so silly after all.


I am not sure how this handled in the rest of Canada but here in BC they do a very good job and the vast majority of the people have bought into the rules.

I was getting tired of my own cooking so have went out to a lot of restaurants of late and they are very strict. Tables on either side of me always empty. No more then 6 at a table. Waitresses all wearing masks. People cleaning diligently after ever diner leaves.

Even hiking people are careful to maintain distances from one another. There this footbridge I cross on a regular hike into a bird sanctuary and if there someone on it coming one way, the people wait till that person off it before they get on.

BC has 5 million people and so far only 2800 cases and the vast majority of these cases hit early when the Province not prepared. Social distancing works.


Exactly. I could see this coming which gives me no sense of satisfaction. Just feel utterly stupid for not listening to my gut which told me (strongly) to leave in 2000.

Once again, I have this this horrid feeling that is similar to being in the basement during tornado warnings (I’m from the midwest/u.s.); sirens going, freight train sound roaring overhead . . . but this time there will be no “all clear”. The black turbulent shelf cloud won’t be moving away followed by clearing skies and gentle breeze.

We are in this time of collapse . . . and it is not going to get better. I wish I was wrong.

For now, will try to make it through the next few days of flooding rains and oppressive, dangerous heat from which there is no end in sight.

How do you think you would feel if you were in the u.s.? That is not a rhetorical question! I’m very curious as I appreciate your thoughts, insights.


Everyone has an attachment to the Country in which they were born and I think I would have had that were I born in the USA. I like to think that I would still be a socialist/green however and I like to think I would have the same values as a person that I have today.

This of course something that can not be proven .

I also tend to procrastinate on making big decisions and while I would like to think I would have left the USA were I born there for a Country that had a Government with different values then just money and profits , I might very well have put that decision off for far too long and until it was too late to do anything about it.

Again I work with a young man from Chile. He has no family here and had no ties to Canada but in his 20s decided he had to get out of Chile as he felt it in collapse. He saved his money and migrated here to Vancouver. Every day he on the phone in the office to friends back home speaking Spanish. I asked him one day is that to people around here as there not a huge Spanish Community and he says no, it friends back in Chile all asking how they can get out of the Country.

I would like to think if I was in my 20s and had been born in the USA , I would have tried to leave.

That said were I born in the USA and stuck there, I think I too would feel trapped and see it as hopeless. I would latch onto any positive movement of people I could find so I at least felt that I was not the only one and that together we could make a difference. It might be nothing ever comes of such movements but at least you trying and among friends who think as you do. That mutual support would help one keep their sanity.

It would not be so much about just surviving. It would be about surviving with my values intact and you need others to help you to do that.


This is a **Self-fulfilling prophecy. When the US and Doctor Fauci spend there Billions on Mutant Bat Research to be use has a weapon via Corona Virus. Guess what folks that weapon is me and you. It’s also an excuse to control the masses even more and control of the population. While they profit on a untested Vaccine the want you to take. And remember Vaccine manufacturers can’t be sued because of our sold out Congresscritters.

Continue doing the same pattern that you guys have been trying for the past 40 years. It has made so much progress and not at all just led to the Democrats becoming more right wing overall.

Wow, those folks under your window apparently hadn’t heard about the Memorial Day weekend surprise birthday party in Dallas. As of four days ago, 18 family members have tested positive for Covid-19. Three, two elderly and an immunocompromised cancer patient, were hospitalized. Party is reported to only have lasted a couple hours with about 25 attendees who then went home to other family members.

Volunteer EMT Ron Barbosa, who did not attend, said his dad was hanging on by a thread. He’s posted the following appeal for plasma donations on Facebook:

“Family and friends we have a ‘Frank Alert.’ We need plasma from anyone who has had Covid. Please join the Caring for Carole Facebook page. My sister Kathy, my mother Carole and my father Frank need your prayers. If you can donate plasma do it!! Just remember you have to be totally COVID free.”

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You think protesting masks is bad, Check this out. Keep in mind this states cases are going through the roof, and a story this morning claimed Houston’s ICU beds are maxed out right now.


I’m not surprised the people of BC, and your government are doing a much better job of protecting themselves.


A night club here in Vancouver tried to get around the rules as outlined by the Government this leading to a spike in the number of cases as a person there found to have COVID. They shut the place down.

Note what is seen as a spike in BC as compared to down in the USA.


All that separates BC from Washington State is a closed border. As per this article.

BC 2900 total cases
BC 174 deaths

Washington State Total cases 32252
Washington State Total deaths 1320.

Washington State is managing this much better then most US states.

The differences in numbers are due entirely to policy and how the people acting so as to prevent further spread. There no other way to explain the differences.

Those "Constitutional rights " barowners in texas are idiots.


Just because someone told us not to put our hands on a hot stove doesn’t mean we have to be macho and burn our hands out of bullheadedness. Geez, you just can’t fix stupid.