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'Not For Sale': Foregoing $1 Billion Payout, First Nations Tribe Rejects LNG Project


'Not For Sale': Foregoing $1 Billion Payout, First Nations Tribe Rejects LNG Project

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Placing the well-being of the Earth above monetary interests, the Lax Kw’alaams First Nations tribe in British Columbia has rejected a $1 billion offer and voted against a proposed liquid natural gas (LNG) terminal.

In the third and definitive vote on the Pacific Northwest LNG project last Tuesday, tribal members unanimously opposed the project, which would be located entirely within Lax Kw’alaams traditional territory on Lelu Island and the adjacent Flora Bank and required tribal consent before going forward.


Well done indeed my brothers. Paper money and empty promises are not the stuff of mother earth and her running rivers and bountiful fish. It would be nice to stick a side note into the rampant industrialization at any cost Japanese. Put the government of Japan and their regulated power plants on notice as one nation to another that damages from continued radioactive leakage will be pursued in courts for damages. You tribal nations signal might be the snow flake that starts an avalanche.


The US energy industry really wants to insanely increase fracking and drilling, put it in the TTIP, and export the natural gas produced to Asia where they can get six times more for it than here.

Yup, last I looked it was around 600% higher.

But that just seems like an incredibly [incredibly STUPID, dangerous and irresponsible](TTIP-ISDS-fracking-briefingEN.indd - foee_ttip-isds-fracking-060314.pdf
) thing to do because of the unforeseen effects it could have.

Also, it would be an environmental disaster

To make it irreversible and trigger a huge bailout if we pull out, they put it in TTIP.

My biggest worry is that the sudden jump in heating and electricity prices will push a lot of people out of their homes in various ways, which I am sure a lot of real estate type people want. And kill a lot of jobs.

Literally millions of people in rented apartments in urban America are living on a thread, and any sudden change will break it.

People should know about Canaport in St John, Canada. On the Atlantic So if they say there would be no way to export LNG quickly, in the US, so that bills would take two or three years to ramp up, they are being deliberately misleading.


This is the most beautiful thing. :slight_smile:


Unspoiled Land is Priceless. It’s worth more than all the gold in polluted China.


Each coastal valley along our West Coast is potentially a jewel. In a pristine state, that is so rare it must be preserved.

LNG is a technology that potentially causes major global warming. Studies from Cornell University have shown methane is as bad or even worse than coal.

Natural gas is not a “bridge technology” as fracking advocates like Hillary Clinton say.

Also, the minute we start exporting natural gas under TTIP, we become trapped by the Unconstitutional ISDS “Trojan Horse Clauses” that suddenly and silently give hundreds of thousands of international firms special privileges at the taxpayers expense- for example, the already bloated energy industry would gain an unearned “right” to a huge bailout at the taxpayers expense if we subsequently changed anything an unaccountable panel of corporate lawyers deemed was resposible for a reduction in their expected future profits.

Change any law which effects their profits, paralyzing our country. Any one of these deals creates tens or hundreds of thousands of potential traps.

Just like Vattenfall in Germany when they decided to phase out nuclear energy because of Chernobyl making some meat too radioactive to eat there, even today…

We should preserve our natural gas reserve for emergencies and try to move away from it with our daily use, but many families need it for heating in the winter. Exporting it would make it too expensive for families, and would also jack up the price of electricity a lot. Millions of people could lose affordable housing if their apartment buildings were then deemed “too expensive to heat”. Leading to a cascade effect on jobs as millions of businesses would need to close down because their workers would have to move. Millions of pensions would also be lost, to people who in many cases had worked most of their lives in anticipation of one.

The monumentally unwise TTIP energy deal is up there with TISA’s privatization and globalization of government jobs down to the municipal level as a potential cascade disaster effect, just another of hundreds of unanticipated adverse effects of Fast Track.

Methane has been described by scientists as a bridge to nowhere. We’re having major problems with methane clathrate in the continental shelves and permafrost melting. Its causing blowouts - when it explodes underground.


I seriously doubt that the real estate sector would be happy about a lot of people being forced from their homes. This would depress a market that has yet to rebound in much of America.
What we really need is for these morons who are making huge energy profits from raping the planet to start investing in renewable energy before they kill 2/3 of the life on Earth.


I am not talking about that part of America.


This is a good paper on the problems with methane:

A bridge to nowhere: methane emissions and the
greenhouse gas footprint of natural gas


This headline is misleading and the overall topic poorly researched.

Lax Kw’alaams is open for business and it is for sale…to the right business that is…The oil business! Yes to oil! No to natural gas!