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Not For What He 'Says' But For What He Has 'Done,' Postal Workers Endorse Sanders


Not For What He 'Says' But For What He Has 'Done,' Postal Workers Endorse Sanders

Jon Queally, staff writer

Declaring that "politics as usual has not worked" and "enough is enough," the American Postal Workers Union announced its endorsement of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Thursday morning, saying the longest-serving independent in the U.S. Congress is the best candidate of the entire 2016 field.


Bernie is the ONLY one besides Jill Stein, that give US a chance to turn this country in the correct direction! Can't use the R word.Go Bernie!!!!


I agree with the McClatchy poll: " Sanders would win in a landslide against any Republican opponent."

But alas, the democratic party is not about who can be elected, but to whom they have selected. In other words, the dems. would rather lose the election with their Wall Street, street walker than win with Bernie. My guess is the corrupt HRC will offer Bernie a cabinet post in her administration.


Seeing how both Obama and Clinton appear to be the product of the same corporate money magnet factory, Clinton would likely follow Obama's model of appointing only those who are approved by the corporate paymasters.


You must think you're at the Huffington Post where the non-critical thinkers want Hillary for no specific reason because she's who the capitalist corporate media, establishment politicians and wealthy plutocrats have picked for you..

The people at commondreams.org are a bit more discerning.


I am for Bernie, I will vote for Bernie. But you do realize that if Hillary wins, Bernie will campaign for her. How do we break the D-R duopoly? Chris Hedges and Ralph Nader slam Bernie pretty hard over at truthdig.


While I agree that "Hillary has 10x the accomplishments", one needs not drill down very far to confirm that Hitler had more accomplishments than Hillary. If quantity trumps quality we may as well all roll over and give up.

Closer to home, many examples include Jerry Brown who had more accomplishments than Jimmy Carter in 1976 or Bill Clinton in 1992 was pushed out by the Democratic Party. Ralph Nader had more accomplishments than Bill Clinton in 1996.


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Teachers do support Bernie, at least I do, as well as many of my friends. Please don't confuse the leaders (mouthpieces) of the unions with the general population. In the teachers' case, union leaders are towing the Dem. line, but not necessarily being honest about representing their constituents. It is still early in the race, and many things can and will change before November 2016.


We can see the great pressure put on politicians and unions and donors, everyone, to support Hill, the "chosen" Dem machine candidate - somewhat like the pressure AIPAC puts on politicians, people and media to support their "chosen" status and agenda.

The Dem Party has been subverted by campaign-contribution bribes, corporate whores, big-money, and the DLC streetwalkers, they have sold-out - forgotten their roots and rich legacy of many leaders of integrity, courage and moral compass, qualities sorely lacking in today's machine politics and candidates (with very rare exceptions but they too are under the gun) - remember the Dem machine legacy of Daley Chicago politics and who has roots there and was, surprise, a "community organizer" - the sell-out in chief. The connections between the Clintons & DLC, Obama, Rahm Emanuel and the Daley Chicago machine are notable - corporate Dems, Israeli Zionist politics, and Chicago corruption!

Greens have no real voice - they have a great candidate of honor, integrity and issues in Jill Stein, but no exposure in the "big-game". Bernie Sanders is the only candidate with national exposure and his voice IS being heard, we just have to keep pushing and fighting for his independence from the corruption of the current Dem machine establishment - the Lady has not sung yet......Have a nice day!


"Sanders," he said, "is the first to point out that without a powerful mass movement, electing one individual – even the most righteous – will not defeat the corporate powers that exert so much control over our lives."

Mass online movements are the future. Safe, encrypted online voting is the way.


This article does not say what Bernie Sanders has "done" rather than what he "says" for postal workers. I see the words "fighting" and "advocating" which usually means lip service. Did he vote the right way on a bill that wasn't close and therefore no threat to Democratic Party bosses? I challenge the idea that we shouldn't vote based on party affiliation. Is there no crime so heinous that you would boycott all Democrats because of it?


Bernie from 2012 against shutting down post offices.

And I could post more, a simple google search has this in a New York minute, and people are posting comments asking what Bernie has done. There is tons of information on Bernie working on behalf of the Postal Service.


Hillary's accomplishments? You mean like TPP? Increased prison populations? Bellicose bombast about war? Support for Wall Street?

Certainly she has many more than 10 times those types of 'accomplishments'.



Of course not, this is one of the great Counterpunch and Chris Hedges red herrings. Of course he will endorse Hillary if he loses. This is pro forma, watch the Senate on C-span, it is a comedic experience, an Alphonse and Gaston show of exquisite studied deference. It's full of "my dear friend from Alabama," when the two couldn't be further from friendship. To read time and again, from sophisticated writers, that a Sanders endorsement of Hillary means something, when all it is is a formality, tells me these head lights are stretching for something negative to say.


Here is the link to which you refer:



They do, but the leadership is in the bag, and the teachers don't seem to be very happy about it, either. In fact, there's a story at Common Dreams about how the teachers freaked out whwen they saw the endorsement.


Kudos to APWU


We cannot give up. We need to get out and make more people aware of Bernie.
I refuse to vote for the Democratic party choice. It is suppose to be the people's choice.


One only has to look at the vicious smears the Democrats are spreading about Bernie to know he has them spooked.

He's consistent, he appeals to young voters, he even has cross party appeal and he has proven that he can run a successful campaign on small donations instead of bundlers and $1000-a-plate dinners.

The hypocrisy is glaring: the same Democrats that whined about the Citizen's United ruling are now whining because Sanders doesn't use it and take SuperPAC money.