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Not Even Orwell or Huxley Could Have Imagined 'Totalitarian' Threat Posed by Facebook and Google, Warns SorosNot Even Orwell or Huxley Could Have Imagined 'Totalitarian' Threat Posed by Facebook and Google, Warns Soros

Both Facebook and Google have restricted access to many left leaning websites. They’ve modified search algorithms to remove any of these sites from searches. They have outright censored news sites like Consortium news, Alternet, counterpunch, World Socialists, Naked Capitalism etc. .But Soros doesn’t address this. This is likely because the censorship came as a result of the faux left’s McCarthy like tendency to block alternative thought on the Putin hacked the American election BS.


Allowing other people to have access to your Facebook account is a violation of the terms of service.
Besides, your ex-employer does not need your password to check your posts. All that is needed is for you to friend one another, then you can follow one another, or not.

I think Mr. Soros’ cautions may be misplaced at this time. The clearest danger to any democracy is having a mass media controlled by large corporations rather than just talking of internet companies. Google doesn’t stifle discussion and the reporting of news events like CBS, NBC and even PBS does. And the NY Times and other newspapers and BBC so color their reporting that what actually takes place is distorted beyond recognition.

Education is not needed to stop ignorance, only literacy - and maybe not even that nowadays if radio and TV understand their important role in a democracy. If you travel any in the poorest parts of Latin America, you will find that the poorest campesinos are far more conversant and knowledgeable regarding current events than any average USAn with an master’s degree in engineering or business.


Democracy didn’t fail. We never had it. What of those corporations that control pretty much everything about our waking hours? “Little tyrannies,” Chomsky likes to call them. We won’t have democracy until we democratize those. Socialism is Democracy.


You need to spend some time on Twitter. Suddenly, people and organizations are being blocked left and right. Did you ever tweet from a Russian IP? Use a Cerillic character in your tweet? Retweet someone who did? Blocked. Talk about violence in any form - like the violent history of the British and American empires? Blocked. As of yesterday, Wikileaks tweeted out that they even blocked Telesur!


Check out ProtonMail.ch and ProtonVPN.ch. These are a bunch of guys from CERN, where the web was designed. They’ve done a good job of making PGP usable between ProtonMail accounts. And for external accounts they have a very nice symmetric encryption system which well send the recipient a link to the encrypted email. You’ll have to find your own way of getting the password to the recipient. The associated VPN have various options, including a 2-hop VPN and a VPN to Tor. Mail & VPN have free versions, but the prices aren’t high and they had a reduced rate at the end of last year.

Ubuntu is a big step if you have been caught in the proprietary OS world; but it has some limitations when it comes to libre software. I won’t get into the details here, but I would suggest that the next step after Ubuntu, assuming you’re not ready to make a large one to maybe OpenBSD or Qubes or Subgraph or etc, is to move to the Arch Linux distribution. It’s a rolling release system, and they have really spectacularly excellent documentation. It does necessitate your learning a little bit about how your system works, but the path is well layed out and the rewards are high.

See my comment to Yunzer on ProtonMail and ProtonVPN. I think you’ll find them a good choice. In addition, you might want to get yourself a domain like DittonMail.Com (if someone hasn’t already), and then point your MX records to ProtonMail so that your email, secret@dittonmail.com, will arrive at ProtonMail. (That’s a very easy thing to do with step-by-step instructions available.) Then if you ever want to move from there, you won’t have to change your email address. The idea is to abstract away your email provider, using a logical address that can be pointed to any provider. That gives you the freedom to move.

While true, it strikes me as a tendentious statement. We can also use it to fight back. “How did the real estate of the web page get turned over to google for advertising,” @Erkskindl asks. It’s because we haven’t used the technology as it’s capable of being used. Check out ZeroNet or the Interplanetary File System. These are non-centralized webs. (Looking them up on Wikipedia is a good way to get a run-down on these and any other technological matters.) To do serious work, people need to switch to the decentralized choices. Facebook and Twitter, for example, have alternatives like Diaspora and GNUSocial/Friendica, respectively. There’s also a very interesting project from the developer of Status(.)Net and Identica(.)Net, which he would down for Pump.io. There are even decentralized alternatives to youtube, though just switching to Vimeo would be an improvement over Google.

Bottom line, the internet was a military technology for decentralized communications. Knock out a platoon, and you still want signals to jump from platoon to platoon to reach its destination. That’s what they mean when they say that the internet is “self healing”. They are ruing the day they released it to us, and so are trying to recentralize this medium by sticking an ISP or a Google or a Facebook between us and every other person we communicate with; like, if the platoon had to communicate to any other platoon through HQ, so that HQ could spy/throttle/manipulate. Our job is to make sure they are not allowed to interpose an HQ. Check out Mesh Networks. We’ve got people building them out in major cities across the country. Internet is actually cheap to free, except for that last hop to your house.

Since I use an old Mac I use HMS which is GUI for openvpn. As far as email I use a web based email. “They” already know who I am. A long history but I’ve had a fisa warrant and all the rest. I fear not but keep things to a minimum just the same.

An old Mac?? That’s a dangerous thing to do. After a certain point, they no longer update the OS. Meltdown and Spetre? Intel ME? You can’t sit still in this area. A Fisa warrant? Don’t stop, don’t pass go: Qubes.

Check out my comment below to @WWSmith on decentralized social media.

A land line is one of the worst of your choices. It’s easily and completely surveilled.

What I notice regarding Europeans seems to be a matter of initiative. It feels to me like Europeans have more of a sense of themselves in their capacity to evaluate and make a decision. Here people at work appear to need to be told what to do.

There is also a profound mean-spiritedness in this country. “Go get your own,” seems to be the operative attitude.

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Is this the same Soros that is one of the few remaining Nazi collaborators from WW II ?
The same Soros that turned on his own people and aided the National Socialist war effort by finding their hidden wealth and money ?
The same Soros that just recently donated 18 BILLION dollars (pre-tax & tax free) to his own Open Society Foundation which promotes the same tired old National Socialism he grew up under during WW II ?
The same Soros that controlled the NGOs of the Ukraine which accepted American money to topple the legally elected government there ? The one that used the money to give his corrupt globalist friends control of all of that nations resources ? The same Soros that was Obamas puppet master ?
Do you mean the Soros that spent $36 million to incite riots in Ferguson, and paid people to protest via donating to “grassroots” community service orgs ?
Obamas puppet master ? National Socialist extraordinaire ? If that is the one... Im not sure if you can trust what he is saying…I hear he isnt a Vegan... Who could trust someone that eats their animal friends....? I hear OBama and Hillary do too, and we all know they cant be trusted...(and theyre over 30…)

I agree wholeheartedly; that’s precisely what I meant by the failure of democracy – to extend its reach to the economic sphere.

Did you visit my site? Do you think I really care?

I busted Apple hacking me through wifi using a DSL linked modem. Found the fisa warrant was issued for airplane mode. Plastered it all over the web. Was invited of the 2 day conference on internet security at the White House by Mr. “O”. I participated via email. I used to use Linux Mint, moved into a different situation and now I could care less. Seriously, they know who and where I am, if they want me they can have me.

Oh shit, I am doomed–I can spell Tchaikovsky off the top of my head.

Thank you for all your efforts, for all of us, Robert Parry. You spoke and stood for Truth to Power, in an age of relentless onslaught to remove those very voices:

Bob regretted that, increasingly, “the American people and the West in general are carefully shielded from hearing the ‘other side of the story.’” Indeed, he said that to even suggest that there might be another side to the story is enough to get someone branded as an apologist for Vladimir Putin or a “Kremlin stooge.”

This culminated in late 2016 in the blacklisting of Consortiumnews.com on a dubious website called “PropOrNot,” which was claiming to serve as a watchdog against undue “Russian influence” in the United States. The PropOrNot blacklist, including Consortiumnews and about 200 other websites deemed “Russian propaganda,” was elevated by the Washington Post as a credible source, despite the fact that the neo-McCarthyites who published the list hid behind a cloak of anonymity.

“The Post’s article by Craig Timberg,” Bob wrote on Nov. 27, 2016, “described PropOrNot simply as ‘a nonpartisan collection of researchers with foreign policy, military and technology backgrounds [who] planned to release its own findings . . . showing the startling reach and effectiveness of Russian propaganda campaigns.’”

As Bob explained in an article called “Washington Post’s Fake News Guilt,” the paper granted PropOrNot anonymity “to smear journalists who don’t march in lockstep with official pronouncements from the State Department or some other impeccable fount of never-to-be-questioned truth.”

“Anti-Trump ‘progressives’ were posturing as the true patriots because of their now unquestioning acceptance of the evidence-free proclamations of the U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies.”