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Not for Most Heinous Crimes, But 'Malignant Dissembler' Benjamin Netanyhu Indicted on Corruption Charges

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/21/not-most-heinous-crimes-malignant-dissembler-benjamin-netanyhu-indicted-corruption

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Finally. Now, let’s see if justice prevails.

Apparently Israel’s justice system is better than ours.


Maybe this all runs in Netanyahu’s family, as his wife was using government funds for her own entertaining. I think that I also read once that his son hangs out at strip clubs—do they have strip clubs in Israel—or is this just how they treat Palestinians?

They should also be charging him with the world’s worst comb over. He should just be gone and maybe that nation could become more sane.


“Better Late than Never”, so they say . . .

In which case he’d be declared “not guilty”.   Apparently you have forgotten Tweetle-Dumb . . .

EVERY candidate running for President is for Netenyahoo – EXCEPT Bernie.
Bernie will stand up for usa over isreal. even warren is for netyahoo

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Hi UncleFester:
I thought it was Tweedle -Dee. : ) I’ll go ask ALICE. : )

How are they any different? Seems both countries are content let mass murdering psychopaths remain in power indefinetly, as long as they do not hinder or hurt the financial interests of the other psychopaths.

The Orange Pustule looks a bit like Tweedle-Dum in the Alice stories, and acts very much like him as well.  But since he tweets a great deal,* and he is very dumb as well, I modified the name somewhat.  IMHO, 'Tweetle-Dumb fits “our” current Presidunce quite well.

*   “Only TWITS Twitter.”

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There was heated debate. Perhaps God hoped Israeli would refuse His offer of Canaan land with that one caveat, the slaughter of ‘all’ inhabitants? What about that Commandment to shall not kill? Perhaps God didn’t give up on Israeli because they couldn’t bring themselves to kill every inhabitant? Their disobedience was a test some passed, those most in power perhaps did not pass.
Are leaders today failing the test again?

To “Bear false witness” is widely misinterpreted. Without technically lying, ‘deceit’ misleads others to believe falsehoods as lies in disguise. Bearing false witness also occurs “unintentionally”
by passing along falsehoods unknowingly.

World leaders deny global warming as an act of war with the same grisly results,
the poor and people of color suffer most. Armageddon or extermination? Refugees greeted at borders with armed xenophobes, nationalists and no doubt hoards of religiously profane fundamentalists.

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it won’t… because they have power over all

I wouldn’t bet the farm on that.