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Not Even Orwell or Huxley Could Have Imagined 'Totalitarian' Threat Posed by Facebook and Google, Warns SorosNot Even Orwell or Huxley Could Have Imagined 'Totalitarian' Threat Posed by Facebook and Google, Warns Soros


Not Even Orwell or Huxley Could Have Imagined 'Totalitarian' Threat Posed by Facebook and Google, Warns SorosNot Even Orwell or Huxley Could Have Imagined 'Totalitarian' Threat Posed by Facebook and Google, Warns Soros

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In addition to warning that U.S. President Donald Trump represents an immense "danger" to civilization, billionaire George Soros used the spotlight of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on Thursday to urge the international community to take seriously the threats posed by Facebook and Google, which he said could ultimately spawn "a web of totalitarian control" if they are not reined in.


1984 . . .   Here At Last!!


Some day, robots won’t just take our jobs and stock the shelves in the stores we shop in. They will police us too.


They already do. People have been getting tickets mailed to them from traffic light cameras for many years now.


Those are just cameras. Eventually, it will be robots in self-driving cars and drones.


I went into my phone service providers store to pay my bill - I was next door for lunch.
I gave them my telephone number and was asked for a photo id.
I told them I was just there to pay a bill, and I did not need any information from the account, including the amount.
It ended with them threatening to call the cops on me.
I left and paid the bill online.


IMHO, it’s time for you to change phone service providers . . .


In my line of work, we can’t pitch clients in need of ‘creative’ help without including social media and search strategies. Facebook and Google own digital advertising and to them, we are all merely data points.


Whuh? How bizarre.


Democracy’s fate was sealed with the implementation of the Patriot Act and the NDAA. Both documents were pushed through Congress with the help of Democrats.



I don’t know many people that use f/b or google. They dinosaur’s, there are much better ways of doing things now. The less you use techie stuff the better off you are, I personally use a landline and refuse to own a leash/cell.


There are plenty of Americans willing to use those mechanisms for petty bullying and pushing people around. My ex-employer asked all of us for our Facebook passwords so he could check our posts for possible confidentiality breaches. I am not sure how many complied. I didn’t. I quit soon thereafter.


Soros is on target. Congress needs to act. The public needs to have control over the data being collected by these tech companies and others. To maintain the freedom of the mind people need to read books printed on paper as well as real magazines and newspapers printed on paper. Paper is the answer. Get away from the data collection and destruction of privacy on digital devices and sit down a read by oneself. That leads to not being connected and thinking one’s own thoughts without surveillance. That doesn’t mean do not use he internet only don’t use it exclusively. Franklin Foer in his book “World Without Mind. The Existential Threat of Big Tech” discusses this way to save ourselves from the threats posed by Facebook and Google that Soros has presented at the meeting in Davos.


Apparently, Unc, you missed the beginning DECADES ago!


Decades ago was when construction started.  The edifice is now complete, and the official dedication will take place any day now.


The old bastard is right of course.


War’s over man…Wormer dropped the big one.


Yes, in my view, it started right after Orwell wrote his prescient book in 1948 with the Constitutionally, illegal Korean war and the overthrow by the CIA in 1953 of the democratically elected leader and replacing him with the most corrupt Shah.


I suggest it began with the passage of FISA in 1978.


Billionaires like Soros are are a product of the failures of democracy to reign in rapacious capitalism and will be eliminated with the inevitable (unless we’re all dead first) turn to socialism.