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Not for Prime Time: “US Kills 951 Civilians!”

Not for Prime Time: “US Kills 951 Civilians!”

Jerry Kroth

A dry statistic emerged from the UN yesterday reporting that close to 4,000 civilians were killed in Afghanistan last year.

This hombre ain’t surprised…


Some news isn’t fit to print—and much of what’s printed isn’t even news—right, Judith Miller?

Are we proud now of our murderous military and mercenaries?

Brought to you by the parties who “govern” us.

Oh, that’s right. I forgot. If it wasn’t for war, that dirty little three letter word, the Rich wouldn’t get richer, and the poor wouldn’t get poorer.

And the folks in this country wouldn’t have have any corrupt politicians to vote for.

My mistake.

Hi Jerry, your links seem to be going to Gmail.

Vietnam and communism, just a warm-up for the phony war on terror.

The Russians bombed Afghanistan back to the stone age. Now we are stirring the rubble. Why? What is our mission there? Do we have an exit strategy?