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'Not Even Close to Being Over': WHO Chief Says Despite Some Progress, 'Pandemic Is Actually Speeding Up'

What an uplifting post! Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my question. After I sent it, I thought-----“that sure put (him? her?) on the spot!”

I realized I should have prefaced my post with the difference between clinical depression (which —fortunately— I have not suffered from) and situational grief, frustration, anger—which I experience on a regular basis these days!

Hearing others share their experiences is so important. Especially perspectives from different parts of the world-----these shared stories link us, offer solace and inspiration---- if they are are stories springing from self growth/awareness that are rooted in a place of empathy and compassion.

This quote gets to the heart of the challenge which I accept with an open— albeit cracked —heart:

p.s. thank you too for sharing your procrastination tendencies related to big decisions!
I must tell you doing an engine search on “how to make big decisions” has NOT helped me with them (lol). You described what happened to me. I am here because of putting off a big decision and having outside forces make it for me. But then again, the journey with my daughter here in the u.s. has been filled with many, many positives.

As Kurt V. said: “I was a victim of a series of accidents as are we all”—
"And so it goes . . . " : )

In the meantime, back to the news! Must stay on topic (this thread being covid topic) . . . 4th of July week here in the upper midwest, never been this crowded (in my experience), no masks, lots of fireworks, ATV’s, motorcycles (with noise enhancement), big power boats . . VERY crowded bars/restaurants (no masks or social distancing)------virus-spread a go go!