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'Not Every Option Is on the Table': EU Leaders Reject Idea US-Led Military Intervention in Venezuela

'Not Every Option Is on the Table': EU Leaders Reject Idea US-Led Military Intervention in Venezuela

Julia Conley, staff writer

The European Union and the Spanish government on Monday both rejected calls by the Trump administration and Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido to keep "every option on the table" to remove President Nicolas Maduro from power—saying it would not participate in military intervention.

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I wait in vain for US corporate media to report on the ongoing human rights disaster that is Colombia, the most dangerous country in the world for journalists, academics and labor leaders. That the Twump regime has chosen to stage its “humanitarian” intervention from there would be merely ironic, if it weren’t also profoundly tragic.

In addition to Colombia, other far more fitting candidates for a human-rights upgrade include Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt and Turkey, where the US presumably has more influence.


Looks like the ball is in Trudeau’s court, Trump’s Poodle


One of the hallowed memes in the US Political system is its checks and balances. I would argue it has less in the way of checks and balances than did the system of “Tyranny” they overthrew in the American Revolution.

The problem is the Leglislative, Executive and Judiciary all are under the thrall of the one percent. In the system before the one percent were very often on the outside of Government. When a war waged the Monarch of a given country very often had to use his or her own personal fortune to wage it and pay his or her troops and if that supply grew too low they would go to one of the banking houses to borrow more. An example of this is the Fugger banking house which loaned all type of monies to various Monarchies so those countries could wage war. Various kingdoms went bankrupt trying to pay these loans off. The Fugger banking house loved war as it would bring in more profits and they would advance loans just to keep those wars going.

The USA got rid of the Monarchy and developed a Government that in form was an oligarchy where the same peoples that profitted off the wars ran its Government. The Country has been at war for 90 percent of its history because the one percent profits off this.

Bush referred to the USA as an “ownership society” . It is that because it is owned by the investor class and every worker and every government policy enacted is to ensure the owners get richer.


Incarcerate any Elite involved in an invasion of Venezuela. And, seize all it’s assets.

How do you like that option?


Last year I read Berlin Diary by William Shirer. I suggest anyone who lives near a good library get a copy and read the entries in the months leading up to the German invasion of Poland in 1939. The corporate media is behaving in the same way the large German newspapers were at that time. Please don’t take my word for it.
Here is Caitlin on the Psycopath du Jour.



Here is FAIR’s assessment of Venezuela’s situation.



There are now more climate refugees than political refugees. Venezuela is about habitat collapse.


My brother has been to Columbia and your post is spot on! The corporate media, like I have posted before, should not be called " news" because Trump is correct that it is mostly a fake news media, but not a fake news media from the left, but Amerikan, propaganda from the fascist, far, right.


The obvious stupidity of this whole things should be apparent. For one, the aid that has been offered (by the US, and right wing governments with worse human rights records) is less than the daily costs of the economic war against Venezuela. It is not only a PR stunt/propaganda campaign, Guaido (a creation of the NED) and Trump said that it was a means of forcing the military to ignore the government, which could set the stage for a coup. The US could just stop the economic war, which would be much better than any small aid they are offering (for propaganda purposes). The UN and the Red Cross refuse to work with or attach themselves to the aid because of how obviously politicized this is.

And that bourgeois dickhead Branson is a ridiculous clown. He goes to Colombia to hold a concert to aid Venezuela (with the support of Guaido and the fascist Leopoldo mind you, Leopoldo being in jail for things he would be in jail for her too). Think about that for a second. Colombia is the deadliest place in the world for union organizers. It is among the deadliest places in the world for journalists and human rights workers. Over 80 priests have been killed there since the 80’s because they worked to help the poor. Thousands of activists and politicians have been killed since the 1980’s by right wing paramilitaries. It has among the largest group of internally displaced people in the world, the CIA data on net migration shows that millions have been fleeing the country, millions were in fact living in Venezuela up until a few months ago on the government’s dime, and the overwhelming majority of the violence comes from right wing death squads. Dozens of indigenous groups have disappeared forever because of violent land grabs. Its recent president, Uribe and his family, have tons of connections to right wing death squads, information has come out that outright hits were planned on his ranch with death squads, and the DEA said (in the early 90’s) that he was one of the worst politicians in that government in regards to connections to cartels. It is, in short, a human rights horror show, but it hasn’t been subjected to intense economic war by the US. In fact, Colombia is the largest recipient of aid in the hemisphere and is the third largest recipient of US aid in the world. Only Egypt and Israel gets more, and the US helped to set up the paramilitary death squad system in the 60’s in that country too. So, Branson is going to THAT country in order to give aid to people suffering in Venezuela, and they are largely suffering because of us. Oh, and Obama took some selfies with this asshole, showing how much fun he was having playing on his yacht. I can think of no better of a microcosm of this rotten system than that. Ever hear the saying, a picture says a thousand words?

What does this picture say?


Now THIS is where the European Union is a good idea–!!

What we hoped for – that there would be someone, something standing up against
the insanity of the US/fascism today.


Except that the habitat of the EU is also collapsing.

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How do ‘EU Leaders’ differ from belly crawling ‘European Countries’ that recognize Guaido as Unelected President of Venezuela?

People desperately want to fall asleep. We just want to debate the merits of one country over another. We demand that one system is more evil than another. This passes the time while population grows and shopping continues, all over the world in every city, for the same stuff.

Meanwhile, right now, (I know this is putting myself out there but stay with me, ) THE HABITAT OF THE PLANET IS COLLAPSING.

This tends to affect politics. Go figure.

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discover –

Europe faces droughts, floods and storms as climate change accelerates

Europe and northern hemisphere are warming at faster pace than the global average and ‘multiple climatic hazards’ are expected, says study

Global Warming is the wild card. There’s no saying just how all of the complications
of damage to systems will unfold. Scientists have always said that.

The Global Warming model was presented to the American public (briefly) in 1957.
Those who controlled and profited from our natural resources – especially the oil industry –
went into action to keep it out of discussion, off the minds of the public and finally to deny it.

This is the power of secrecy where the public cannot react to information they’re not aware of.

Secretary General of UN just said that the next two years could bring “runaway Global Warming”
… which would be the beginning of the end.

And due to a 50 year delay in our feeling the effects of Global Warming we are only now about
to feel the effects of the harm done to Nature after 1969.

And US/CIA and Elites still want more wars.


LOL! So, 80 priests have been killed in Colombia since the 1980’s by death squads because of the environment? The US set up the paramilitary system in the 1960’s because of the environment? Would have been news to the CIA and people like Douglas Stokes, who have written extensively about that situation. Thousands of politicians (including presidential candidates, senatorial candidates, activists) have been killed since the 1980’s because of the environment? It is the deadliest place in the world for union organizers because of the environment? The human rights reports showing the disappearance of dozens of indigenous groups in Colombia because of violent land grabs (they live on land that feeds them, and there are resources there right wing interests want, so they are violently forced off the land), that is the result of habitat collapse? Plan Colombia did result in massive ecological damage, but that is part of the same project I am pointing to. Most of the drug distribution networks are in northern Colombia and most drugs were exported by right wing interests that had connections to right wing politicians like Uribe (who Bush gave a presidential medal of freedom to). The FARC were minor players, largely taxing cocoa production and cocaine operations.

I gave a brief rundown of the human rights situation in Colombia. Gives a picture of what is there.

Why respond to me with such a nonsense comment? Like usual, you try to divert attention away from things you don’t want discussed. Look over there, to an issue that has nothing to do with this, because discover doesn’t like this conversation.

You aren’t a serious thinker, person and your shtick is a bit obvious at this point. Bother someone else.


Oh my god, bother someone else.

discover posts here to divert the conversation. discover wants other things to be discussed in this thread. Environmental issues are important, and there are threads about those issues. There is a reason why discover posts this here. Just a heads up.

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