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'Not Every Option Is on the Table': EU Leaders Reject Idea US-Led Military Intervention in Venezuela

I think I told you to bother/stalk someone else.

Every Republican need their ‘war’ to prove their manhood especially if they were a chicken hawk. W, Cheney, and Trump are all trying to prove their big tough and strong after cowering in the corner when they were asked to serve. The rest of us have to pay the price of another American misadventure by sending the true heroes and brave men and women into harms way so these manchildren can feel better about themselves.

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Yeah, no. This is about the global economy and the last fight for what’s left of the resources to uphold cities around the world using the same resources. If it means destroying more and more for one more good day on the market, every country with a place on this bet will applaud it.

Ironically, only the children of the world seem to know this. Children around the world are refusing to go to school because they know we live on a planet


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The case has been well made before that eco system collapse and military conflicts are related. Military actions have a tremendous impact on the environment directly, but also stresses in any population always add to the likelihood of conflict. Unrest is the fuel of revolution, and climate related crop failures and economic pressures are often contributing factors to unrest. In a perverse way, the world economic situation contributed to Venezuelan Coup engineering. Oil is a driver of industrial economies, and Venezuea has vast reserves making it attractive to Industrialist and Imperialist regimes. the low prices of oil recently have reduced Venezuelas profits, and along with the sanctions by the US resulted in less money to purchase imported goods. Domestic goods are scarce due to environmental pressures. Mostly though, Venezuela poses a real threat of a “good example”. If Venezuela is not made to collapse or convert to right wing capitalism, if socialist ideas succeed, then the arguments against socialism will prove wrong globally, and it may spread even to the US. This is the sort of thing that wakes people like Trump up in the night. They are terrified of the Progressive movement in our country too. Waging war on socialism won’t end in Venezuela, they’ll bring that here as well.


i was at a coffee house yesterday, and glanced at an NYT article about the “humanitarian” border clash. The language was crafted to avoid anything outside of US framing, referring to Venezuela as the “impoverished” country, with the promised “aid” as being only of the best intentions to relieve poverty, with the obvious implication that it was inexplicably perverse that anyone would resist this beneficent offering. Zero background or commentary outside of the US regime’s framing, at least on the font page part that i saw, i did not follow to the jump on an inside page.


I agree…Long Essays are unnecessary, boring and deflect the initial headline. A simple paragraph will do. I could write a book that the wind blew part of my fence down due to climate change, but I won’t bother anyone with minutia… Keep posts short, relevant and to the point please.

Well thank you. That is a real time in depth look at world politics.

Allow me to further the discussion. Humans are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Oil runs the entire world economy. Every city in the world now relies on oil and oil based products.

Yet, this is exactly what’s destroying the habitat. This makes politics more desperate, and around and around we go.

However, there is a bottom line to this. And I think the Youth Climate Strike addresses this well.

We can all die in a last ditch war for the last drop of consumer products from oil.
We can all die in total habitat collapse caused by climate change and overpopulation.

Or we can face reality and start including the above two realities in ALL discussions about politics, starting now.

Because your last statement is the ultimate reality. It will come to “us” and that does not matter where you are on this planet. And that’s happening now.


Russia giving their perspective. A far more reliable assessment than that of Pompeo.


Zerohdege reports on the Washington Post pulling down its article about 200000 attending the Branson Concert.


Well, they may attempt to. Is that when all the country’s gold reserves has been illegally confiscated by the GB’s Bank of England? Which oil companies expect to reclaim the disputed oil fields along the Guyana/Venezuela border? Or, when the illegal sanctions finally strangle 35 million ( 54-56% descendants of slaves ) Venezuelans? The coming new trade agreement should be called SHAFTA ( Southern Hemisphere of the America’s Forced Tryanny Association ).
As to Columbia: it’s now a drug running, money laundering " shithole " military colony of The Alphabets. That’s why they get so much aid $$$.
Wiping out entire Indigenous groups in the Western Hemisphere takes a lot dirty $$$!!! The U.S. Congress would never officially pay for that much genocide- it’s got to be somewhat off the books for The Uniparty to sleep at night, right?


Time to hang up that malapertness and realize that some issues are multi faceted. You might derive some benefit if you read Eduardo Galeano on the history of Latin America.


My understanding is that the DNC already works to try and keep Tulsi Gabbard out of the debates claiming she is a “marginal” candidate. Apparently , and I got this second hand , 65000 donors are neededfor an individuals campaign for that candidate to be considered “viable”.

It does not matter what your view is towards Ms Gabbard for all of her other stands or whether or not you intend to ultimately vote for her. I think she is the only credible candidate speaking on the various US wars and that voice needs to be heard. Send her a few bucks.


At the risk of being redundant, but the worst humanitarian crisis on Earth is the Yemen war. America supports this humanitarian massacre with heart, soul, and checkbook, and an awful lot of weaponry. Now the Uber rich billionaires, discontented with one NAZI style massacre to attend to, are pining for another one in Venezuela, and for the same reason…OIL! Nobody in the US government has any credibility at all. They are collectively the worst terrorist organization imaginable.


Can someone explain to me how the un-elected Juan Guaido is considered the legitimate President of Venezuela. I understand that we don’t like Maduro but what gives this guy a legitimate claim to the Presidency? What, this guy stands on a table and says “I declare myself the legitimate President of Venezuela,” and the world is supposed to say, “OK?” Looks like nothing but a coup to me engineered by the master of human destruction, Elliot Abrams.


Death-squad backer Elliott Abrams yes but lets not forget - Iran-Contra veteran and war hawk John Bolton, Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo — and a massive coven of Florida’s top lawmakers including Sens. Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, and former Miami State Rep. Carlos Trujillo, who is now the U.S. Ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS). This is a perfect storm of NAZI murderers brought to you by Christian America and her unswerving support of the worst political lineup in the history of The United States.

Gods work I guess most would call it.


Where is the so-called “Resistance”??? You know, the ones that continually decry Trump on every ignorant tweet?

Somehow, we must create enough of a public push-back … whether through mass demonstrations or otherwise; or the neoliberals may again succeed in destroying democratic urges elsewhere.

I confess, I don’t know how to organize this given that most people and in my circles are oblivious; but organize we must.

At the least, we should be filling up Sanders’ phone and fax lines and mailbox, insisting that he get on the right side of this issue.

I just faxed a letter to his DC office, after calling to let his aide know. DC numbers: tel (202) 224-5141
fax (202) 228-0776
Please take a moment to contact him yourself.