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Not Even One Republican Voted for Sweeping House Bill to Improve Democracy, Make Voting Easier

Not Even One Republican Voted for Sweeping House Bill to Improve Democracy, Make Voting Easier

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Not a single House Republican voted for sweeping Democratic legislation that would strengthen voting rights and reduce the influence of corporate money on the political process.

The "For the People Act" (H.R. 1) passed on Friday by 234-193 party-line vote. All 193 no votes were by Republicans. Four Republicans did not vote.


From the article:

“Asked why he will not bring the bill to the floor for a vote, McConnell replied, ‘Because I get to decide what we vote on.’”

McConnell then added, referring to those who thought they lived in a representative democracy, “Let them eat straw polls.”


Just more proof that we need a progressive war on the Republican Party.


That is who they are. A tragedy that we are required to take them seriously, at all, let alone live with the results.


Bush the Lesser sez:
“I’m the decider!”

Apparently passed his baton to McConman.


this vote unmasks to those still skeptical about who suppresses voting rights. the current GOP is at war with the people of this nation. stands only for white elites.


How to improve Democracy? The headline should have read ‘How to restore Democracy’ because that one went out the window with the implementation of the Patriot Act followed by the NDAA, the two pieces of legislation designed to dismantle/override the US Constitution. This legislation needs to be repealed to restore US democracy to the time frame before the 9/11 events. But of course I’m dreaming…


Well, by McTurtles words and deeds it’s game over. If people cannot vote, if there is no accountability and if money buys the guvmint, the grand experiment is over. Finished.

I may be delusional or naive or whatever you want to call me I don’t care but this breaks my heart. As Rep. E. Cummings said recently, “We are better than this”.


“We are better than this”.

In reality, a significant portion of our population is not better than this. They are called republicans and this is exactly who they are.


I don’t think the Democrats are in any position to lecture anyone about democracy. Beyond the fact that the party has rigged the system with the Republicans so that no other parties can emerge, I mean, it is OUR system, so why should two private entities control it as much as they do? Our political system is a public good, and those two private interests have monopolized that public good. Private monopolies or oligopolies are never good. We can acknowledge that the Republicans are horrible on this issue, but the Democrats not being as bad doesn’t make them good. The party is thoroughly corrupt, it ignores what the overwhelming majority of its own base wants on policy (often large segments of the population too), it is internally pretty undemocratic (especially with those that challenge the people running the party), and many of its leaders support a foreign policy that is highly authoritarian. How many of them are behind, for example, Trump in Venezuela and our meddling in that country? There were good things in this bill and it is telling that the Republicans voted against this, but neither party is a friend of democracy at this point.


If we want to strengthen democracy, we could get control back of OUR political system from these two parties. We need anti-trust legislation in the political sphere. We could take on the court cases that have thoroughly corrupted this system. We could get money out of politics, and we could do a hell of a lot more to make the parties internally democratic, at every level. We could also increase things like workplace democracy, but that would require the parties to take on their big donors, and that can’t happen. This bill had some decent parts in it, but lets be honest about what democracy is and how far from it we are with both these parties and the media.


I am no fan of democrats either but at least there are a few (eg: Rep. E. Cummings) who strive to maintain some semblance of decency.


I get you, and I am not arguing that the parties are equal. I can at least point to Democrats that are good on the issue, whereas I can’t with the other rotten party.


As long as the media continues to view things in a “democrat vs. republican” lens, the information flow is dishonest.

Those who subscribe to neither party are actually a larger percentage of our population.

D: 30%; R: 30%; Other 40%.


Ditton, your description is heart warming in it’s passionate description of where we are, why we arn’t going anywhere soon, if at all, and therefore heart stabbing at the same time.
I’m thinking FacistFocker had it right. At some point we have to get it that we, nor those in government, are going to be able to put Humpty back together again.
Overwhelming greed has us by the short hairs and refuses to let go for the sake of our country.


This is beyond an Outrage!!! We can not let these rabid dog murdering Politicians decide what is good for the people any longer. That includes any Democrat that refuses to sign…It’s all out in the open now, and We know what Trump, McConnell, Pence, Ryan and the others are about… The time is Now that We finally have to do something about this situation. Turning the other cheek is Not an option. Saying, ‘Please sign the Bill’ is not an option. Pacifism is not an option. They love War so much? That’s what We need to give them… a War!


Thank you for your kind words, I feel like a scorned lover. As you well know this is my passion, my reason for being and right now I feel a stab in my heart.

Easy there Guitman…these things are read by those you don’t want to know. Yes it is beyond outrage but step back and let reason prevail, “with eyes of fire no one can see”, Robbie Robertson.

But most of the 40% don’t have an interest in voting.

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So you are not part of “we”?